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Obama's America: Crimes Runs Amok
March 29th, 2016
As you are well aware throughout Obama's disgusting, ignominious term he has diligently committed himself to assuring a safer America for you and your family. Obama's more patriotic actions that have been directly and indirectly supported by his worthless congressional sycophants include, but are by no means limited to the following:
      • Provided early prison release to thousands of illegal aliens, many of whom were violent felons, so they could freely roam and enhance America's streets
      • Ordered the Border Patrol responsible for the southwestern border not to arrest aliens entering America illegally
      • Provided radical anti-American left wing groups e.g., Black Lives Matter, free rein to cause chaos and systemic disruption to cities and decent citizens without meaningful legal consequences
      • Disparaged, chilled, and demoralized law enforcement by threatening and initiating criminal actions against cities and officers legitimately performing their jobs when black thugs were involved
      • Illegally opened America's borders and welfare coffers to the world's non-White indigent filth with tribal cultures, primarily his Muslim brethren and Hispanics, without requiring health or background checks
      • Illegally imports and financially supports hordes of indigent tribal Middle East Muslim vermin of the same ilk of animals that have destroyed Europe - all without health or background checks
As an aside, I urge you to view this brief video of Muslims showing Germans their gratitude for welcoming them into their country and providing financial suppot. Ponder this and understand it will occur in America because their tribal culture will never change. View Here

Obama's Latest Effort to Keep America Safe: Now Obama has added an extra layer of protection so you will feel even safer. He has directed his racist AG Loretta Lynch to order thousands of state and municipal judges throughout America to 'ease off of prosecuting minority criminals'. The order's enforcing teeth are in an unambiguous threat to cut off federal funds to non-compliant states with absolute authority vested in the DOJ. Read more Here

Crime Runs Amok: The ramifications of Obama's unprecedented overreach and gross dereliction of duty are incomprehensible. However, to be succinct, this edict serves to imbue minority thugs with a sense of invincibility and emboldens them to commit more crimes with total impunity. It should be of no surprise that the great majority of America's thugs are minorities. Need convincing or think this is racist? Check the crime reports in every major U.S. city that include murder, manslaughter, assault, armed robbery, burglary, home invasion, and car jacking, and note the perpetrators' ethnicity. The truth is the truth, not racist.

In keeping with their usual subservient, disgraceful acquiescence, the amoebas in Congress will either commend Obama for empowering Americas thugs to commit more crimes, or consent with deafening silence.

Never forget that Obama has eight more months to continue destroying traditional American culture and values with the unwavering support of Congress. Stay tuned because the Muslim is unopposed in the home stretch and the worst is yet to come.

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rob c
January 22nd, 2017 2:35 pm
I wanted him impeached for these reasons- obummer- no conscious- me first selfish bastards
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