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Obama's Road to Anarchy
July 22nd, 2016
Preamble: The purpose of this blog is to discuss the reasons underlying the increased number of tragic murders and injuries to police officers as well as injuries innocent citizens have sustained from violent mobs the MSM refers to as protesters.

You are likely aware that from the inception of his presidency Obama never masked his disdain for law enforcement. In so doing he tacitly put a target on their backs and emboldened thugs to believe they could act agaist them with impunity. Likewise, you are probably all too familiar with the professionally organized mobs, called 'protests' in politically correct parlance to justify their existence, whose intensity and violence is likewise increasing. I will refer to the riots as 'protests' only to save keystrokes, but they are violent mobs nonetheless. The despicable, inexcusable murders and injuries have been discussed ad nauseam and I cannot see any benefit in further discussion. However, there is significant merit in focusing on the catalyst, underlying reason and goal, and means to that end which, in my opinion, are abundantly clear.

Quasi State of Anarchy in America: For the first time in modern history America is in the embryonic stages of anarchy as a direct result of and driven by Obama's destructive presidency and hatred of our country and law enforcement. She is undergoing dramatic changes that are adversely affecting our traditions, values, culture, ways of life, and future.

Radical activists that hate America have waged war on law enforcement and her citizenry. The primary participants are Obama's emboldened pals: Marxist based Black Lives Matter and Muslim based New Black Panther Party, hereinafter respectively referred to as BLM and NBPP. Both organizations proudly advocate killing police officers and causing systemic disruption through chaos. The justification being used for murdering cops and volatile protests is to stop police officers from killing black men. The facts and legalities surrounding the deaths of these black men, most of whom were no good thugs, are of total indifference to the protesters and their principal supporter, Obama.

Tactics: The tactics these thugs use are shooting at and murdering police officers from ambush; creating chaos and systemic disruption by conducting professionally organized anti-cop protests where ironically, they are actually being protected by cops. Protests include pelting cops with dangerous missiles, violence, blocking major freeways and arteries, and inconveniencing the public as collateral damage. Law enforcement responds to the protests, but for all intent and purposes they passively observe the chaos and disruption caused by from the protesterss, particularly relative to citizens rights.

Notwithstanding the murders of police, the result of this outrageous situation leads to the unacceptable conclusion that protesters have free rein to brazenly act as they please without any concern for incurring meaningful consequences. To be more succinct, the rights of decent private citizens are being subordinated to those of a few anti-American lawless savages emboldened and fully supported by Obama.

Genesis: This intolerable condition begs the threshold question: How did American sink to the level of a third world country where police officers are murdered by black savages for pleasure; the traditional authority of law enforcement is blatantly ignored; and rights of citizens are abused without consequences?

Catalyst, Goal and Means: In my opinion Obama is the catalyst and his good pal Soros provides the funds. Obama was a hard core anti-U.S. radical black activist working as a community organizer that specialized in creating chaos and systemic disruption who comfortably identifies with BLM and NBPP. Little has changed with his presidency: his classless anti-American, anti-law enforcement comportment and activist skills have created the perfect environment in which organized anti-America groups can riot and commit violence that includes killing police officers.

At the sake of redundancy, I firmly believe Obama is a radical Muslim whose goal is to destroy traditional America culture and values then supplant them with Islamic ideology. He is using classic Marxist political correctness, hereinafter referred to as 'PC', as the means to his end. Obama is very familiar with Marxism as it was spoon fed to him for the majority of his adult life by hard core radical anti-US Marxist mentors Saul Alinsky (Rules for Radicals) and Frank Marshall Davis, his putative father.

* Check my archived blogs for extensive information on PC or email me with any questions. For more information on Alinsky & Obama click here

Racial Division Through Political Correctness: For the sake of brevity, PC has nothing to do with tolerance, diversity, etc., rather it is a euphemism for Marxism; an evil ideology that hates and wants to destroy traditional Western culture and values. PC is a devious Marxist psychological command and control concept used to manipulate and force mass compliance with uniformity in the desired thought, speech, and behavior relative to a particular group or cause. The intended result is to divide and conquer by pitting various groups against each other and have useful idiots relentlessly demonize the noncompliant as racist, fascist, etc., until it capitulates or disappears. This is a permanent staple of politicians and the MSM.

Obama knows race is a highly volatile issue and exploiting it will facilitate as well as accelerate more racial division in America. Seven and one half years of repulsive history clearly shows that he has fueled and stoked the fires of hateful racial tensions knowing the ease with which mass chaos and systemic disruption can result and ultimately lead to anarchy. In such a state America will be an extremely vulnerable target for Islamic jihadists to takeover and eventually become a caliphate complete with Sharia law. This is particularly troubling considering the hordes of tribal indigent Muslims Obama and Congress are illegally importing that will already be in America in their own enclaves and goal of a caliphate.

Useful Idiots: It should be clear that Obama's eager 'useful idiots' are the hate-filled BLM and NBPP protesters. They have taken his cue and are performing the requisite dirty work by creating chaos, systemic disruption, and demonization to further inflame and widen the racial divide in America. As these hateful activists gain more media attention Obama more aggressively defends and encourages them by blaming law enforcement as the villains.

Obama and Law Enforcement: Obama has made his disrespect, disregard, and disdain for law enforcement crystal clear since taking office. His modus operandi when a black man is killed by a police officer is to immediately convict the cop and disparage the particular police department without any pertinent information. Obama's propensity to investigate, then sue cities and police departments for being racist after a black thug has been justifiably killed by a police officer in the line of duty is well known. Hence morale within law enforcement is at all- time low while attrition climbs.

Obama's statements in the following high profile race related matters speaks volumes as he emboldens thugs and sends a frightening message to people that care about America:

  • Called out Cambridge, MA police department as stupid for legally arresting arrogant loud yapped Harvard professor Henry Gates
  • Extolled the virtues of dead thug Trayvon Martin & expressed his lofty desire to have a son like the punk
  • Praised dead thugs Michael Brown, Freddy Gray and Eric Garner - all legally killed by police officers in the line of duty
  • 7/10/16 - met with various police officials and advised that their officers were racists then publicly blamed the killing of police officers by his emboldened black savages on 'their failure to do their jobs' Read More Here
As of 2/15/16 the number of police officers murdered is up 700% from the same period last year. Obviously Obama's public statements, actions, and messages have resonated with and emboldened cop hating thugs to feel invincible. Learn more here

The historically high number of police officers brazenly murdered combined with Obama's callous attitude and tepid response has had a chilling effect on law enforcement. Police officers are legitimately concerned about being murdered as well as losing their careers and pensions. The result is that many officers are performing their jobs with timidity for fear of being targeted for murder or being indicted by Obama for a 'clean' arrest when the suspect is black. Their passive attitudes at protests perfectly exemplifies these legitimate concerns.

Obama, BLM and NBPP: No individual has done more to embolden and instill invincibility in these radical activist groups of Hate-America and Whites than Obama. His obvious loathing of America, Whites, and law enforcement has created a fertile environment that serves to encourage the BLM and NBPP groups he identifies with and supports. His direct involvement with organized professional rioters in Ferguson, MO, fueled and catalyzed the serious riots and destruction following the legitimate killing in self-defense of black thug Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson.

This also set an unacceptable precedent by virtually giving protesters, i.e., violent rioters, free rein to cause the chaos and massive systemic disruption presently occurring in major U.S. cities when cops kill black thugs. As a result, these protests occur without concern for meaningful legal consequences to participants because police officers have basically been reduced to inactive powerless observers out of fear from Obama as previously mentioned. Need proof? Carefully consider the feral savages that initiated and participated in the violent riots in Baltimore, Minneapolis, and most recently Charlotte. In evry case Obama defended the rioters.

Adding Insult to Injury: A few days after the Dallas massacre on July 7, 2016, Obama legitimatized BLM as is his habit with radical anti-American Muslim and Marxist organizations e.g., Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, etc., by hosting its leader, DeRay McKesson at the White House. Read More Here. Corrupt racist AG Lynch embraced the stellar group of cop killing advocates by telling them to 'carry on and not be discouraged'. Not to be outdone, on July 12, 2016, Obama's lying traitor Paul Ryan announced his respect and full support for BLM.

The Road to Anarchy: In my opinion Obama's strategy to destroy traditional American culture and values for Islam by using Marxism's version of Sun Tzu's 'divide and conquer' is abundantly clear and operational now. His plan is to start a vicious race war by using the 'stop cops killing blacks' mantra to generate a groundswell of hatred towards law enforcement through professional protests organized led by BLM and NBPP. Protests will increase in size as they rapidly gain momentum while creating mass chaos, systemic disruption, and murder of cops and Whites. This will cause racial tensions to explode into a civil war resulting in anarchy. Please note I am not suggesting this as the end result, but rather stating a realistic scenario that makes sense to me and is worth pondering

You might think I am too radical but consider the foregoing in this light: Obama has always taken sides averse to America's best interests and creating anarchy would be consistent. Regardless, however, Obama's race inspired riots, protests, murders of and injuries to police officers, and beatings of Whites have eroded and weakened the very underpinnings of American civilization which is part of his ultimate goal.

Vile Corrupt Clinton: Be assured that vile liar Clinton will continue and most likely expand Obama's anti-US, anti-White, and anti-law enforcement policies. She is a hard core Marxist mentored by and an acolyte of anti-U.S. Marxist Saul Alinsky whose only difference from Obama relative to America is ideology. She fully supports BLM and NBPP; her key black speakers at the DNC included putative mothers of dead thugs claiming thier rotten seeds were innocent victims of police brutality. Gaveling the gala was Baltimore mayor, Rawlings-Blake, the racist who ordered cops to stand down and give black savages free rein to riot, attack cops, & destroy the city.

Clinton has openly supported the destructive feral animals and blamed law enforcement in every major organized riot allegedly steming from a cop legally killing a black thug. Included therein are Ferguson, Baltimore, Minneapolis, and Charlotrte. I urge you to vote for Tump if America's future and civility is a concern.


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October 19th, 2016 3:57 pm
At this point in time the DOJ is constipated which allows Obama's lawless agenda to have free reign and giddyap into globalism.
Ben Iles
August 10th, 2016 8:17 am
Well said brother.
Steve Zenes
August 8th, 2016 12:21 pm
We Have to elect Donald Trump as he will stop everything Muslum loving Obama started.
Muslims need to be accountable for their crimes and should be published in the media.
Steve Zenes
August 4th, 2016 7:37 am
Ever wondered what Hillary Clinton has accomplished in her decades-long career in “public service?” Here’s a list of some of her greatest achievements:

1) Avoided being charged for sharing classified information over her private email server – including a list of undercover intelligence agents who were likely killed after their identities were compromised

2) Receives protection from the mainstream media which attacks Donald Trump for “controversies” that amount to anthills when compared to the mountain range of her scandals

3) Not questioned by the mainstream media over her poor health and coughing fits

4) Avoided being charged for her role in Benghazi which directly led to the death of four Americans

5) Went nearly a year without holding a press conference and answering questions from reporters

6) Outright stole the presidential nomination from Bernie Sanders, the most popular Democrat in the race who held more influence than President Obama

7) Never held accountable for terrorizing women sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton

8) Avoided being charged for violating the Freedom of Information Act by using a private email server

9) Rarely – if ever – criticized by the mainstream media for her lies and unethical behavior while serving on the Watergate impeachment staff

10) Transformed her failed law career into a political career by marrying Bill Clinton, who gave her name recognition and connections
Steve Zenes
August 3rd, 2016 8:09 am
O has just about made our great country a third world country. Hillary will do the same if she is elected.
A Dictator will be born if she is elected and our country will be one that will be taken over by
Isis and will be broke and heavily in debt to other nations.
I for one will not live under Sheria law and will fight against them. Our country will be in a war on our own shores.
August 2nd, 2016 6:52 am
That N**** needs to be impeached. He is a disgrace. He makes it bad for the black community who are just trying to survive. He is the epitome of N*****dom!
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