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Super Bowl 50, Beyoncé, and Black Panthers
February 15th, 2016
This blog sets forth my views and opinion on the half time performance of Super Bowl 50 and is not in any way intended to be racist.

There must be an incalculable number of people that watched the Super Bowl in person or on television that were appalled by the half time show featuring radical black activist singer Beyoncé and her all black troupe honoring the infamous Black Panthers. This was a far left militant revolutionary Black Nationalist organization founded in Oakland, CA and active in America from 1966 until 1982.

Black Panthers: The Black Panthers were a violent self- proclaimed black revolutionary paramilitary group and unworthy of a single keystroke. However, please indulge me for a moment while I briefly describe the core of their MO to put Beyoncé's insulting tribute in context. The Black Panthers hated police officers and advocated 'killing cops' under the mantra of 'revolutionary violence'. Then FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover called them 'the greatest threat to the internal security of the country'.

Beyoncé's Causes: The performance delivered a crystal clear message that was consistent with her strong public support for and private donations to well-organized radical black activist groups that include the following:
  • Protesters for dead black thug Trayvon Martin
  • Black thugs that rioted, committed violent crimes, and destroyed private property in Ferguson, MO after thug Michael Brown was justifiably killed by a police officer
  • Black thugs that rioted, committed violent crimes and destroyed private property in Baltimore, MD, after thug Freddy Gray died of self inflicted trauma while in police custody
  • Black Lives Matter who advocate killing cops and engage in massive societal disruption in open defiance of law enforcement and the rights of private citizens
Super Bowl provided Beyoncé a worldwide venue in which to disparage law enforcement, extol the Black Panthers and other black thugs, and make America look utterly stupid for permitting the charade to occur.

The NFL and CBS: To put it mildly, I believe Beyoncé and her message were disgusting, offensive, and insulting to most decent people regardless of color. However, it dramatically paled by comparison to the NFL, its Commissioner Roger Goodell, and CBS who knowingly allowed the distasteful offensive fiasco to be performed while the world watched. Their collective exercise of bad, apparently biased judgment was not only disgraceful, but also more importantly had the following effects:
  • Glamorized and impliedly condoned blacks killing law enforcement officers
  • Further emboldened black thugs
  • Made America's culture look ridiculous
Realistically however, I find it impossible to believe that the NFL, CBS and their marketing experts involved with the Super Bowl were unaware of the message Beyoncé was sending and its associated adverse publicity. Accordingly, the decision to proceed would require a complete lack of business acumen and common sense or total indifference to public opinion. Neither scenario seems plausible nor makes sense so the threshold question is why was the disgraceful performance permitted?

Obama, Beyoncé, and Radical Black Activism: In my opinion Obama's dirty hands are all over this matter. Before calling the guys in white coats to pick me up consider the following: Obama has a close relationship with Beyoncé; they openly support radical black activist groups and dead black thugs involved in high profile cases involving law enforcement; he has consistently emboldened black thugs and disparaged law enforcement. If you have any doubts the following examples evince Obama's personae relative to law enforcement and black thugs:
  • Extolled the virtues of dead black thugs Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown as well as sent representative to their funerals
  • Hosted Martins' low life mother and step father at the White House
  • Fueled the flames of race in Ferguson that emboldened his useful black savages to riot, which in turn catalyzed the Baltimore riots by the same ilk of garbage
  • Never attended one funeral honoring a police officer murdered by a thug in the line of duty
  • Consistently investigated, harassed, and sued police departments when a black thug was killed by an officer exercising self defense in the line of duty
  • Supports and justifies the activities of BLM and the New Black Panther Party
As an aside ponder this: who in their right mind would believe that someone with Obama's obvious 'character' is the president of the United States of Ameria and is supported by Congress?

For the record and in my opinion, Obama is directly respoonsible for a 700% increase in the number of people in law enforcement that have been murdered by guns this year. I am certain that less than .1 of 1% of those guns was acquired legally. For additional information Click here.

I don't believe in coincidences and find it quite a stretch to assume Beyoncé's performance magically meshed simultaneously on the world's stage with Obama's well known positions on radical black activism, law enforcement, and black thugs. Based on Obama's propensity to use his office for personal matters a more likely scenario clearly emerges: he used the NFL and CBS to orchestrate his views with Beyoncé's cooperation through her performance for the specific purpose of humiliating America.

An All White Performance... What If: I am sure you can imagine the outrage, riots, murders, and mass destruction that would have ensued if the Super Bowl performance were comprised of all White performers. But of course that would have never been permitted in today's politically correct world where blacks are 'protected sacred cows and innocent victims of an oppressive White society deserving of preferential treatment'. Such a performance would have been racist and ergo, offensive to Blacks.

In the final analysis the half time performance of Super Bowl 50 was first and foremost a pro radical black activist, anti law enforcement, and impliedly an anti-White political demonstration underpinned by sinister motivations. It's a tragic shame but not surprising that America has fallen this low under Obama and his toxic pit of congressional sycophants.

Suthenboy archives are available Here

jim milewski
February 18th, 2016 12:59 pm
excellent writing and observation,'s all true to my eyes anyway, these are not coincidences, it's deliberate and calculated with the division and disintergration of the country as the objective, the amerikan dumbed down voter is to blame
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