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Social Security & Welfare
March 12th, 2016
During the GOP debate on March 10, 2016, the topic of Social Security going broke unless benefits are cut reared it ugly head as it always does in high-level political contests. However, another very important topic that was not and is never broached is the financial condition of the U.S. welfare system which enjoys perpetual solvency.

The convenient, consistent omission of welfare's health from congressional discussions and candidate debates impliedly suggests that there is an inexhaustible supply of available funds on hand, or more accurately, to be borrowed.

Welfare's Bottomless Money Pit: Likewise, Obama's Congressional sycophants approving every one of his edicts to illegally import and support hordes of non-White tribal indigents serve to confirm the existence of welfare's bottomless money pit. For the record, these aliens are coming to America in countless droves through the Southwestern border and Middle East without being vetted for backgrounds or health.

Illegal Aliens Thrive on Welfare: Once in America the overwhelming majority of these aliens are automatically granted 'fast track' amnesty prior to becoming U.S. citizens. Pending their grant of citizenship and its associated welfare they are entitled to a plethora of benefits that include the following:
    • Healthcare
    • Housing
    • Food
    • Financial assistance
    • Education
    • Legal representation
After becoming citizens they receive the normal endless ever-increasing American gravy train of entitlements available to all societal leaches. In addition, their extended families will be allowed entry to the U.S. and partake in the same welfare benefits. Their children born in the U.S. will be America citizens entitled to welfare for life.

Quite obviously the resulting financial burden placed on welfare will grow exponentially, but this trivial matter is of total indifference to Congress because America's debt is only a talking point for public consumption. For more information on this outrageous situation that is uniquely American thanks to now deceased Ted 'Sot' Kennedy see my 8/19/15 blog on Anchor Babies here

Omnibus Spending Bill: In my opinion one of the most repugnant acts relative to importing and supporting non-White tribal indigents is Obama's Omnibus Spending Bill. This was spearheaded and jammed through the congressional approval process by Obama's lying treacherous snake Paul Ryan. For the sake of brevity, the heart of the Bill basically allocates unlimited funds to import, settle, and support Obama's indigent Muslim brethren from the Middle East. On arrival in America they are falsely designated as refugees or asylees to circumvent the applicable legal requirements and trigger immediate welfare benefits as well as begin the 'fast track' citizenship process.

Paul Ryan's Betrayal and Deceit: While most Republicans supported Obama's Bill in usual fashion, Ryan lied to and deceived others in order to gain their approval. Far more reprehensible, however, Ryan intentionally lied to and betrayed America for Obama and Islam by failing to disclose the extent to which the Bill favored indigent tribal Muslims. Specifically, Ryan omitted any reference to the following:
    • Exclusive control of immigration, refugees, and funding vests in the president while Congress is out of the loop
    • Indigent Muslim savages were virtually handed a blank check to live large on America...the country they hate
As is customary with Congress and funding the illegal immigration of tribal indigents, the issue of providing endless billions of dollars obviously required to finance this outrageous Bill was not discussed because it was a moot point.

Welfare Trumps Social Security: The Omnibus Spending Bill is only one of many egregious examples of Congress jeopardizing the quality of life and income of hard working Americans who funded and are currently funding the Social Security Trust for their own self- interests. However, this behavior is expected from the arrogant, rapacious, lying societal leaches comprising the toxic pit of corruption that is Congress.

In the final analysis the concern Congress consistently expresses over the solvency of Social Security is incongruous with its obvious lack of concern for the financial condition of the welfare system. This is clearly manifested by providing unlimited funds to illegally import and support non-White indigent tribal aliens, the majority of whom they know will likely never benefit America. However, priorities are priorities and Obama's hypocritical, disgraceful sycophants in Congress control the purse strings.

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Louise cann
December 15th, 2016 2:13 pm
Paul Ryan has always been an Obamma fecal faced traitor . I'm on social security now and the last SS adjustment I got actually lowered my benifit by $5.00. I am appalled by the lack of interest stopping obammas ans Ryans continual looting of benefits that were taken out of my pay to give a Muslim man or woman who would love to kick me down a flight of stairs.Great blog.Ill be back.
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