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The Danger of Clinton Using Ryan's Omnibus Spending Bill
October 6th, 2016
Preamble: House Speaker Paul Ryan is Obama's chief advocate for the world's non-White indigent tribal filth he is importing to America under the ruse of immigration primarily comprised of Muslims and Hispanics. The legality of such immigration is of total indifference to Ryan as he zealously advocates for open borders, the ilk of alien Obama is importing, and financially supporting them through welfare.

This blog discusses how Ryan's treachery, deceit and willful betrayal of America will significantly benefit a Clinton presidency, irreparably damage America, and why that should never be permitted to occur.

Obama's Omnibus Spending Bill: Paul Ryan is responsible for having Obama's egregious $1.1Trillion, 2000+ page Omnibus Spending Bill approved by his congressional constituents in December, 2015. In order to do so he used his position of misplaced trust to intentionally deceive Congress and the American public. Specifically, knowing the tome would never be thoroughly read, Ryan blatantly lied to everyone about the Bill's content, operation, and effect. In point of fact the Bill's main purpose is to give the President broad powers and unlimited funding for immigration. Ryan's disingenuous actions on Obama's behalf represented the ultimate betrayal of America by a sitting congressman in modern times.

For the sake of brevity, the Bill opens America's borders and treasury to the world's non-White tribal indigent aliens, but is primarily concerned with benefitting Muslims and Hispanics. Included therein is a lifetime ride on welfare's financial gravy train. Learn more about the Omnibus Bill's key provisions that militate against America's best interests and Ryan's betrayal Here.

Omnibus Vests Absolute Power in the President: In my opinion the most critical part of the outrageous Omnibus Bill vests exclusive power and control over immigration policies, amnesty, and unlimited funding in the President. Such power excludes Congress from any discussion whatsoever on any aspect of immigration. Ryan was fully aware of this unconscionable provision but intentionally omitted it when he zealously pitched Obama's Bill.

Clinton Abusing Omnibus: Clinton has pledged to continue Obama's open - borders immigration policy to the world's non-White tribal indigent filth. She has also vowed to increase the number of Muslims, allegedly from Syria, Obama has illegally admitted by 550%. Verbiage notwithstanding, in reality Obama's immigration policy generally omits screening for background and health, which I am certain will not pose a problem for Clinton.

Clinton's pledge is exacerbated by the surge in the number of massacres committed by Islamic terrorists around the world and more frequently in America. Make no mistake, however, America represents the 'Gold' to these savage Muslim terrorists; she is the big prize for Allah, and we are in their crosshairs. Exponentially increasing the number of these tribal animals admitted to the U.S. as Clinton has promised assures the frequency and severity of Muslim terrorist attacks in America will dramatically increase. In such event San Bernardino and Orlando will be distant memories and look like child's play.

America's Future Is in Your Hands: I urge you to carefully consider this blog and the ramifications of absolute presidential power over every aspect of immigration being vested in Clinton as you elect America's next President. The most significant difference between the immigration policies of Trump and Clinton is abundantly clear: Trump will implement an intelligently controlled policy specifically developed to place the safety and best interests of America first and foremost; Clinton will exponentially expand Obama's failed policy while continuing to subordinate America's best interests and safety to the world's indigent tribal filth that hate our country.

Clinton's Ulterior Motive: I feel certain that Clinton's immigration plans represent the thin end of the toxic wedge she will use to continue Obama's destructive policies that have inflicted irreparable damage on America. Their only difference is ideology: Obama is Islamic; Clinton is a hard core Marxist. Both ideologies are totalitarian and have the same goal relative to America: destroy her traditions, culture and values, then supplant them with Islam or Marxism.

There is no doubt in my mind that Trump is truly committed to making America great again and unlike Clinton, he does not have an ulterior motive for seeking the presidency. Trump loves America and has the vision, ability, and commitment to ensure a safer, better future for all of us.

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