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Political Correctness vs Trump
December 16th, 2015
As you are well aware Donald Trump is being excoriated and defamed from every direction with every imaginable insult, accusation, and even death threats. His most vicious critics include but are not limited to Obama, both parties of Congress, local politicians, MSM, and the usual omniprrsent radical activist groups.

The purported reason for such demonization is that Trump is being politically incorrect on his immigration positions that directly conflict with and oppose theirs. Most significantly is his stance on the tribal indigent Muslims Obama and his Congressional sycophants are admitting to America without any vetting whatsoever under the disingenuous guise of being deemed 'refugees'. For the record, this classification immediately entitles these feral animals to a plethora of welfare benefits and leads to citizenship in the near term.

Since Muslims are the thrust of the ad hominem attacks on Trump with Obama as their principal advocate this blog pertains to them relative to political correctness. Furthermore, recent history proves Muslims represent the greatest threat to America's security and traditional way of life; ergo, they deserve attention.

Political Correctness Rears Its Ugly Head: The tactic being relentlessly employed against Trump is classic political correctness that dominates America and Western civilization today. The term is endlessly tossed about and everyone knows it denotes a word, term, symbol, act, look, etc., that is acceptable by a group that unilaterally deems it as such. In fact, 99% of people using the term are totally ignorant of and unconcerned with its underlying ideology, history, true meaning, and purpose. They are just happy following the heard and running their mouths, the veracity of what they are spewing notwithstanding.

In light of the dominance and effects of political correctness in America I feel some salient facts about it are important in knowing the truth about the depth to which Obama and his ilk are not surprisingly continuing to stoop. The following briefly describe political correctness, its history, use, and purpose.

Political Correctness: Political correctness, hereinafter referred to as PC, is a radical social movement that dominates and has dramatically transformed traditional American culture and values. It is not about tolerance and diversity as espoused by proponents, but rather PC is an evil, anti-Western hateful ideology designed to divide and conquer by pitting various groups against each other, but united against the White male who is considered to epitomize evil. PC is the weapon of choice used by Obama, left wing politicians, MSM, anti-American and other radical activist groups to demonize, criticize, and bully their opponents into acquiescence, submission, or silence.

Political Correctness Is Marxism: While the term, PC, sounds positive and is seemingly innocuous on its face quite the contrary is true. It is a deceptive term for progressivism and multiculturalism; both of which are euphemisms for Marxism cleverly used to conceal the true ideology. Ergo, PC is Marxism and is highly toxic. Inherent therein are loss of freedom of expression, thought control, inversion of the traditional values and social order, and ultimately, a totalitarian state enforcing radical egalitarianism.

The Origin Of Political Correctness: PC was a major element in a plan to develop Marxism into Western civilization's ideology. It was conceived circa 1923 by a think tank comprised of Marxist German intellectuals at the Frankfurt School in Frankfurt, Germany. The plan's purpose was to translate traditional ineffective Marxism from economic to cultural terms then subtly propagate it throughout the Western Civilization. The goal was to annihilate and radically transform traditional Western culture, faiths, and values then supplant them with Marxist ideology.

Marxist's Cultural Revolution: Their lofty goal was to be achieved through a Cultural Revolution. It would slowly and incrementally diffuse Marxist ideology. i.e., progressivism or multiculturalism, into the traditional culture of mainstream Western Civilization, particularly Germany, and ultimately destroy it from within. Focus shifted from Germany to America, circa 1938, as National Socialism was gaining momentum and the key founders fled to New York City where they set up shop at Columbia University.

The plan for America was to gradually dominate its spheres of influence; supplant her culture and values with Marxism; ultimately change the political structure; and move towards universal egalitarianism. The following spheres of influence were targeted as conduits for propagating the ideology because of their credibility and breadth of reach:

  Academia Government
  Judiciary Church
  Military Media

Unlike typical revolutions involving violence with armed warfare this would be quiet and peaceful because only the culture was being attacked. Accordingly, it would be indefensible because traditional military style resistance would be of no avail. This cunning but brilliant methodology was built on a foundation that included blending Marxism with Freudian psychoanalysis and psychological conditioning techniques.

Implementing Political Correctness: PC is a devious Marxist psychological command and control tactic used for the purpose of forcing mass compliance with uniformity in the desired thought, speech, and behavior. This is achieved by strongly suggesting that in order for one not to be considered a racist, fascist, anarchist, insane, etc., they must be nonjudgmental and unequivocally accept certain moral absolutes. Included therein are inclusion, diversity, tolerance, social and economic justice, sensitivity, and sexual orientation.

Violating Political Correctness: Regardless of the situation in which the toxic venom of PC is spewed, its application and consequences for non-compliance are the same. The perceived violator is relentlessly and unmercifully demonized, denigrated, and humiliated to the point of open submission, acquiescence, or tacit acceptance through silence.

While this tactic was conceived in the 1920's and continues to be successfully used, the Moscow Central Committee officially adopted it in 1943 by laying down the following edict:

  "Members and front organizations must continually embarrass, discredit, and degrade our critics. When obstructionists become too irritating, label them as fascists, Nazi, or anti-Semitic... The association will, after enough repetition, become 'fact' in the public mind."

This should sound very familiar because it is clearly the mantra underlying the mean spirited rhetoric and denigration of Trump today. He is being viciously and continuously demonized as un-American, racist, Hitler incarnate, etc. for his personal views on the tribal Muslims Obama and Congress are admitting to America because they do not agree with those defaming him.

The actions of Obama & his ilk incessantly demonizing Trump for his views represent the height of hypocrisy because these very individuals are self proclaimed progressives who profess to be tolerant and inclusive of others. This however, is consistent with boorish Obama's roots, total lack of integrity, veracity, and character.

Obama Leads The Muslim Charge: The self serving arrogant talking point Obama, Congress, MSM, etc., use as they aggressively advocate for their pseudo Muslim 'refugees' is this lame one liner: "refusing to admit them into America is not who we are". I am appalled by the 'we' business because this group of corrupt hypocritical pathological liars certainly does not and never will speak for me!

Frivolous Hot Air: The foregoing vacuous argument for admitting indigent tribal Muslims into America is supported solely by biased effluvium being enforced by toxic PC. It is abundantly clear that Obama and his ilk of 'Trump hating advocates' have spent an enormous amount of time, money, and effort demonizing him for his position on Muslims. Not surprisingly however, no individual in that stellar group has come forward to provide one legitimate compelling reason for admitting these indigent savages into America: Their pathetic bit, '... that's not who we are' is nothing more than insulting, inane, merit-less nonsense.

If there were any merit in the assault on Trump zealous advocates would be extolling the virtues of their Muslim 'sacred cows' and supporting them with cogent arguments... but neither exists. The deafening silence from these self-righteous, self- appointed advocates evinces the obvious truth: There is not one legitimate reason to admit the hordes of indigent tribal Muslims Obama and Congress are shoving down America's throats. The argument for them is absurd and fails to pass muster because it is supported solely by rhetorical 'politically correct' effluvium attacking Trump ad nauseam.

This complete absence of merit leads me to the logical conclusion that there are only two reasons why Obama and his Congressional sycophants are focusing on Trump while intentionally diverting attention from their convenient indigent tribal Muslims:

  • Muslims are certain to bring violent crime including raping women and children, murder, chaos, and systemic destruction to America, as has historically been the case in every place they have inhabited
  • Congress does not want the flow of bribes they receive from Muslim lobbyists to cease
The respective beneficiaries of this diversionary tactic should be abundantly clear.

Gulf Nations Refuse Admission: Let me put the Muslim death wish Obama and Congress are forcing on America in perspective; every Gulf nation refused admission to these feral savages because they know the ilk of abject filth all too well. Only the politically correct West is allowing their countries to be overrun and destroyed by Obama's Muslim brethren. Europe is well on its way to being Islamicized and America with her munificent welfare system is in the cross hairs thanks to Obama and his disgraceful lot in Congress.

Any doubts you have about Muslims should be put to rest by viewing this short video showing their appreciation to German citizens for accepting and treating them like human beings instead of the tribal savages they are. Be assured their feral behavior will be the same in America. View Here

This Blog is not intended to be nor is it an endorsement of Donald Trump. Its purpose is to describe the evil and toxicity associated with PC, and the ilk of classless, sewer dwelling boors using it as a political weapon to force his silence on Muslims. I agree with Trump's position on Muslims because they are responsible for 99% of the world's terror and cannot possible enhance America. He is the only candidate with the guts to publicly say no to tribal Muslim filth, and the backbone to resist the vicious attacks on him. I hope he continues to stand his ground against powerful opponents.

Archived blogs can be viewed at suthenboy archives.

December 26th, 2015 3:16 pm
PC is indeed the death of free speech and conceivably, independent thought. It's bad for business and the country as a whole. People are fearful of speaking the truth. 1984 has come. Trump 2016 !
Shelly Tallant
December 20th, 2015 10:38 pm
These words are the truth! This video is sickening, but this what is coming! Wake up America! Everyone needs to watch this! They are cockroaches invading everyone one country at a time!!
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