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The Arrogant GOP Anti-Trump Movement
May 11th, 2016
The 'Anti-Trump', aka 'Never Trump' movement within the so called GOP establishment of 'true conservatives' including the RNC, seems inconsistent with party unity on its face, but in my opinion that is far from the case. This group, hereinafter collectively referred to as GOP, is where the party's power and direction are vested. The GOP is primarily comprised of arrogant, self righteous career politicians that consider its group far superior to the rest of the party, or more aptly stated, the plebeian commoners.

The Arrogant Stale GOP: This pompous group of self anointed big shots is well aware that RNC chairman Reince Preibus declared Trump as the party's presumptive nominee and called for unity. They likewise know that Trump resonates loudly with and is the overwhelming choice of the populous to be President. They also know their traditional 'conservative' party has been severely repudiated and slapped in the face by the populous who are sick and tired of corrupt lying DC politicians and want a dramatic change.

Cogent facts notwithstanding, however, the GOP is seeking a candidate who it deems 'suitable' to run against Trump; ultimately become the party's presidential nominee; and act as directed. It also expects the other party members to follow suit which will result in unification, but that self serving expectation naively defies reality and will never happen. Succinctly put, the GOP intends to serve up the same ilk of boring, stale garbage and messages as in the past. Specifically, someone like worthless, inept meek losers McCain and Romney who lacked the guts to go afer Obama's jugular while knowing that he was a radical black activist community organizer and Muslim that hated America.

A Clinton Victory: The apparent result of splintering the party almost assures victory to the vile corrupt lying Clinton, which is clearly inconsistent with winning the presidency. This paradox begs the threshold question: why split the party and chance losing the election? The answer is twofold and abundantly clear: the retention of power and money; open mass immigration of indigent non-Whites.

      • Power: Trump is an extremely successful businessman whose working environment has been outside the toxic DC arena inhabited by corrupt career politicians. As a wealthy outsider he is neither impressed with nor obligated to the GOP and its power structure. Trump's presidency threatens the very core of that structure. 
      • Money: Trump is very astute and experienced in buying influence for legitimate business purposes from corrupt politicians. In addition, he is well aware of the income stream, insider information, and other lucrative financial benefits that have eternally flowed from selling influence. The GOP knows that as president Trump will stop their cash cow which in turn will adversely affect the posh life styles it has historically supported.
      • Open Immigration: As you most likely know Trump's views and policies on immigration are diametrically opposed to those of the GOP. Specifically, the GOP fully supports Muslim Obama's illegal immigration wherein America's borders are open to the world's non-White, depraved indigents with tribal cultures primarily comprised of Muslims and Hispanics.

      For the record, these 'upstanding individuals' are neither vetted for backgrounds nor health; are fast tracked for citizenship; and immediately go on welfare once in America.
As an aside but very relevant, on May 9, 2016 Obama's punk, pathological lying traitor Paul Ryan, who advocates for and spearheads his illegal immigration policy, stated that 'mass immigration was a GOP principle'. Click here for details .Interestingly, Ryan's children attend a private school that specifically excludes Muslims. This blatant hyocrisy further evinces his total disregard for America's public.

At a bare minimum a Clinton victory will serve to accelerate the irresponsible policies of Obama and Congress that have directly caused: 1. irreparable damage to traditional American culture and values; 2. hordes of non-White tribal indigents illegally flooding the U.S.; 3. creation of an outrageous unsustainable debt. However, it will ensure that the following, which are near and dear to the egotistical GOP's black heart, remain in tact:

      • Its power structure.
      • Peddling influence and reaping the benefits of illegally obtained money.
      • Massive illegal immigration of and lifetime support for the world's non-white tribal indigents.
GOP's Two Pronged Attack: It should be crystal clear that splintering the party provides the GOP with a two pronged attack for successfully maintaining their status quo. Regardless of whether their candidate or Clinton is unfortunately elected president:
      • Its power structure will remain in tact.
      • The usual lying, corruption, and influence peddling in DC will continues unabated.
      • Massive illegal immigration of and support for non-White tribal indigents will continue as is.
Ergo, Trump is anathema to this stellar group of callous, egocentric individuals because his election threatens the bedorck of their existence.

If I am correct on this, the insidious GOP scheme exemplifies the very height of arrogance and disregard for the populous of our country because it places self interests before America. This is why a Trump presidency is critical to the survival of America and an imperative to make our country great again.

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Steve Zenes
August 3rd, 2016 12:05 pm
Ryan and McCain can go you know where. Hopefully they will not be reelected.
As a Vietnam Wounded Veteran, I see first hand how the VA treats us veterans.
McCain has not done anything for us.
Ryan is just another supporter of Obama listed as a Republican.
May 21st, 2016 7:36 am
On spot. Great and accurate read! The GOP NEO CONS are enemies of our Constitutional Republican form of Government! They care not for Americans, only the strangle hold of power over us!
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