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The Republican Establishment vs Trump
February 25th, 2016
Today the GOP establishment, hereinafter referred to as "GOP", is in full panic mode because of the unexpected, unprecedented popularity and decisive victories outsider Donald Trump is experiencing against their stale 'good old boy' network of corrupt lying career politicians. For the sake of brevity, Trump is anathema to them and their newfound MSM pals that support the vile corrupt pathological lying Hillary Clinton.

The GOP's Ideal Candidate: RNC chairman Reince Priebus and other self-anointed arrogant GOP 'big shots' are in full attack mode against Trump because they feel he is not their 'kind of candidate' who truly represents the party. In addition to someone with a legitimate chance of becoming president they expect that person to do the following:

  • Unconditionally march to their drumbeat
  • Continue their commitment to and support for Obama's open borders and illegal immigration to the world's non-White indigent tribal filth and blanket amnesty for all illegals in America 
Considering the other viable Republican candidates Rubio meets their needs at this time.

GOP's War Chest: The gravity of the GOP's concern is evinced by the fact that as of February 22, 2016 $22M had been spent attempting to derail Trump by all means possible including ad hominem attacks, negative ads, and robo-calls. They have enlisted the MSM for smear campaigns and most recently in obvious desperation marched out Mitt 'pussy cat' Romney to hype Rubio. The same Mitt that selected Obama's lying valet Paul Ryan as a running mate, and lacked the spine to go for Obama's jugular at every opportunity. Two of Hillary's favorite piñatas, long time party pillars Issa and Gowdy, have also joined the Rubio chorus line. The endorsements of all GOP members in effect say 'he's one of us', and Trump's results prove the country has had far too much of that.

Animus Towards Trump: The root of the GOP's animus towards Trump is that they know he will not march lockstep with the usual lying, stealing, corruption, and 'business as usual' that permeates DC politics. Obviously, this is repugnant to their comfortable, long standing MO and must be defeated at all costs.

The Spoils of Winning: The GOP is acutely aware that they will inherit the following situations in the event their candidate of choice is elected president:

  • The floodgates of political power and financial opportunities will open wide to catalyze collusion with lobbyists, big business, etc., seeking to buy influence and rip off the public
  • Obama's illegal immigration and associated spending policies they fully support that are locked in and not subject to Congressional discussion will continue to be followed thanks to Paul Ryan betraying and lying to America (see footnote on this)*.
Trump is Different: The GOP is also well aware that Trump is the polar opposite of the compliant, pro illegal immigration and blanket amnesty stooge they presently support, namely Rubio. Specifically, the following points irk the GOP ad nauseam:
  • Trump is unlike other GOP candidates who are career politicians leaching off of society. He is a successful, independently wealthy, extremely astute and shrewd businessman who understands the art of deals. Trump is financing his own campaign and is neither obligated nor beholden to anyone in that regard. This unique situation is rarefied air in the slime filled back stabbing corridors of the sewer that is DC.
  • Trump knows first hand that the great majority of DC politicians are corrupt liars directly and indirectly peddling influence with the quid pro quo including campaign contributions, insider information, and lucrative 'secret' side deals. His presidency will most likely adversely affect this cozy sweetheart relationship that has become a habit of corruption.
  • Trump has made his positions on immigration, Muslims, and blanket amnesty abundantly clear. Suffice to say they are diametrically opposed to Obama's policies of blanket amnesty and illegally importing hordes of indigent tribal filth, particularly Muslims, that the GOP fully support.
Food For Thought: I sincerely believe the GOP should be very concerned with the realistic possibility of a triumphant Trump. This is particularly true with the increase and frequency of lying, deceit, and highly unethical conduct from Rubio and Cruz that surfaces almost daily. The GOP and MSM must be feverishly digging for dirt on Trump and their silence speaks volumes as to the results.

Perhaps the GOP should think about the message inherent in Trump's results and listen to the country. Decent people are sick and tired of the corrupt, rapacious, liars in Congress intentionally destroying traditional American culture and values under Muslim Obama's direction. Perhaps the GOP should change course and consider winning because Clinton will unmercifully shred Rubio as she has every weak, gutless Republican who has meekly attempted to confront her. Staying the course with Rubio or another such stooge will leave the GOP in their familiar, well-deserved position of being doormats on which the Democrats and even their dogs consistently poop.

*For the record, Ryan's ultimate betrayal of America for Obama and Islam is made abundantly clear in the $1.2 trillion Omnibus Spending Bill he shoved through the Senate for confirmation based on his willful lies and deceit. The heart of the Spending Bill provides the president with absolute authority over immigration, refugees, and all associated spending: Congress is cut out of the loop and cannot say a word. Its main focus is on flooding America with and financially supporting hordes of Obama's indigent tribal Muslim brethren. See my blog for more information on the outrageous Spending Bill and 'Lying' Ryan's reprehensible, unconscionable betrayal of America: Paul Ryan Betrays America

In my opinion, the foregoing reasons and Ryan's pathological lying to America perfectly qualify him as the ideal sleazeball for the GOP to run against Trump. 
February 28th, 2016 5:30 pm
Absolute facts!
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