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Pardoning Clinton
November 14th, 2016
The purpose of this blog is to discuss the feasibility, legality, and likely ramifications of Obama granting Hillary Clinton a full pardon for offenses committed against the U.S.

The Power to Pardon: The United States Constitution provides that the President ''shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment'' (Article II, section 2).

The leading Supreme Court case in this area of law held that the President's pardoning power is "unlimited... and extends to every offense known to the law, and may be exercised at any time after its commission, either before legal proceedings are taken, or during their pendency, or after conviction and judgment."

The history of such broad presidential powers suggests that the Constitution's framers understood the pardon clause to mean that the decision whether to grant clemency would be subject largely to the constraints of the political process and the president's own personal sense of moral integrity.

Obama's Dilemma Relative to Clinton: There is no shortage of buzz about whether Obama will grant his corrupt lying crony Clinton a full pardon prior to leaving office. However, to date she has neither admitted nor been charged with committing an offense(s) against the U.S., either of which is a constitutional prerequisites to the grant. Considering Clinton's arrogance and cozy, albeit sordid relationship with corrupt liars Obama, Lynch, and Comey, the likelihood of her admitting to or being indicted for committing an offense(s) are virtually nil. This is particularly true since Clinton knows that being granted a pardon will ensure a well-deserved stigma of guilt for the rest of her rotten, ignominious life because such act presupposes the grantee's guilt and a sound legal conviction.

This situation leaves Obama holding the horns of a dilemma: pardon Clinton without her being charged with or admitting to the commission of an offense against America, or leave her in Trump's very capable hands. His decision is compounded by knowing the following: Trump committed to appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton; his Attorney General and FBI Director will be of impeccable character and integrity, polar opposites of corrupt liars Lynch and Comey.

The Legality of Pardoning Clinton Without an Offense: Assuming Obama decides to continue acting as a shield for Clinton, the threshold question becomes whether he may legally grant her a pardon when an offense(s) against the U.S. has not in fact been committed? In reality Clinton has neither admitted to nor been charged with committing such an offense(s); ergo, in my opinion the issue of granting her a pardon is presently moot. For the record, the pardon clause been consistently read to implicitly prohibit the president from granting a pardon prior to the commission of an offense because doing so would be tantamount to granting one a license to commit a crime without consequences.

This of course is of total indifference to Obama who has thoroughly and consistently trashed the U.S. Constitution during his odious, lawless eight years in office. Furthermore, exercising moral integrity relative to granting a pardon as envisioned by the Constitution's framers is moot because morals and integrity are anathema to Obama.

My Take: Clinton is a proven, life-long amoral pathological liar who has ruthlessly pursued her goals with malevolence and total indifference to the lives, deaths, and feeling of others as well as the rule of law. I cannot conceive of this corrupt soulless individual magically discovering an iota of decency and admitting to the commission of an offense under any set of circumstances. Nor can I imagine Obama indicting his corrupt crony even though she is now politically useless and cannot perpetuate his non-existent legacy.

However, in the event Obama recklessly pardons Clinton in the absence of a crime being committed it will be illegal, immediately enjoined, vigorously challenged, and in the final analysis set aside. On the other hand, if Obama decides to leave the status quo at the expiration of his term the matter will rest in Trump's hands.

President Trump will have the power to appoint professionals with impeccable character and credentials to thoroughly conduct a long overdue criminal investigation of the Clintons beginning with her stint as Secretary of State. At a bare minimum, that investigation should include the following:

  • Email server and associated emails
  • Violating the Espionage Act
  • 'Pay to "Play bribes
  • Perjured testimony in Benghazi and email hearings
  • Clinton Foundation
  • Sleazy Willy 
Time will tell how Trump deals with these career criminals and their criminal enterprise, the Clinton Foundation. His campaign talk was either political bluster or the truth. I sincerely hope and feel that he was being truthful and will act accordingly with great dispatch.

I truly believe the Clintons personify the ultimate of pure evil that exists in some people and Satan will reject their entrance to Hell. It is time for these vile fraudsters to undergo an honest, thorough and sifting criminal investigation then let their fate take its course.

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December 6th, 2016 7:05 pm
I think Hillary and Bill will skip the county before she let herself be charged with treason under Trey Gowdy. If that happens then their citizenship including Chelshe and her husband's citizenship should be revoked from being citizens of the United States never allowing them back in our country. I truly think she'll skip the country right after Trump is officially President. I think she has being doing everything within her power through the rioting to the recounting of votes to still steal the election. It's not working, so I'm betting she's planning to skip Dodge before the hammer comes down on her and her Clinton Foundation $.
Bruce Pott
December 1st, 2016 11:41 am
Pardoning Hillary would also imply that she has,in fact, committed a crime. Trump should appoint a Special Procecutor of some Stature that would have the trust of the American People to investigate both Bill and Hillary for their involvement in selling access to the Secretary of State's Office and special favors done in exchange for large contributions and/or outrageous speaking fees charged by the Clintons as a form of quasi legal workarounds to enrich the two criminals! Allowing this behavior by powerful politicians is tantamount to approving this type of corruption at the highest levels!
November 17th, 2016 3:59 pm
Treason will be part of the charges found in the investigation. What about the Fraud?
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