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Immigration and Obama's End Game
August 5th, 2016
Numbers Rule the Universe
Sir Isaac Newton, 1642 - 1727

Obama and his worthless congressional sycophants continue to increase the number of non-White indigent aliens with whom they are flooding America, legally and for the most part illegally. In fact, they have eagerly opened her borders to the world's depraved tribal filth with neither quotas nor screening for background and health. Hordes of these feral animals are being unilaterally 'resettled' in the U.S. by the federal government in an endless stream of toxic sewage without prior consultation with the respective States. The great majority of them are Hispanics from Mexico and Central America, and Middle Eastern Muslims that Arab gulf nations vehemently refuse to accept and with good reason... they know the ilk!

Once in America, most of these aliens are automatically classified as 'refugees' without regard to their true status. This is done for the sole purpose of immediately triggering a plethora of welfare entitlements that include the following:

  • Health care
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Cash 
  • Education
  • Legal representation
This stellar group is then 'fast tracked' for citizenship and once it is granted the welfare coffers open even wider so they truly bathe in manna from heaven. As a kind gesture Obama waived the requisite pledge of allegiance to America for his Muslim brethren.

Not surprisingly considering Obama, all White people legally immigrating to America must comply with the onerous process of red tape and time, regardless of social status.

Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: In my opinion, unilaterally resettling these aliens as and where the federal government sees fit is a blatant violation of the sovereignty granted to states under the Tenth Amendment. Specifically, this Amendment reserves to the states all powers not granted to the federal government by the Constitution, except for those powers states are constitutionally prohibited from exercising. The Constitution does not in any manner grant the federal government the right to resettle these aliens: ergo, in so doing it is exercising a power exclusively vested in the states.

Ellis Island Immigrants: There is a stark difference between the tribal aliens Obama and congress are importing and those envisioned by Emma Lazarus in her epic poem 'The New Colossus' carved on the Statue of Liberty's pedestal. She saw the statue as a beacon of hope to immigrants processed through Ellis Island, thus the words 'give me your tired, your poor...'. They saw America as an opportunity to fulfill their dreams for a better life and strived to enhance her greatness through assimilation, hard work and allegiance.

The garbage being brought in by Obama and his congressional toadies see America as easy pickings for welfare, breeding, crime, and protection under the umbrella of political correctness where they can sue for civil rights violations if 'offended'. They do not assimilate but rather create enclaves or virtual countries populated by their own ilk within America. The recreation of choice is to procreate like feral animals, exponentially increasing the number of members in their respective enclaves. As their numbers rapidly swell they begin taking over the area and gradually push pre-resettlement residents to its extremities.

The great majority of these aliens are worthless societal leeches whose many repulsive similarities include a total disregard for America, her laws, the environment, human life, personal hygiene and health. To be succinct, they contribute nothing towards enhancing our country while their repulsive presence militates against her best interests.

As I have previously mentioned in other blogs, Obama's chief advocate for importing and supporting these savages for life is his treacherous snake, Paul Ryan, who lied to and betrayed America for him and Islam by passing the Omnibus Spending Bill.

Why - The Threshold Question: The foregoing immigration matter created and perpetuated by Obama and his congress of worthless amoebas raises this troubling question: why are they endlessly flooding America with these indigent tribal aliens and stuffing them down our throats? This reckless venture will not only cost America Trillions of dollars, but reeks of willful cultural and demographic genocide. Anyway, here is my take.

The position of congress does not merit discussion because its members have unconditionally subordinated what little integrity they arguably might have once possessed to Obama for 7.5 years; ergo, their subservience here is highly predictable. In no particular order Obama's objectives are twofold: ensure democratic political domination for the foreseeable future; reduce Whites to virtual insignificance in number and positions of importance in American government.

Democratic Domination: Exponential procreation is inherent in the tribal culture of the indigent non-White aliens described herein because birth control is of total indifference or anathema to them. Most of these aliens, their issue, etc., will always be dependent on welfare to some extent. History has clearly shown the great majority of welfare recipients consistently vote Democratic in order to remain on the gravy train of plenty they perceive that party to operate. As astute quants say, 'it's all in the numbers', and this calculation does not require advanced calculus. The ever increasing number of welfare dependents ensures the likelihood of democratic political domination for years to come.

Eroding the White Race: Obama refers to Whites in a derogatory sense as 'colonialist' in his writings, particularly relative to slavery, and consistently evinces disdain for the them in his incessant accusatory comments on racism. He also avidly supports anti-American groups that overtly hate Whites and America, to wit: Black Lives Matter and New Black Panther Party. The foregoing traits are hardly indicative of an affinity towards the White race.

Obama knows the hordes of non-White tribal aliens being imported will reproduce exponentially, breed with Whites, and ultimately cause the White race to be diminished to a state of insignificance. In addition to voting Democratic as mentioned aforesaid, one can logically assume that aliens will run for office and primarily be supported by people of their own ethnicity. In time this will effectively reduce the number of Whites serving as elected officials in city, county, state, and federal branches of government. The obvious result will be gradually eliminating Whites from the power structure vested in every level of government because as astute quants say, 'it's all in the numbers'.

As an aside, consistent with Obama's anti-American personae he has posted an on line guide in Spanish telling illegals where they can go to avoid deportation while continuing to commit violent crimes and enjoy America's munificence. More information Here.

The Sheikh Knows: If you think my take is far-fetched ponder these 'words of wisdom' from Sheikh Muhammad Ayed speaking at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem to a large group of Muslims ready to invade Europe and assist their brethren in destroying her traditions and cultures: 'Breed and conquer their countries'. Article at this link His message is abundantly clear and consistent with the goal of totalitarian Islamic ideology as its followers seek world domination at all costs.

Based on the ever increasing number of reported rapes and sexual assaults throughout Muslim friendly Europe the Sheikh's words are being heeded with zeal. Traditional European cultures are being supplanted with Islam as the malignant cancerous ideology metastasizes its way through and destroys her once great countries.

Naïve Americans either repress this reality or inexplicably think it is exclusively a European issue. They will be proven dead wrong if Obama's open borders to the world's depraved non-White indigent filth continues as is.

For the record, black hearted corrupt Hillary Clinton is a hard core Marxist mentored by and an acolyte of anti U.S. Marxist Saul Alinsky. Among other commitments, she has vowed to increase the number of tribal muslims Obama has imported by 550%. If this occurs the terrorism, national, traditional and cultural destruction America will experience at the hands of Mulsims will make the havoc these feral savages are wreaking throughout Europe look pale. This will be only one of the actions she takes specifically designed to continue Obama's destruction of traditional American culture and values, except for Marxism, not Islam.

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August 31st, 2016 1:14 pm
I have to agree with you on this issue in light that Saudia Arabia , Dubai , Kuwait, and the Arab Emaritias ( I am not sure of the spelling of Emaritias) but they have trillions of dollars no debt and plenty of land to support them plus they are religiously aligned. To date they have taken in ZERO refugees.What I find tragic is the stupidity of Americans voting for these people who are hell bent on destroying America
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