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Trump's Candidacy And 'Voter-less' Elections
April 18th, 2016
The emergence and ramifications of Donald Trump as a popular, legitimate presidential candidate have sent shock waves through mahogany row of many major publicly traded corporations, as well as the ranks of arrogant, self anointed Democratic and Republican big shots. They know very well the probability of controlling Trump is basically non-existent, and accordingly are legitimately concerned about the reality and threat of his presidency for reasons that include the following:
      1. Corporate Greed: Corporate executives pouring millions of dollars into anti-Trump hate campaigns are extremely anxious. Their apparent munificence is by no means philanthropic, but rather it is with the specific expectation of benefiting from congressional influence at the expense of the naïve public that absorb their costs by paying inflated prices. If political influence to ensure favorable legislation cannot be purchased in the historically traditional manner corporate stock prices can be adversely affected, bonuses reduced, and the careers of CEOs placed in serious jeopardy.

      2. Corrupt Politicians: Corrupt politicians sense the real possibility of their DC 'gravy train of plenty' historically filled with illegally obtained insider information and money from peddling influence being derailed. This will adversely affect their stock trading and illegal income streams that have continuously flowed for years as well as supported posh life styles.

      3. The Integrity of America's Voting Process: As a direct result of Trump's emergence the fallacy of having the right to vote for a presidential candidate of one's choice has been publicly exposed to the chagrin of many surprised Americans. Specifically, the GOP party delegates in Colorado and Wyoming unilaterally named their presidential nominee thereby eliminating the state's primary elections, and ergo, any voting from the electorate. Among other ramifications this further confirmed the ignominious reputations of political leaders, politicians, and the political system.
My purpose here is not to embark on a boring civics discourse, but rather to briefly discuss the general basics of America's convoluted presidential nominating process and the ease with which it can and is being manipulated. Trump's journey into the political arena and his surprising emergence as a legitimate contender perfectly exemplify its repulsive, previously hidden underbelly.

Voter-less Elections: There should be no question that Republican and Democratic parties engage in similar games of manipulating delegates within their respective state's rules and procedures. I am focusing on the GOP however, because of the recent 'voter-less' primary elections in Colorado and Wyoming that served to disenfranchise a significant number of voters. In my opinion this reeks of and was engineered by the RNC's loathsome chairman, Reince Pribeus, and his goons to send a message of futility to Trump. Utilizing the states' political machines as stooges to perform their dirty work enabled the RNC to appear objective and as 'pure as Caesar's wife' in its obvious efforts to discourage Trump from continuing his presidential campaign.

The Right to Vote: For the sake of brevity, the Supreme Court has ruled that the United States Constitution does not provide an explicit right to vote. Constitutional scholars have zealously argued that the right to vote is implicitly guaranteed while others have taken an opposing position with the same zeal. The argument goes on ad infinitum and while important, is irrelevant to this blog.

Nominating Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates: The nominees for President and Vice President of each political party are selected by its delegates at the party's national convention held at the conclusion of all state primary elections. Party leaders of each state choose loyalists as delegates pursuant to its respective policies and procedures that vary from state to state. In theory, delegates vote for the nominee they feel best represents the interests of their state, but in reality they generally vote based on other influences, desires and political expectations. After all, delegates are human and subject to the same temptations and frailties as everyone else.

Exposing the Ugly Voting Process: As mentioned aforesaid, the tactic of 'voter-less' elections held by the party machines in Colorado and Wyoming removed the electorate from the process of nominating a presidential candidate. In effect it served to disenfranchise every potential Trump and Kasich voter thereby reducing their chances of being the party's nominee by the number of GOP delegates representing Colorado and Wyoming. It also served to waste all of the time, effort, and money Trump and Kasich expended by summarily eliminating them from the primaries without the opportunity to fairly compete with Cruz.

In my opinion these state parties brazenly opened the door and exposed the way in which America's election process is being so easily manipulated to serve the selfish, rapacious interests of a few. Specifically, machine controlled delegates exercised their exclusive right to nominate candidates for President and Vice President which effectively precluded the electorate from the voting process and rendered it moot.

The Election Process Relative to Trump: The practical effect of the election process relative to Trump is crystal clear. The RNC, GOP 'establishment', and CEOs of major publicly traded corporations have made their disdain for Trump abundantly clear. This has been evinced in ways that include the following:

      • Karl Rove, Mitt Romney, et. al., speaking for the RNC and GOP 'establishment' have publicly denounced Trump, while Rove called on the party to nominate a 'fresh face'
      • Corporate executives have funded millions of dollars in ad homonym attack ads likewise denouncing Trump
Symbiosis: There is a symbiotic relationship between these 'hate Trump' groups in that they share a vested interest in ensuring that he is not the GOP nominee. Eliminating Trump's candidacy will allow their insidious business cycle of buying and selling political influence while enriching themselves at the public's expense to continue unabated. In this malevolent relationship each needs the other to maintain their intertwined continuity of interests as set forth below:
      • State GOP political machines that depend on and march to the RNC and its 'establishment' big shots select delegates who nominate the party's preferred candidates for President and Vice President
      • The RNC sets election strategy and is funded in great part by major publicly held corporate donors solely for the purpose of being able to exert significant influence to serve their specific needs
      • Congressional GOP members peddle political influence to major publicly held corporations, typically through lobbyists
      • A presidential candidate that will continue the current business as usual quid pro quo of money for political influence is an imperative and must be selected by the RNC at all costs
Stacking the Deck: MENSA membership is not required to logically conclude that state parties in sync with the RNC will select delegates to nominate its candidate of choice because the stakes are too high to do otherwise. That candidate is not Trump. The RNC's public position of objectivity notwithstanding, it is surreptitiously doing everything possible to ensure Trump's elimination including impugning what little integrity might be reposed in state primaries holding 'voter-less' elections. In my opinion Trump's only chance to be the GOP nominee is to win a great majority of primaries so that denying it to him would result in a fatal backlash to the party and RNC... and only time will tell.

It seems abundantly clear to me why America's President and Vice President are ultimately elected through multiple convoluted processes instead of a straight forward popular vote. While such vote would certainly not be flawless, it would significantly threaten the power vested in and lucrative financial opportunities available to national political committees, state political party machines, and major publicly traded corporations. Specifically, the current self serving process enables the national committee of each party to have absolute control and dominion over the candidates it nominates for President and Vice President, the will of the people be damned.

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Jeremy P Bradigan
May 9th, 2016 4:08 pm
Author, Nice read! #realdonaldTrump is the ONLY candidadte who has VOWED (remeber, He's the ONLY GOP member to KEEP HIS WORD?!) to END the SHENANIGANS being propagated by ALL PARTIES in Washington, DC!
richard kunigisky
May 8th, 2016 8:56 pm
Great read! Agree with everything. Thanks for the twitter follow.
John Graham Roberts
April 22nd, 2016 6:46 am
Excellent blog.What they are doing or trying to do to Mr Trump is very sinister,and downright disgusting.But they will not succeed.Donald J Trump will be President.God Bless America,and fuck that nigger scum Obama.
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