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Trump Disrupters, Law Enforcement, and Obama
March 24th, 2016
World leaders and U.S. political big shots are attacking Donald Trump for a myriad of selfish reasons all connected by a single thread of commonality: the deep fear of a Trump presidency. They know Trump is wise to their game of illegally buying and selling influence at the public's expense, and unlike themselves and vile corrupt Hillary Clinton, he is not for sale. Such fear is more than justified because the economic condition of their respective countries, as well as posh individual life styles and incomes will be adversely affected when the associated lying, cheating, and stealing is exposed and immediately ceases.

Anti-Trump Mantra: The common mantra from Clinton being propagated by America's anti-Trump crowd of self-anointed arrogant DC and State political big shots, little punks, MSM, etc. is that he is extremely dangerous and will destroy our country. The absurdity and obvious hypocrisy notwithstanding, these antagonists are justifying their weak positions by accusing Trump of inciting societal disruption and riots that result from his 'inflammatory speeches and un-presidential language'. 

While the following facts that underpin the professional disruptions associated with Trump events are anathema to this hateful crowd of savages, they are true and manifestly clear nevertheless:
    • Trump and his supporters are exercising their First Amendment entitlement to free speech
    • Organized useful idiots are attempting to stifle their right of free speech through chaos, systemic disruption, intimidation, and demonization 
Political Correctness Rears Its Ugly Head: The tactic being used in attacking Trump is classic Cultural Marxist political correctness conceived circa 1922 by the ideology's founders that I have discussed at length in previous blogs. I know a tie-in to political correctness sounds ridiculous but please bear with me for a minute and it will make perfect sense. For the sake of brevity, Cultural Marxism supplanted Karl Marx's failed Economic Marxism and became Marxism. Its goal has consistently been to annihilate traditional Western culture and values through a peaceful, indefensible cultural revolution then supplant them with Marxist ideology.

A critical component in achieving that goal is political correctness. While the term's meaning and use runs the gamut today, political correctness was conceived and intended for only one purpose: it is a devious Marxist psychological command and control concept used to manipulate and force mass compliance with uniformity in the desired thought, speech, and behavior relative to a particular group or its cause.

For example, an organized group advocating its cause will relentlessly and harshly humiliate, vilify, and demonize anyone considered as non-compliant by accusing them of being a racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, etc. The desired result is total capitulation of the non-compliant party(s) through acceptance of the cause or shutting up in frustration.

It should be abundantly clear that this is the same scenario being orchestrated by professionally organized 'disruptions' comprised of feral savages attempting to stop Trump from speaking freely by rioting and commiting violence. To paraphrase Obama, never let a terrible situation go to waste. The hate-filled anti-Trump crowd are doing just that by blaming the riots and associated violence on him in a futile attempt to induce fear into the American people and dissuade his loyal followers.

The Nexus Between Trump Disrupters, Law Enforcement, and Obama: Regardless of who is driving the organized 'disruptions', in my opinion Obama is the principal catalyst. His background and consistent classless anti-American comportment while disgracing our country and the presidency have created the perfect environment for organized filth to disrupt Trump by harassing him and his supporters while attempting to stifle their freedom of speech. My reasoning is set forth in the following sections and you will easily be able to connect the dots... or totally disagree with my conclusion.

Obama: For Obama's personal reasons there is only a paucity of true information available about his background, but the following is well substantiated: He was a radical black activist in Chicago where one of his mentors was Saul Alinsky, a Marxist that hated traditional America... and old habits neither die nor fade away.

Saul Alinsky (1909-1972): Alinsky is the undisputed father of modern day professionally organized systemic disruption of the type being used to attack Trump and his supporters, as well as stifle their right of free speech. He was a hard core Marxist, radical activist, and professional community organizer who, among his other anti-American endeavors, wrote "Rules For Radicals" in 1971.

This is a 'how to' book that rapidly became the bible for radical left wing activists like Obama and his close pals, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. Like himself, they hated America and sought social change through revolution, violent or otherwise. The disruptive tactics and strategies in Alinsky's book were based on effectively using political correctness as intended by the founding Cultural Marxists mentioned aforesaid.

Alinsky had the dubious distinction of spawning scores of professional community organizers who taught and propagated his message, tactics, and strategies. Included in that stellar group was Obama, an acolyte and radical activist who plied his community organizing expertise in the Chicago ghettos prior to taking it to the White House.

For more information read my 4/6/15 blog on Alinsky, Obama, and Hillary Clinton, whom he also mentored, click here

Obama and Law Enforcement: Obama has made his disrespect, disregard, and in my opinion, disdain for law enforcement perfectly clear since taking office. He also boasts a well-known propensity to investigate, then sue cities and police departments for being racist after a black thug has been justifiably killed by a police officer in the line of duty. As a result, morale within law enforcement across America is at all time low.

Of note, as of 2/15/16 the number of police officers murdered is up 700% from the same period past year. Obviously Obama's public statements and implied message have resonated with and emboldened hordes of cop hating thugs to feel invincible. Learn more here

The historically high number of police officers brazenly murdered and Obama's callous, anti-law enforcement, pro-systemic disruption attitude has had a chilling effect throughout laws enforcement. Police officers are legitimately concerned about being randomly murdered as well as losing their careers and pensions. The result is that many are performing their jobs with timidity for fear of being targeted for murder or an Obama initiated criminal prosecution relative to a 'clean' arrest when the suspect is a black thug.

Obama and Radical Left Wing Activist Groups: Obama virtually handed the professionally organized radical activist leftist groups he coddles a free rein to 'protest' and cause massive systemic disruption in major US cities. In doing so he knowingly subordinated the rights of decent citizens to such groups as Black Lives Matters (BLM) and Moveon. org, both comprised of radical left wing animals that hate traditional America. Obama has consistently justified BLM's activities claiming they 'have a right to be different'.

A common tactic used by these groups to cause havoc and systemic disruption in high profile American cities is blocking major highways, airports, and high-end shopping districts knowing there will not be any serious intervention by law enforcement. To further exacerbate the matter, they harass hundreds of citizens already inconvenienced because of their third world tribal mentality.

The professionally organized 'protests' occur without meaningful legal consequences to the savage participants because police officers have been virtually reduced to inactive powerless observers because of Obama's omnipresent oversight and threats of prosecution.

Alinsky's Tutelage Bears Fruit in Ferguson and Beyond: The fruits of Alinsky's tutelage were manifested in the Ferguson, MO riots where Obama and his racist stooge Holder were directly involved with the professional 'protest' organizers. In his true classless anti-law enforcement character, Obama sued the City of Ferguson for racism following the riots that he intentionally inflamed.

The Ferguson riots and appalling aftermath served to further embolden and set the stage for the professionals organizing the Trump disturbances. They simply advise the participants, who are happily serving as useful idiots, that law enforcement will virtually be reduced to ineffective event props for fear of being investigated, sued, or arrested by Obama. Further, that their worst exposure will be a gentle escort out of the event; a shot of pepper spray; a few hours in jail, but certainly well worth the glory of furthering the anti-Trump cause. Best case will be a civil action arising out of alleged police brutality.

The fertile environment Obama has created is conducive for miscreants to cause systemic disruption and chaos as, when, and where they please without meaningful legal consequences and sets an unacceptable precedent that cannot stand.

Connecting The Dots: I do not believe in coincidences. To the contrary, the great number of similarities between Ferguson riots and Trump disruptions are not coincidental, but rather emanate from the same source; namely Obama. His personal influence in Ferguson opened the door for and catalyzed the professionally organized disruptions at Trump events. Consider the following dots relative to Obama:
    • A committed radical black activist and community organizer
    • Expertise and experience in the tactics of chaos and systemic disruption learned under the tutelage of radical Marxist Saul Alinsky
    • Disdain and disrespect for law enforcement
    • Identification with the ilk of disrupters through past experience
    • Embraces and provides radical activist groups free rein to cause systemic disruption and chaos without meaningful legal consequences
    • Personal involvement with the professionals who organized the Ferguson, MO riots
    • Vested interest in a Democrat replacing him
    • Power of his office
You might disagree with me on this, and if so I certainly respect your opinion. However, in my opinion when the dots are connected this ugly mess reeks of and leads directly to Obama. His character, actions, and words have basically licensed all radical activist groups to cause systemic disruption and chaos to the detriment of decent citizens without meaningful if any legal consequences.

This is exactly what Trump and his supporters are experiencing from these feral animals. I salute them for being tenacious in the face of the daily vicious attacks and threats they are receiving. Another appalling but expected aspect of this repugnant matter is that boorish Obama has joined the attacks and is runnig his ugly yap while continuing to destroy traditional Americal culture and values.

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Louise cann
December 15th, 2016 2:42 pm
That's a concern I have as well.The hate and the vile attitude towards Trump the world has ,is totally unearned. I have come across many times posters on YouTube promoting the assassination ,or suggesting it just " might be better if mr.Trump was killed"
I really don't understand where this hate came from so fast,and to conspire to murder him by " hoping someone will take him out" is so far from what is decent, a normal person would say or think but would have a difficult time just believing it was even said.
Peter. Stanford
April 4th, 2016 8:55 am
Liked your comments all very well written,you have. Certainly
Studied the subject, the one fear I have is that MR Trump seems at different times to leave himself side open to gun attack,like the pic of him at a restaurant with his back to the window,so easy if someone is watching with intent, wish he would speak from behind a bullit proof screen,what are your thoughts on this, regards peter
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