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Trump Inherits Obama's Seeds of Destruction
January 3rd, 2017

Preamble: Trump and his administration will inherit the unimaginable damage Obama, his anti-US department heads, czars, and enabling congressional sycophants, hereinafter collectively referred to as Obama, have intentionally inflicted on America. In my opinion much of it is irreparable, portends existential danger to the U.S., and fortunately has not yet fully manifested itself.

At or near the top of the lengthy list of damage assessment attributable to Obama are the ramifications of an outrageous immigration policy that opened America's doors to the world's non-White tribal indigents. Legal and illegal entry to America is easily facilitated through borders that Obama has virtually opened to them, and by air transport gratis U.S. taxpayers. Financially stable White people eager to immigrate to America and capable of enhancing her value are not afforded such luxuries.

While the great majority of these aliens are Muslims and Hispanics, this blog is specific to indigent tribal Muslims gaining admission to the U.S. as aforesaid, hereinafter referred to as 'Muslim aliens' for the sake of brevity. I will briefly discuss Islamic ideology and the Muslim culture inherent therein as they relate to this blog. The existential threats Muslim aliens pose to America, and Obama's underlying reasons for admitting them to our country will be discussed with much greater specificity.

Islamic Culture: Islam is a proselytizing totalitarian ideology and complete way of life that includes religion, culture, diet, and Sharia law. The goal of Islam has always been world domination by any means necessary. Its underpinnings are based on slavery, imperialism, intolerance, misogyny, sexual repression, and warfare. Islam is the only religion that preaches death to non-believers, i.e., infidels. Islamic ideology never cedes its conquests, whether religion, culture, language, or life. It is closed to dialogue; totally self-absorbed; believes it is perfect; shuns self-examination; and generally, represses criticism with violence.

Mass murder and raping women as well as children of both sexes have been inherent in Islam's tribal culture since time in memorial and continue today. I encourage you to read my blog on 'peaceful' Islam and its Quran to become more enlightened Here. It is based on facts, not Obama's disingenuous effluvium.

Islamic Terrorism, Violent Crimes, and Chaos: Throughout Western Europe the frequency, brutality, and brazenness of Islamic terrorist attacks seriously injuring and brutally slaughtering scores of innocent people is proliferating. Independent of terrorism's carnage, the frequency and number of sexual attacks on women and children of both sexes as well as other violent crimes committed by Muslims have dramatically increased. To further exacerbate this horrendous situation Muslims are destroying the traditions, cultures, and values of Western European countries seeking to supplant them with Islam. This is typical Muslim gratitude to the countries that warmly welcomed, housed and provided them with welfare.

Obama Floods America With Muslim Aliens: Obama is well aware of the on going terrorism and barbaric acts of Muslims throughout the world, and in particular, Western Europe. However, the number of Muslim aliens from countries with strong ties to terrorist organizations and of no redeeming value to America that he is dumping in cities throughout the country continues to significantly increase. Obama knows very well, but disregards the FBI's admonition that the great majority of them are not vetted for terrorist ties or health due to their extraordinary numbers. Once in America Obama designates them as 'refugees' in order to trigger immediate welfare benefits, asylum, and fast track citizenship, thus bypassing the normal tedious red tape associated with immigration.

To further benefit his Muslim aliens, on July 21, 2015, Obama altered the oath of allegiance required as a condition precedent to gaining U.S. citizenship by relieving them of pledging allegiance to and defending America from enemies.

Importing these Muslim aliens en masse clearly evinces a wanton disregard for America's best interests under all circumstances and at every level. It is inexplicable and unconscionable, particularly when considering the terrorism and havoc the same ilk of Muslims are continuing to wreak on Western Europe.

The Threshold Question: It is abundantly clear that Muslims are responsible for 99.9% of the world's terrorism. These savages are destroying the traditions and cultures of Western Europe, and fortunately have only scratched the surface in America. Why then is Obama flooding America with hordes of them who are of no value, and what is his ulterior motive? Obama's immigration reeks of willful cultural and demographic genocide. It will cost America $trillions while facilitating the potential and scope of Western Europe's destruction, crime and terrorism in our country. Here is my take on Obama's motives.

Obama's Goals, Strategy and Tactics: There is not a doubt in my mind that Obama is a radical Muslim who loathes America and Whites. An ominous but crystal clear pattern has emerged from his words and actions over eight repulsive years that evince the following goals:

  • Destroy U.S. traditions, culture and values, then supplant them with Islamic ideology
  • Avenge slavery by significantly reducing the White population
The strategies Obama has implemented to achieve his goals are clear and straight forward:
  • Cause systemic disruption, chaos, and racial division in which he is well experienced from his days as a radical community organizer under the deft tutelage of radical anti-U.S. Marxists and mentors Saul Alinsky and Frank Marshall Davis
  • Create financial instability through unsustainable debt and overloading the welfare system
  • Catalyze the reduction of Whites to virtual insignificance in number generally, and specifically in positions of importance in Federal and State government
Obama is using multiple tactics, but of relevance to this blog are the seeds of destruction he is sowing throughout America by increasingly populating her cities with useless Muslim aliens. In all likelihood they will be unemployed, commit violent crimes, bleed the welfare system for years, and gradually implement their native culture. They in turn will serve as his useful idiots by procreating well into the future with their issue becoming U.S. citizens at birth and eligible for all associated welfare benefits.

America's Muslim Aliens: Muslims know America is easy pickings for a host of welfare benefits and protection under the absurd umbrella of political correctness. They never assimilate but rather create enclaves or virtual countries populated by their own ilk then live as if in their native countries only with the continuous benefit of munificent U.S. welfare.

Birth control is of total indifference to these Muslim aliens: their recreation of choice is to procreate like feral animals thus exponentially increasing the number of members in their respective enclaves. As their population swells they begin taking over the area provided for them to occupy and gradually push pre-resettlement residents to its extremities then out completely. This paves the way for implementing their unique culture with sharia law in the areas they populate. Dearborn, MI is a classic example of this and Minneapolis, MN is closing the gap.

Eroding the White Race: Obama's writings are replete with derogatory statements about Whites wherein he typically refers to the race as 'colonialists', particularly relative to slavery. His incessant accusatory comments and actions relative to racism consistently show disdain for Whites. He avidly supports anti-American groups that overtly hate Whites and America that include Black Lives Matter, New Black Panther Party, and CAIR. These traits are not indicative of one with any class or affinity towards the White race, but rather a crude anti-American racist boor that Obama has always been.

Obama knows the hordes of Muslims aliens he has admitted to America legally and illegally will reproduce exponentially, breed with Whites, and ultimately diminish the White race to a state of insignificance. One can logically assume Muslims will run for office and primarily be supported by their own people. Over time this will effectively reduce the number of Whites serving as elected officials in all branches of State and Federal government. The obvious result will be gradually eliminating Whites from the power structure vested in every level of government because as astute quants say, 'it's all in the numbers'.

The Sheikh Knows: If you think my take is far-fetched ponder Sheikh Muhammad Ayed's words of wisdom spoken at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. While addressing a large group of Muslims ready to invade Europe to rape its women and children, and assist their brethren in destroying her traditions and cultures, the wise Sheikh advised: 'Breed and conquer their countries'. Read more at this link. His words speak for themselves and are consistent with the goal of Islam's totalitarian ideology as its followers seek world domination at all costs.

Trump's Challenge: The inherent danger to America, her citizens, culture, traditions, and values resulting from Obama deliberately importating Muslim aliens as discussed herein should be abundantly clear. The terrorism and other havoc they have wreaked throughout Western Europe in Allah's name speaks volumes. It is naïve to think Muslim aliens will magically change by adapting to our culture and comport themselves as civilized people in America as their population swells exponentially.

This was clearly born out in San Bernardino, CA on 12/2/15 when, without provocation, Muslim alien savages Sayed Farook & Tashfeen Malik expressed appreciation to their American 'friends' by proudly slaughtering 15 and injuring 22 of them in the name of Allah.

The challenges mentioned herein resulting from Obama's abhorrent anti-American presidency that appear to create an irreversible situation to Trump and his administration are real and daunting. We are fortunate to have a President Elect with the intelligence, common sense, astute support system, and tenacity to resolve them while placing the best interests of the country he loves first, namely America.

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January 29th, 2017 5:05 pm
Outstanding thoughts on America's deadly Islamic terror
rob c
January 22nd, 2017 2:32 pm
yes, truth, liberal means anti-white- affirmative action is reverse discrimination against white males looking for jobs- since 1964 blacks have murdered over 20,000 whites and 250,000 rapes on white women is intolerable. I have zero tolerance for violent crime especially black on white in usa and the border is a disgrace to our sovereignty
January 20th, 2017 12:09 pm
Linda Sellers
January 16th, 2017 7:24 pm
Omg, this is frightening. President Trump will absolutely do what he can, but I also feel much of Obama's damage to America and it's white citizens may be irreparable. Obama created BLM who are proven cop killers and domestic terrorists. This pos Obama was turning America into a 3rd world country. We all need to stick together to MAGA, there is strength in numbers. We [must] fight back, and we [will] win!
January 16th, 2017 6:13 pm
Thank you for this article. I have had it in my IM folder for months afraid to read it. I have been researching all of this for the past 2 yrs.and have been living in fear ever since learning the truth. The only relief was the night Donald J Trump won the election but tonight, 4 days before the inauguration, I am becoming more terrified by the minute. They will never let DJT in the WH nor will they allow their agenda to be interrupted. All we can do now is pray and if you haven't accepted Jesus Christ as your savior please do this. Pray for the USA And pray for humanity.
Robin Liberty
January 15th, 2017 9:22 pm
You have encapsulated all my thoughts and ideas on this issue in one very concise article. I am surprised that there are not more comments. You Gen. Robert E Lee @Suthen_boy followed me on Twitter tonight (1-15-17). I immediately read this brilliant article. Anyone who reads this and uses twitter should retweet this pinned tweet and follow him. We need to make this article go viral. Also send it to Trump.
I am Robin Liberty @standup_1776
Maryam Kirschbaum
January 11th, 2017 5:53 am
We are a silent praying group. We have seen the evil wind and decided to support DJT through combined prayed/fasted/vigil to the glory of God.
Kristin Everson
January 9th, 2017 7:41 pm
Very clear and concise. Like the last comment, it would be great to know President Elect Trump is on this. He obviously can't comment on this as clearly as you. Can you imagine the backlash from that one? I think he states his position as clear as possible with his deportation plans. Can he do anything about all of them already here? What about these towns they've already "taken over"? I know what I'd like to do but .......
Thanks for your diligence on helping educate as many people as possible. Maybe we too can gather and fight back against this plan of theirs. It's just got to stop before it's too late. Thank God, again thank God, Clinton wasn't elected. America sure would be lost.
Debbie Collins
January 9th, 2017 7:58 am
I hope and Trump succeeds. It would be great if he read your article. Though I believe he is on to it. Great article.
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