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Muslim Youths Rape 5 Year Old Special Needs Girl... Obama Suppresses
June 29th, 2016

The purpose of this blog is twofold: First, to further exemplify Obama's undeniable, absolute allegiance to Islam under all circumstances at America's expense as more completely set forth in my 6/22 blog posted at . Second, to exemplify the continuing threat appointing more far left wing judges of the ilk Obama has to every level of the Federal judiciary presents to America's future in the tragic event of a Clinton presidency.

You might be asking why write more about Obama since his term will soon expire? Here is why: he has set the table for Clinton to continue his destruction of America's traditions, culture, and values. Additional insight into Obama's character and goals might be of value to undecided voters one way or another. In my opinion the November presidential election is the most important in America's history, and the positions of Trump and Clinton relative to her future are diametrically opposed.

Idaho: Twin Falls, Idaho is one of the many unfortunate cities where indigent Muslim aliens financially supported by US taxpayers are being dumped and shoved down the resident’s throats by Obama and Congress. Among other things, these thoughtful Muslims bring their tribal culture and infectious diseases, particularly drug resistant TB, with them to share with the residents of various cities in which they are deposited. Of note, their culture considers murder, raping women and children of both sexes, particularly Whites, and animal fornication to be encouraged by Allah.

The Rape: On June 2, 2016 a 5 year-old special needs girl was brutally raped in the laundry room of Twin Falls apartment complex by three of Obama’s finest Muslim brethren, ages 7, 10, and 14, who also captured their handy work on video. This was a State crime and local law enforcement arrested the two older animals on June 17, then juvenile authorities released them from detention on June 23 to await future proceedings. This lack of urgency by local authorities suggests that they considered the horrendous crime to be tribal Muslims acting normally as if in their filthy disease infested caves and ghettos in the Middle East. 

Federal Intervention: Although this was a State matter, Obama's appointed Federal judge for Idaho, Wendy Olson, stuck her ugly nose in the middle of it to protect his Muslim darlings from any adverse publicity and treatment possibly stemming from their barbaric adventure. As expected of an Obama appointee, Olson is a far left wing Muslim sympathizer more concerned with legislating against America’s best interests than in performing her job of applying the law to the case.

Olson, no doubt following Obama’s instructions, threatened the community and media with federal prosecution if they spread information she deemed to be false or made inflammatory statements about Muslims generally, and specifically, the Muslim savages who committed the rape. In other words, shut up or be indicted and prosecuted for violating the ‘civil rights’ of feral Muslims, the U.S. Constitution notwithstanding. 

In a halfhearted, disingenuous effort to soften her outrageous threats Olson regurgitated the usual trite Obama spin replete with effluvium and lies to justify her remarks as being intended for the 'greater good'. However, there is nothing good about willfully attempting to stifle free speech and minimize a brutal rape.

Obama's Penchant For Threatening Free Speech: Threatening people with criminal prosecution for exercising their First Amendment entitlement of free speech is unconstitutional, egregious, and unlawful. However, it is consistent with Obama’s administration that follows his lead in trashing our Constitution relative to treating Muslims and all other non-White indigent filth as sacred cows. Specific examples relative to Muslims include racist AG Lynch making such threats in the following instances:

  • Following acts of terrorism committed by Muslims on US soil
  • Alleged ‘workplace discrimination’ against Muslims when they are not allowed to pray at their whim
DHS head Jeh Johnson is likewise protecting Obama’s vile brethren by prohibiting the use of ‘jihadist’, 'radical Islam', and ‘sharia law’ because they are offensive to Muslims.

To no surprise however, the silence on these blatant Constitutional violations from the corrupt, lying societal leaches comprising Congress has been deafening as usual.

An Ominous Sign for Twin Falls: Olson’s threat has undoubtedly had a chilling effect on the justice the Muslim brutes that raped this 5 year-old special needs girl will receive. Likewise, the community observing obvious preferential treatment a biased Federal judge has extended to Muslims Obama dumped on it certainly has pause to think about the state of the law in their city. This can only be construed as a harbinger of ‘Obama style justice’ that will result from future heinous crimes Muslims commit… and commit them they will indeed as doing so is inherent in their tribal culture and sordid, lengthy history of committing mass murder and rape for Allah.
As of August 22, 2016, city officials, local law enforcement,
 and MSM continue repressing the truth and spinning the facts about this brutal crime. Such obfuscation evinces an effort to avoid being indicted in exchange for whitewashing the barbaric rape committed by Obama's vile muslim brethren, who should be put to death regardless of age. In my opinion this is not the first rape these animals have committed but if justice is applied fairly it will be their last. You can read an excellent article on this outrageous rape and the parties involved by clicking this link

Words and Actions Count: Obama’s words and actions relative to his Muslim brethren for the past 7.5 years leave no doubt in my mind that he ordered Olson to involve herself in the Idaho rape matter only because the perpetrators were muslims. She did so in the immediate aftermath and issued the usual illegal threats of criminal prosecution for free speech so prevalent throughout his appalling stint in office. Corrupt, biased judges like Olson are every reason to amend the Constitution and limit the life terms of service for Federal District and Appellate Court judges, as well as Supreme Court justices. The irreparable damage they have inflicted on and will continue doing to America is beyond comprehension, particularly from judges who are in the pocket of an anti-American president whose disdain for our country they share.

Puppet Federal Judges: During Obama’s disastrous rein many Federal judges have served as his useful idiots as has Congress. Specifically, they have abrogated their Constitutional duty to apply the law and instead legislatated the destruction of traditional American culture and values Obama seeks from the bench. For example, and at the highest level, Obama’s reprehensible puppet, Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts, rewrote Obamacare twice for him in order to make it legal… and we know where that massive fraud is today. Albeit meaningless in terms of law, Justice Scalia ripped Roberts in a well-deserved brilliant, scathing dissent that can be read Here.

With respect to judges, I feel electing Trump as President is imperative because he will replace Scalia with a like- minded conservative Justice concerned with following our Constitution as well as the best interests of America and her citizenry. This is in stark contrast to electing Clinton: a vile, corrupt amoral liar who is a hard core Marxist mentored by and an acolyte of anti-US Marxist Saul Alinsky, who will appoint her ilk of justice, e.g., Ginsburg, Kagan, and Sotomayor. Marxism, like Islam, is a totalitarian ideology that hates and seeks to destroy traditional American culture and values as Obama is doing and Clinton will continue. Their only difference is ideology:
 Obama's is Islam; Clinton's is Marxism.

In addition to apppointing far left wing judges that will legislate against America's best interests from the bench as Olson did in this case, Clinton will certaily include racist AG Lynch and FBI Director Comey
 as part of her administration. Both not only have a long history with the vile Clintons, but clearly evinced their propensity for corruption and lying in failing to indict Hillary in her email scandal. More on these stellar individuals in another blog.

Obama’s Allegiance: Obama’s predictable defiant reaction threatening to prosecute anyone making disparaging remarks about the tribal Muslims that committed this horrendous rape is just another instance clearly evincing his absolute allegiance to Islam. I encourage any doubters to read my 6/22 blog mentioned in the first paragraph to view a long list of Obama’s telling and obvious acts of allegiance to Islam, all to the detriment of America.

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September 7th, 2016 4:53 pm
We as a PEOPLE need to do something but what??
Tawnya Burris
September 4th, 2016 7:09 am
This article infuriates me and I've been following the real cover up of what has happened to this precious special needs girl by those three awful young...I don't even want to call them boys because of what they have done and what our crazy POTUS has covered up to ensure more refugees come into this country. The American people have a right to know before we turn into Germany, France, Belgium, and other countries that are experiencing backlash and havoc from bringing in refugees wit no respect or appreciation for the countries trying to help them. I believe it was Former President Franklin Roosevelt who turned away the thousands of Jewish refugees at one point either before or during WWII because he feared some were and could be Nazi spies. He didn't love turning those people away, but he did it for the good and protection of this country. The country he reigned as the higest power of the land. I don't believe all refugees are terrible people, but the majority are and living off the tax payers money. I don't feel safe knowing 10,000 are already here and more are to come. I think O is going to hold the door open for as many as he can to get into our country before he has to move out of the WH. My vote is for Trump so Hillary and her lover O can be stopped in their complete disregard of our Constitution, trying to control free speech, and thinking they are too big for jail. My love and prayers are with that sweet girl and her family. It's so sad they may never see justice for their daughter. It's a helpless feeling.
August 29th, 2016 10:28 pm
Please keep up yuor work. I would enjoy receiving your publication
August 28th, 2016 7:08 pm
My heart is so saddened at reading this article. America, the country I love, is deteriorating under many of our political and community leaders. I just can't understand what has happened to our wonderful sense of fellowship and culture to stand against evil, despicable animals like these sick perverts in Idaho. This is not being racist, it is simply telling the truth. I know a Muslim family that were best friends with my family. They were from Saudi Arabia and all of them were highly educated and as fine as anyone I have ever known. They fully respected our culture and lived in complete harmony with the western world. Sadly they are in a minority amongst Middle Eastern people and we have to be tough and resolute against people who do not share our views of civilization. Thank God Obama is almost gone. He will go down in history as our worst President and we have to make absolutely certain that killary and slick willie never get in the White House. It is 2016 and sadly a new world where all true Americans have to be on guard everyday to stand proud, resolute and cautious protecting our country, culture and neighbors. God bless America, I love you with every fiber of my being.
Howard Alexander Stafford
Ocala, Florida
Paula Kennedy
August 28th, 2016 9:25 am
To show just how far reaching obama's control is....a friend of mine in Boise said that the story isn't true, according to the news.
It's pretty scary how this one man (and possibly hillary) can be in such control that no one dares to defy him. He may be a puppet but it's his name that apparently strikes fear into our "representatives." It's unbelievable how every Alphabet agency fell into lockstep with this fraud and even worse, how the world is falling into the protection of all muslims.
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