Clinton's Disdain for Law Enforcement
October 2nd, 2016
Preamble: My purpose in writing this blog is to define Hillary Clinton's position on law enforcement, generally, and specifically relative to the violent riots and feral participants during the last two years. Please read my 7/22 blog, 'Obama's Road to Anarchy', for extensive information on these riots Here . It lays the foundation upon which this blog is based and the policies I am certain Clinton will implement if heaven forbid she is elected president.

America's Violent Riots: Professionally organized violent destructive riots following police officers' legally killing black thugs in the line of duty have become the increasing norm in America under Obama's appalling anti-law enforcement reign. Specifically, the following riots were catalyzed by Obama; funded by his pal Soros; and carried out by Obama supported BLM savages and others of their ilk:

  • Ferguson, MO, August 2014 - Michael Brown killed while attempting to take a police officer's gun during a struggle.
  • Baltimore, MD April 2015 - Freddie Gray died from repeatedly banging his head against the side of a van while in police custody.
  • Minneapolis, MN November, 2015 - Jamar Clark killed while attempting to take a police officer's gun during a struggle.
  • Charlotte, NC September 2016 - Keith Scott, a violent felon, killed with a stolen gun in his hand while refusing to obey orders clearly given by police officers.
In each instance a virtual state of anarchy was created. Rioters basically had free rein to wreak havoc, cause systemic disruption, and assault police officers and Whites with little if any serious resistance from law enforcement. This situation effectively turned the targeted areas into dangerous third world countries during the riots without the participants incurring any meaningful consequences.

Clinton and Law Enforcement: I assume most of you viewed all or a part of the the Trump - Clinton debate on September 26, 2016. In addition to Clinton's many outrageous lies, statements, and accusations she had the temerity to call for the reformation of America's law enforcement to prevent police officers from shooting blacks regardlss of the circumstances. Her statement is appalling on many levels, but particularly since it implicitly suggests that the black thugs were as 'pure as Caesar's wife' and poor innocent victims of police brutality. This is similar to the criminal defense attorney with a guilty client who can neither argue the facts nor the evidence so as a last resort blames the police, regardless of its absurdity. Inexplicably Clinton chose not to utter her anti-police comments in Ebonics as she usually does when pandering to and demeaning the black community.

Echoing Obama: Clinton clearly echoed the disgusting anti-law enforcement mantra Obama has preached ad nauseam. She conveniently omitted any mention of the professionally organized violent riots that are specifically intended to cause systemic disruption and chaos. Not surprisingly, following Obama's lead as usual Clinton enthusiastically supported the violent rioters and bashed law enforcement after each of the aforementioned instances. In so doing she condoned the violence they committed that included the following criminal acts:

  • Destroying private and public property.
  • Looting and burning retail stores.
  • Throwing various missiles at police officers and Whites.
  • Attacking police officers and Whites.
  • Blocking auto and foot traffic.
Clinton also conveniently omitted the salient fact that in each instance the police officers were either cleared of any potential charges or found not guilty. However, being a lifelong unrepentant amoral pathological liar she bashed them nonetheless to suit her negative narrative.

Free Rein to Feral Rioters: Under Obama's anti-law enforcement policy only a few of the individuals that committed these felonious acts were arrested and charged with minor crimes that resulted in meaningless consequences. As we have seen the 'punishment' served to encourage more violent riots. The thrust of Obama's policy is a simple, straight forward threat to law enforcement: violate what I consider to be the civil rights of a black rioter and you will be indicted. A similar threat is leveled at city officials and their respective police departments relative to racial makeup and sensitivity training.

The chilling effect of Obama's callous threats to the careers and livelihoods of police officers and city officials is abundantly clear: regardless of the threat posed and damage inflicted by the rioting savages handle them with kid gloves. This is tantamount to appeasement which, as Neville Chamberlain and many other have discovered, albeit it too late, never works.

Clinton's conduct consistently bashing law enforcement, condoning violent riots and supporting their savage participants evince a position that is repugnant to decency, the rule of law, and indifferent to the citizenry. This sends a crystal clear message: under a Clinton presidency the frequency and severity of violent riots of the type discussed herein will increase without meaningful consequences to participants exactly as they have under Obama.

Obama, Clinton, Ideologies and America: Ponder this carefully before voting: The principal difference between Obama and Clinton is ideology, to which neither will admit. Obama is Islamic; Clinton is a hard core Marxist who wrote her college thesis on and extolled the virtues of anti-US radical Marxist Saul Alinsky. He wrote "Rules for Radicals", the radical activists' 'bible' on how to create chaos and systemic disruption in America. During his life Alisnky was Clinton's mentor and she remains an ardent acolyte of his today. For the record, he was one of Obama's stellar mentors as well.

Both ideologies are totalitarian and seek world domination. Their followers hate the West and have the same vision relative to America: destroy her traditions, culture and values then supplant them with Islam or Marxism, as may be the case. In my opinion Obama's 'transformation of America' is succeeding and Clinton, who proudly boasts of his ignominious achievements, will not only continue but will accelerate America's destruction.

Clinton, Trump and Character: I believe the following accurately describes the basic cores of Clinton and Trump.

  • Clinton is a proven vile, corrupt, amoral pathological liar with a sordid history of multiple scandals wherein some potential adverse witnesses conveniently wound up dead. She is a 30 + year career politician with neither business experience nor accomplishments that enhanced America. To the contrary, her records on domestic and foreign policy are abysmal failures. Clinton will continue Obama's disastrous policies, albeit underpinned by a different anti-U.S. ideology, that at a bare minimum have led to America's current chaotic domestic condition as well as international disrespect and distrust.
  • Trump is a highly intelligent successful businessman with integrity who has legitimately used litigation, bankruptcy, and applicable IRS code scetions as a part of prudent business practice. He understands and will eliminate the rampant ingrained corruption coursing through DC's career politicians. America's largest police union, the FOP, proudly endorsed Trump. The passion and enthusiasm he exudes for America leaves no doubt about his commitment to make our country great again. Trump's ideology is America's best interests first and foremost.
The upcoming presidential election may well be the most important of your lifetime. The known stark differences between candidates is abundantly clear. Depending on the future you want for America, your family, and yourself the choice should be easy to make. I'll take a Trump presidency in a heartbeat and encourage you to do the same.

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