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Immigration: Trump vs Obama & Congress
May 17th, 2016
You are probably well aware of Obama’s on-going open borders and massive illegal immigration policy. Explicit therein is a ‘welcome to America’ invitation extended to the worlds’ depraved, non-white tribal indigents primarily comprised of Muslims and Hispanics. Operationally, these individuals are permitted to enter the US without being screened for background and health.

Obama’s illegal ‘free ride’ is in stark contrast to the rigorous process through which millions of immigrants of every ethnicity who entered America legally were subjected. The majority of them came to America to work, assimilate, improve their quality of life… and are to be commended. The vast majority of Obama’s illegal aliens are in America solely for welfare and should be deported.

Bipartisan Support for Obama’s Illegal Immigration: Not surprisingly most congressional Democrats support Obama’s policy. However, many of their GOP counterparts, including the arrogant anti-Trump group, enthusiastically support his illegal policy that serves to destroy traditional American culture and values by flooding the country with the garbage mentioned aforesaid.

A leading GOP proponent of Obama's policy is its ignominious Speaker, lying traitor Paul Ryan, who recently confirmed that Obama’s illegal immigration policy was an unwavering principle of the GOP. As an aside, Ryan’s kids attend a private school that exclude Muslims as described in this article:

This is the same Ryan that faithfully serves as Obama’s valet and chief advocate to pass acts and facilitate edicts that are most often adverse to America’s best interest. Ryan’s forte is pathologically lying to Congress and the public about the import of such acts and edicts. This was made abundantly clear when he lied to and betrayed America on the Omnibus Spending Bill that gave Obama’s Muslim vermin aliens an open ticket to and free ride in America. Click the link to my 1/5 blog for more information on this treacherous liar: Traitor Ryan

Trump and Immigration: RNC Chair, Reince Priebus, categorically stated that Donald Trump was the GOP’s presumptive nominee and called for party unity. However, Trump is anathema to Ryan and other egotistical, self righteous GOP self anointed big shots that refuse to support him for a myriad of reasons, including his immigration stance. This blog will contrast the positions of Trump and Obama.

For the sake of brevity, Trump’s astute, common sense approach to immigration is designed to protect America and her citizenry. This is the polar opposite of Obama’s open borders to all non-White tribal indigent filth and includes the following:

      • Stop all illegal immigration
      • Build a wall on America's southwestern border
      • Implement and enforce meaningful immigration laws
      • Deny blanket amnesty to the hordes of illegals in the US
      • Temporarily ban Muslims from entering the US
      • Eliminate and stop funding sanctuary cities
Trump’s solution is simple and straight forward: it resonates with America’s populous that knows an immigration policy that puts America first is a critical component of making her great again.

Common Traits of Obama’s Aliens: In my opinion it is imperative to consider the following common traits of the aliens Obama and Congress are illegally importing en-masse and shoving down our throats to support:

      • Non-White
      • Indigent
      • Illiterate
      • Tribal culture where murder and rape (women and children) is the accepted norm
      • Eschew health, hygiene, and environmental protection
      • Muslim and Hispanic
      • Anti-American
      • Unscreened for background and health
In light of the foregoing please view then ponder the following short videos that represent the true character of the savages with whom Obama, Ryan,, are flooding America. Do you seriously want your neighborhood and family subjected to them?



In order to ensure immediate welfare benefits and circumvent the law Obama unilaterally deems these aliens ‘refugees’ or ‘asylees’.

Legality: Deeming an ‘alien’ a ‘refugee’ or ‘asylee’ for the purpose of granting citizenship and welfare as Obama is doing clearly violates the letter and spirit of the Constitution. As a rose is a rose, an illegal alien is an illegal alien by any other name. However, Constitutional compliance has never presented an obstacle to Obama and Congress and this trivail matter is no exception.

Fast Track Amnesty: Once in America the overwhelming majority of these aliens are automatically granted ‘fast track’ amnesty and enjoy the endless benefits of welfare. As U. S. citizens they ride her munificent gravy train of entitlements readily available to all alien societal leaches that include:

      • Health care
      • Housing
      • Food
      • Cash
      • Legal representation
Justification and Spin: The outrageous reason Obama, Ryan,, give for importing the illegal filth is “this is who we are’. Their unbelievable spin is that these are needy aliens who will enhance America by increasing diversity and pursuing the endless job opportunities. Implicit therein is that illegal immigration trumps the law of the land.

This is utterly absurd because these aliens cannot possibly benefit America. To the contrary, they have historically comported themselves as follows:
      • Refuse to assimilate
      • Maintain their native tribal cultures
      • Reproduce exponentially
      • Commit violent crimes including raping women and children
      • Live off of welfare
      • Muslims will demand the implementation of ‘no-go zones’ and Sharia law
In addition to Obama, the beneficiaries of his illegal immigration are Ryan,, who have consistently enabled him to destroy and transform traditional American culture and values. I suggest that you ponder these compelling questions:
      • Why are Obama and Congress illegally flooding America with the ilk of aliens described herein
      • Why has not one member of congress broached this threshold question
Their silence is expected and deafening… but after all, they are Obama’s subordinate, pathetic sycophants.

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Joe Diamond
June 1st, 2016 3:23 pm
BAN ALL Mosque FROM TEXAS! All other states will follow ***VOTE***#TRUMP2016
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