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Revising Truths in Academia
November 30th, 2016
Preamble: The aftermath of Trump's election prompted me to write this blog to discuss the principal curricula being taught in academia today as well as its impact on students and consequences to America.

I was appalled by the disgusting reaction to Trump's victory throughout academia, particularly by sniveling college students and instructors referring to Trump supporters as White supremacists and xenophobes. Their behavior was reprehensible, embarrassing to America, and sadly, expected in today's once hallowed bastions of higher learning. Something is drastically wrong in academia when instructors and students require coloring books, animals to hug, play dough, safe spaces to mourn, crying rooms, psychological help, relief from exams, and time off to assuage their despair, despondency, and anger. Far worse however, is their blatant rejection and defiance of America's long standing traditional election process solely because it did not provide the result they sought.

In my opinion the root cause of this abhorrent behavior is the culture of academia into which students are being indoctrinated by far left wing instructors propagating Marxism subtly disguised as progressivism. Sound ridiculous, please read on before questioning my sanity. I also encourage you to read my 8/26/15 blog 'Academic Shock' to more fully appreciate the breadth and dangers of what is being instilled in students throughout academia today.

Imagine being taught that facts are illusory and only relative to what you want them to mean. The following mantras exemplify the fundamental building blocks of modern day education:

  • There are no facts, only interpretations - Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Morals, values, truths, standards, and human nature itself are products of different historical epochs and socially constructed - Marxism's Worldview
Academia's Standard Curricula: The curricula throughout politically correct academia today includes radical left wing self-proclaimed elite professors/instructors teaching students to reject objective truths and replace them with relative truths: i.e., perspectives or points of view to which each person is entitled regardless of how inconsistent with the truth they are. Notwithstanding how outrageous a relative truth may be, e.g., the Holocaust is a myth, at best it is taught to be 'a more unfortunate perspective on the matter' instead of being repudiated as a lie. This self-serving cavalier attitude within the arrogant professorial domain adversely affects students in ways that include the following:
  • Disregards and renders truth meaningless
  • Erodes the legitimacy of serious opinion
  • Deprivation of a much needed solid education founded on traditionally accepted disciplines of study
Another result of rejecting objective truths is that facts are considered as matters of opinion relative to and dependent upon the interests, prejudices, sexual orientation, or ethnic origin of the speaker rather than the truth or falsity of what the speaker says. The premise being that truth is somehow invented rather than discovered, and ergo, relative to the individual speaker.

Harvard historian Simon Schama perfectly exemplifies this arrogant attitude toward truth in the prologue to his fatuous book "Dead Certainties" (1991). Schama assures his readers "the claims for historical knowledge must always be fatally circumscribed by the character and prejudices of its narrator." In other words, the historian's supposed limitations make stating historical truth impossible, which is nonsense.

The Genesis of Relative Truths: This repugnant affront to traditional education, its truths and inherent values, is rooted in Cultural Marxism. This ideology was conceived, circa 1921, at the Frankfurt School in Frankfurt Germany by a group of radical Marxist intellectuals who rejected traditional Economic Marxism because they realized it was incapable of destroying and dominating traditional Western cultures and values.

Cultural Marxism was based on behavioral psychology to achieve mass compliance with a desired goal(s), and ultimately replaced Economic Marxism. It is modern day Marxism euphemistically referred to as progressivism to hide the true ideology but Marxism nonetheless. The great majority of progressives are totally ignorant of the ideology they are propagating and just happy to be following the heard of sheep.

Unlike Karl Marx, the founding Cultural Marxists envisioned the complete destruction of Western traditions, values, and culture by catalyzing a lengthy, indefensible, peaceful cultural revolution wherein traditional morals and authority would be rejected. Once achieved Western culture would be supplanted by Cultural Marxist ideology.

In 1933 as National Socialism was gaining momentum in Germany the founders fled to America and set up shop at Columbia University in NYC. They began sowing the seeds of their cultural revolution by diffusing Cultural Marxist ideology through key spheres of influence that included academia, politics, the MSM and film industry for maximum impact. The founders knew that progress would be slow but remained patient and steadfast while assiduously propagating their ideology.

The '60s Boomer Rebellion: The founders' fortunes dramatically changed for the better in the middle 1960s with the student "Boomer" rebellion wherein morality and authority were rejected and individual freedom to do as one pleased was exalted. The father and ultimate leader of this rebellion throughout academia was Herbert Marcuse, a founding member of the Frankfurt School and elite, well-respected university professor. Marcuse coined the chant, "make love not war" that became poplar throughout academia.

Deconstructing Truth: Marcuse's methodology for rebellion included deconstructing the language, e.g., he coined the infamous "what does 'is' mean?" which fostered the destruction of American culture. Deconstruction destabilizes and reconstructs clear definitions, the content and text of language, traditions, beings, institutions, objective knowledge, reason, truth, legitimate hierarchies, authority, nature, and all that is considered universally accepted.

Marcuse was esteemed by the masses rebelling against the establishment. He created the confusion and obliteration of traditionally accepted culture through deconstruction which was primarily responsible for a major breakdown in the nation's social conformity, particularly among impressionable young people.

The Intent of Deconstruction: Deconstruction is used by Cultural Marxists as the method of analysis that will show the correctness of their ideology in every situation and provide the interpretation they seek. This is done by taking any text, removing all meaning from it and re-inserting the meaning sought. For instance, Cultural Marxists uniquely use deconstruction to prove that any text illustrates the oppression of minorities, e.g., blacks, women, homosexuals, etc., by reading that meaning into the text's words regardless of its actual meaning. The trite 'race card' routine should come to mind.

Outrageous examples include Shakespeare writing about suppressing women, and the Bible being about race and gender. Furthermore, morals, values, truths, standards, and human nature itself are considered products of different historical epochs and socially constructed. Ergo, the truth is relative, dynamic, and meaningless in the hands of a deconstructionist academician poisoning young minds to suit her or his agenda.

The Impact on Academia: The consequences of intentionally obfuscating and skewing the truth to fit a desired end have been particularly devastating in academia. Dissident 'Boomers' of the '60s and their acolytes have dominated academia's professorial domain for years. They were spoon fed and indoctrinated into Cultural Marxism as students, and as instructors are likewise actively propagating and spoon feeding that ideology to their students. Among other things, they have intentionally undermined the integrity and very ideas of many academic disciplines in fields of study with generally agreed upon subject matters.

Study Groups: Instead of academic emphasis being placed on traditional disciplines, e.g., history, math, science, and literature, it is placed on race, ethnicity, and gender taught through study groups. There is an endless proliferation of such groups throughout academia which are typically comprised of the so-called "historically disadvantaged" minorities considered as 'sacred cows' by today's politically correct progressives. This situation clearly evinces a breakdown of long accepted academic disciplines and is strongly encouraged by the respective educational administrations, also highly concentrated with progressives.

Superficially the common mantra and favorite code words of study groups are inclusion, tolerance, diversity, sensitivity, social justice, sex education, and other such terminology connoting kindness. Notwithstanding such connotation however, the terms are critical components of Cultural Marxism being cleverly disguised as progressivism as mentioned aforesaid. Ironically, to force compliance with their position on a matter, these inclusive, tolerant groups spew vile hatred towards and demonize everyone in disagreement with them, particularly straight White males. This is a common tactic inherent in Marxist political correctness that operates to turn study groups into hate groups.

Radical Left Wing Professors: Ultra-radical radical left wing instructors with personal anti-American agendas teach the pseudo study groups that include the following: women's studies; gay studies; transgender studies; Asian studies; Afro-American studies, and the list goes on ad nauseam. While these groups are hyped as being cross- disciplinary they are anti-disciplinary because their sole purpose is to diffuse Cultural Marxist ideology in lieu of America's culture, values and traditions. Among other Marxist concepts instructors use relative truth and deconstruction to achieve their desired anti-American goals. Carefully note, there are no male, White, or Western European studies. The only reference to Whites in these study groups is in demonizing and blaming them for the perceived 'ills' of the world's 'historically disadvantaged minorities'.

Cultural Studies: Cultural studies is the group most repugnant to traditional education because content is entirely discretionary with the instructor and accordingly, characterized by attitudes and agendas instead of empirical facts. There are three mandatory requisites for cultural studies: (1) political animus: (2) hostility to factual truth; (3) hatered of Whites. Generally, students are strongly encouraged and often mandated to take this ridiculous course that is underpinned by 'White Guilt'.

Below are examples of relative truths students are taught by politically correct radical left wing Marxist ideologues with an aversion to empirical evidence and everything American.

  • Columbus was an evil, bloodthirsty marauder who committed the American Holocaust, while the Indians were peaceful, environmentally sensitive creatures who lived in blissful harmony with each other and the earth. 
  • Cortez, who conquered Mexico on behalf of Spain, was a mass murderer and the Aztec conquest evinced European Imperialism perpetrating the greatest genocide in all human history.
  • Early pilgrims slaughtered their Indian guests at a Thanksgiving feast
It should be abundantly clear that present day curricula taught by anti-American Marxist instructors precipitated the behavior of academia that resulted from Trump's win. Specifically, the fact of his win was rejected and outrageous efforts to achieve the desired result were implemented. More ominous, however, is the poisonous Marxist ideology into which students are being indoctrinated by instructors that loathe and want to destroy traditional American culture and values. As an aside, I have written blogs on political correctness which is a Marxist psychological command and control tactic used to force mass compliance. Please advise if you are interested and I will provide specific blogs.

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June 4th, 2018 7:31 am
Excellent perspective! Spot on. The effect of this 'postmodern' approach to sciences, as well as the rejection of the traditional academic scholorships are destroying the ability of students to become the next generations of inventors and leadership on all levels of society.

The attack on men, particularly white men on campuses, have dire effects, very well illustrated in this book:
Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream - and Why It Matters by Helen Smith.(Dr.) The social impact is enormous. Radical feminism resulted in the abolition of equal rights, with children as the final victims of the destruction.

Another profound book to read, is Shrinks: The Untold Story of Psychiatry
by Jeffrey A. Lieberman, Ogi Ogas. Freud was one of the European ideologist who ventured over to America with his theory that everything is your parents'fault (in a nutshell). But he is one of the clan of progressive thinkers who lit a candle at the altar of postmodernism(and so was Nietzsche).

You might be familiar with David Horowitz's books, and one of them might be of interest to you: David Horowitz - "The Professors-The 101 Most Dangerous Academics In America". As an Ex-Communist, Ex-Liberal, he uses the Alinsky modus operandi against the American liberal elitist now. He also exposed Obama's new order in his book: "Barack Obama's Rules for Revolution-The Alinsky Model."

Thank you for this excellent article. A joy to read. Looking forward to your other articles.
January 22nd, 2018 4:35 pm
Great article. I get your newsletter, I wanted to go to your twitter account. It says suspended.
May 14th, 2017 10:35 am
This article is spot on. The most accurate as to the indoctrination taking place within our education system that is not in the best interest of the country.
February 4th, 2017 8:40 am
Total agree!I am from comunist country Romania and understand very good marxism , liberal, progressivism indoctrination! I like RT your post!Thank you for clear vue!
QuickSand Jesus
January 2nd, 2017 7:07 am
What a read! You nailed it. What can we as Americans do to stop this disease? Our youth are being indoctrinated and destroyed. Imagine think tanks full of these people that are our future. God help us!!!
January 1st, 2017 2:58 pm
Xactly why the prayer removed from schools , bibles outta court houses /schools , athiest & darwin ,evolution islam , taught more than true history or christianity . All aimed at teaching kids early to b transformed to their veiws , instead of being open to all views to find out on their own the real truth! Subliminal messages , etc & american people pay for it all!
December 28th, 2016 8:25 pm
I know from first-hand one of the Obama ministration is done to me and my friends. Are used to live in southwest Virginia right by the border with Harlan Kentucky are used to be in the coal mines they all shut down because of this ministration and I had to move north to Michigan just to work I hope and pray to God that Mr. Trump brings back The work that we need in this country.
Bill Quillin
December 28th, 2016 10:51 am
If one examines our education system in its entirety, you will find that nearly all Schools of Education are of 'Liberal' bent.
Therefore, they produce liberal teachers.
December 27th, 2016 6:13 pm
Spot on! I think something's going to give with these universities whose professors spew the Marxist remarks and coddle these cry baby students. With Trump in power, I'm hoping any government funding they receive will be greatly reduced or eliminated if they don't control this outrageous bad behavior. Burning of the flag, condemning those who support Trump, rioting, missing class, etc...must be stopped.
And now at Drexel University, George Mather, a white professor, calling for White Genocide. He's worried about suppressing freedom of speech. This bullshit needs to end. I firmly believe in Good conquering Evil. So there's an end to this madness in sight. Thank you for your blog.
December 27th, 2016 4:53 am
Yes, very informative truth. I am praying that the new POTUS and admins. can do something to get these "Marxist" professors out of our colleges. Just how we can undo the damage done, I don't know but, all things are possible with the LORD on our side. God bless you in all you do.
Nuna aka Maura
December 24th, 2016 10:01 pm
Very well put. It is absolutely frightening to see what is happening to our children. Half of the people, liberals, appear to be almost insane. I don't understand their logic. I fear for my grandchildren. Not sure what Trump will do, hopefully, he will be true to his words. This political correctness will destroy America as we knoe it. They are trying to wipe away our way of life and any morals. I pray for this country. Do they realize they are making way for antichrist? No they would call me insane. God help us.
December 17th, 2016 6:01 pm
Very informative with references. Just feel like a very big issue to deal with. How can you get a grip on this+
December 16th, 2016 11:18 pm
So eloquently written. May be a little to much so for my pea brain. I had heard before that Marxist intended to destroy the West slowly through our schools and media. No wonder students come out a bunch of un-or-mis informed children instead of educated adults. When Watters of FOX interviews them, I'm pressed to understand how they get out of high school much less into a school of higher learning. Apparently with the government/union run K12 they're brain washing them right on through.
December 16th, 2016 12:44 am
Wow-fantastic read!!!
December 15th, 2016 2:09 pm
Way to go dude. Very informative enjoying the read.
Keeping the faith.
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