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America, Islam and Obama
June 22nd, 2016
Preamble: There has never been nor will there likely be unanimity and direct proof as to whether Obama's allegiance is to America or an ideology directly opposed to our traditions, culture and values. Obviously this is of critical importance to one in his position, albeit his term in office fortunately expires in six months. At best his ill defined past is replete with lies, inexplicably sealed important records, multiple social security numbers, a highly controversial birth certificate, and other troubling circumstances for which the truth will never be known.

I broach this matter because of Obama's consistent pattern of bashing America and praising Islam at every opportunity as if he were throwing the barbaric ideology in her face while sneering at our exceptional country. In my opinion he is a hard core muslim endeavoring to destroy traditional American culture and values for the purpose of having them supplanted with his Islamic ideology.

During his terms in office Obama's words and actions in this regard have provided an abundance of empirical proof as to his true allegiance, and the recent massacre by one or more Islamic terrorists in Orlando, Florida is a perfect place to begin this blog.

Orlando, Florida: Please excuse my redundancy here, but you most likely know that on June 12, 2016, in Orlando, FL a radical Muslim terrorist named Omar Mateen massacred 49 innocent people and wounded another 50 in the Pulse nightclub. During the assault Mateen made multiple 911 calls to the local police department while in the club to advise that he was the shooter, and among other things, state that he was a proud ISIS soldier, pledged allegiance to ISIS and their leader Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi, then signed off with the familiar chant of Muslim vermin, Allahu Akbar. A transcript of the 911 calls was made in the ordinary course of business.

Obama Spins Orlando: Obama briefly commented on the massacre and as usual lied while scrambling to cover for the Islamic terrorist that committed the brutal, cold blooded act. After expressing a modicum of faux sorrow for the victims and their families he deemed Mateen a misguided home grown ‘lone wolf’ without any connection to Islamic terrorists. Not surprisingly, an plethora of cogent evidence has proved this to be a lie.

Subsequent to Obama’s brief insincere remarks he had the temerity to shift gears and attribute blame to a lack of gun control then began his monotonous trite spiel on that topic to distract from the truth, which has always been anathema to him. In point of fact a radical Islamic terrorist committed another horrendous act of murdering innocent people in Allah’s name without any provocation whatsoever. As an aside, the FBI questioned Mateen on three separate occasions prior to the massacre only to have Obama order the matter closed.

Obama then insulted the survivors, victim’s families, and the public by ordering his DOJ to scrub all references to Allah, Islam, ISIS, and its leader, al-Baghdadi from the transcribed calls prior to releasing them. His fallacious reasoning was twofold: spare the families and survivors from reliving the horrors of June 12th; publishing the information would serve as propaganda for ISIS. More realistically, according to Obama the massacre did occur, however, it was not committed by a radical Islamist, but rather the culprit was a powerful gun… or perhaps a tooth fairy gone berserk.

A Glimmer of Truth Emerges: Fortunately, subsequent to an unexpected outcry from the MSM and Congressional sycophants up for election Obama had a politically inspired change of mind and ordered most of the original transcript released. Inexcusably however, it remains incomplete and the only logical explanation is to cover for Obama’s radical Islamist brethren.

Islamic Terrorism in America: Historically, Obama has always aggressively defended Islamic terrorism committed in America and attempted to justify the Muslims involved in its commission using the same trite rhetoric. Specifically, prior to Orlando, Muslim terrorists slaughtered innocent people on behalf of Allah in the following American cities:

    • Killeen, TX - Ft. Hood
    • Chattanooga, TN
    • San Bernardino, CA
Obama deemed Ft. Hood ‘workplace violence’ committed by a disgruntled employee. He blamed the terrorism in Chattanooga and San Bernardino on ‘misguided individuals influenced by the wrong people’. The Twin Towers in NYC predated Obama but he referred to that Islamic terrorism as a ‘man-made disaster’. Similarly, Obama refers to barbaric radical Muslim jihadists as ‘poor innocent freedom fighters’. According to Obama in every instance the feral savages committing these murders are not radical Islamist terrorists but merely disgruntled or misguided individuals. This technique is classic Marxist ‘reconstruction’ of the actual meaning of a word or phrase to suit a desired purpose. Obama is very well experienced in this from his black activist days as a community organizer under the tutelage of anti-US Marxist Saul Alinsky.

Obama Protects and Defends Muslims: Obama claims he wrote “Audacity of Hope” in the fall of 2006, although many believe his good pal terrorist Bill Ayres was the ghost writer. Regardless, on page 261 he categorically avows his allegiance to Muslims ‘if the political winds shift in an ugly direction’. During his presidency Obama has stood firmly with his Muslim brethren in all instances.

Obama has spent his disgusting presidency destroying traditional US culture and values for Islam, while going far beyond the pale protecting and defending Muslims. In addition to reconstructing the actual meaning of terrorism and other heinous acts his feral brethren commit to suit his purpose as mentioned aforesaid, Obama has consistently and clearly evinced his pro Muslim bias in ways that include the following:

    • 9/25/12 - Highly praised his Islamic ideology and profit Mohammad while disparaging America in a disgusting speech before the UN  -  view here
    • Severely restricted the military rules of engagement to favor Muslim terrorist organizations as clearly revealed in the true story “Lone Survivor” by Marcus Luttrell
    • Gutted the military budgets leaving troops inadequately equipped with obsolete and inoperable gear and armaments
    • Failed to make a serious effort to defeat ISIS and other Islamic terrorist organizations, the advice of brilliant military tacticians and strategists notwithstanding
    • Claimed to limit air strikes against ISIS to protect the environment
    • Ordered the deletion of all files containing intel on Muslims in the US with known or suspected ties to terrorist organizations according to former DHS intelligence expert security officer Philip Haney and DOD agent Rich Higgins
    • Released high value and other Muslim terrorists from Gitmo that have resumed their vocation of killing innocent people
    • Illegally flooding US with hordes of indigent tribal Muslims that will not add any value, but will further strain welfare and commit violent crimes as they have done while destroying Europe
    • Failed to vet alleged Syrian Muslim aliens for background and health prior to their admittance to America
    • Classified alleged Syrian Muslim aliens as 'refugees' in order to bypass the normal immigration process and 'fast track' their welfare and citizenship
    • 7/21/15 – unilaterally relieved Muslim aliens from pledging allegiance to America as is mandatory for all people seeking US citizenship
    • 12/4/15 - ordered AG Lynch to threaten the arrest of anyone ‘insulting Muslims by using offensive language’, and prosecute businesses for not allowing Muslims to pray during working hours 
    • 3/24/16 - claimed global warming was a far greater threat than ISIS
    • 3/31/16 – ordered the deletion of French President Hollande saying ‘Islamic terrorism’ from a tape of their joint meeting on terrorism in DC
    • Mid-May 2016 - refused to release 28 pages of a ‘previously classified’ report directly linking Saudi Arabia to 9/11
    • Ordered AG Lynch to say 'the best way to fight terroriism is with compasion, unity, and love'
    • Mid-June 2016 – ordered DHS chief Johnson to ban the words “sharia’ and ‘jihad’ because they were offensive to Muslims
    • Consistently hosts and supports Islamic terrorist organizations that include Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and CAIR
Ergo, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck… no questions here!

Actions and Words: Obama defies the old saying ‘actions speak louder than words’ by leaving nothing to the imagination as he combines both with equal disdain for America. He is the only president in our history to watch Americans massacred on their home soil then react by defending the ideology of the Muslim savages responsible for the carnage and justifying their behavior. He is also the only president in our history to consistently defend and extoll his perceived virtues of Islam while orating in America, foreign countries, and before the anti-US UN. Excerpts of Obama's appalling 9/25/12 UN speech can be found by clicking here. For the record, Islam is a totalitarian ideology seeking world domination by all means possible in which murder of non-believers, i.e., infidels, is called for in their quran.

There is one irrefutable straight forward fact about terrorism: radical Islamists commit 99.9% of the world’s terror and have done so since time in memorial. Obama can spin this and candy coat his Muslim brethren on ad infinitum; however, the truth will always withstand his effluvium, reconstructing the truth, and pathological lying.

Religious Freedom: America’s Constitution and culture give individuals the absolute freedom to follow their religious tenets and ideologies without the threat of persecution. However, such freedom does not include subordinating her best interests and welfare to any religion or ideology as Obama is diligently attempting to accomplish. To the contrary, America comes first and foremost as she should.

The aforementioned former DHS security officer and intelligence expert Philip Haney was a charter member of the DHS founded in 2003 under Bush. He recently retired after blowing the whistle on Obama’s anti-US administration: the interesting details are set forth in this article: His book, “See Something, Say Nothing” is extremely informative, albeit not surprising.

PS - November Congressional Elections: As I stated in my last blog, the worthless Congress serves as Obama's toadies and have willfully abetted him in destroying the very underpinnings of our great country. Vote them out in November beginning with Obama’s ‘boy’ Ryan who lied to and betrayed America for him and Islam by passing the Omnibus Spending Bill. Ryan is Obama’s chief advocate for illegally importing, granting citizenship to and supporting indigent tribal Muslim garbage.

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February 8th, 2017 10:22 am
Donald Trump reprezent American Exceptionalism!
Jackie Johnston
July 22nd, 2016 10:16 am
This is great and all so very true. My dad just turned 80 June 4th..A True American Patriot. 20yrs retired Air Force
Pat Walker
July 19th, 2016 2:46 pm
GOOD READING Suthenboy!! Smile. pat
Kim Wallis
July 5th, 2016 1:41 pm
It really amazes me that people are still believing his lies!! People need to get their heads out of the sand!!
Hannes Dürscheimer
June 30th, 2016 11:24 pm
What happened to Paul Ryan? Was he always Obama's lad? Or did he sip the Kool-Aid somewhere along the line? I don't see the pay off. The longer he clings to power, the greater the chances for America to awaken from it's slumber and fall upon these phony patriots, these poltroons, these toadies and sell-out's, these mincing burqa and keffiyeh chasing traitors. These Muslims we are fighting are not men in the classic sense possessing the warrior ethos like those we fought in Waffen SS. These fighters must be destroyed, they must be incinerated: village after village, camel after camel until they are no more. Do we reason with termites or rabid dogs? No! America must purify itself through a long cleansing process requiring the petty tyrants to be exposed and we must chuck the most outrè imbeciles like McConnell, Pelosi, Jeh Johnson the Moslem, Al Franken, Hillary Clinton and the like right into the Potomac with an anvil tied ariund their necks for buoyancy. Let our streets run red with the blood of righteous indignation; let the minarets fall; let the mosques remain forever empty and let the memory of Muslims in America fade away.
christine n queiroli (siciliangal)
June 26th, 2016 4:11 pm
This is an exceptional post! Such a clear indication of just how deceiving and despicable Obama truly is! Over the years he has used his presidential power to destroy America and at the same time brainwashed Congress into backing him and feeling pity for Islamic Terrorist's. This country has been torn apart by a wolf in sheeps clothing. Donald Trump is our one hope of turning this country around and I pray that God will keep him safe for I do not trust the OCCC (Obama and Clinton Criminal Clan)! America needs to wake up and stand together to fight this corrupt system and make sure that come November, Donald J Trump is chosen and will Make America Great Again!
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