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Obama: America's Death Spiral
November 30th, 2015
Except for a touch of my literary discretion the piece below in italics was published in Front Page Magazine on March 2, 2015. I found it compelling and the extremely disturbing yet truthful statements set forth therein to be well worth your read. It perfectly describes the rapidly declining state of America today as a direct result of the accelerating death spiral in which Obama and Congress have intentionally placed our country, our children, and us. In effect Obama is being permitted to rule and destroy America as a lawless, pernicious monarch which I feel is unacceptable.

The power to stop Obama through impeachment is vested exclusively in Congress. Since that disgraceful body has enthusiastically supported and enabled every one of his acts and edicts, their legality notwithstanding, they are willing accomplices. Accordingly, Obama will not be subjected to any meaningful consequences for intentionally destroying America's traditions, culture, and values, as well as flagrantly trashing her Constitution.

I am the Worst Terrorist Attack the
United States has Ever Faced

I am not "incompetent". I am destroying America more quickly than anyone thought possible.
I am not "in over my head". I am advancing totalitarianism right under your noses.
I am not "stupid". The stupid ones are those who fail to see and realize the danger I bring.
I am not "failing". I am succeeding at every goal I have set.
I am embracing your enemies, rejecting your friends, and publicly disparaging your country.
I am illegally flooding your country with depraved undesirables and indigents with tribal cultures from around the world.
I am acting lawlessly and unconstitutionally.
I am ignoring and trashing your Constitution.
I am disobeying your laws.

Your media is abetting me. Your Congress is willfully enabling rather than stopping me. Those sworn to defend your Constitution are not removing me.

I am "fundamentally transforming the United States of America". Your Constitution, liberty, freedom, wealth, future, and children are no longer at risk...the risk has passed; they are lost.

In my opinion this blog is timely and necessary for many reasons, not the least of which include the following recent monumental events:

  • Barbaric Muslim terrorists slaughtering 130 innocent people and wounding 352 others in Paris on November 13, 2015
  • Barbric Muslim terrorists massacring 14 innocent people and wounding 17 others in San Bernardino, CA on December 2, 2015
  • The incalculable hordes of Muslims Obama and Congress are admitting into America unconditionally without any vetting whatsoever under the disingenuous guise of deeming them 'refugees'
  • The endless surge of aliens entering America through our Southwestern borders in the same fashion as the aforementioned Muslims
  • Obama's absurd claims to be fighting ISIS with inane and insulting climate control rhetoric while as usual omitting any mention of Islamic terrorists
Vetting Obama's Aliens: In case you are unaware of this, in September and November, 2015, the FBI specifically stated that there was no way to vet the Muslims Obama and Congress are admitting to America. The U.S. Border Patrol has consistently made similar statements about aliens entering from the Southwestern borders comprised primarily of Hispanics. However, that trivial matter has not presented a problem to Obama and his sycophants in Congress: America's floodgates and generous welfare doors remain wide open to the world's depraved non-White tribal indigents. Nowhere is Obama's message to America more clearly set forth than in the ilk of individuals he is admitting to our country en-masse. Notwithstanding their ethnicity, the following characteristics are inherent in all of them:
  • Non-White
  • Depraved
  • Indigent
  • Tribal culture where murder and rape of women and children is acceptable
  • Total disregard for others, their property, and the environment
  • Complete disregard for personal hygiene
America Loses: Exercising a modicum of common sense should tell you that the aliens Obama and Congress are shoving down our throats neither add any value to nor in any way enhance America. To the contrary, they adversely affect the fundamental underpinnings of our country with the following behavioral habits:
  • Further satiate an already overburdened welfare system
  • Trash neighborhoods and the environment
  • Rape women and children
  • Spread infectious diseases
  • Create more systemic disruption, chaos, and violent crime
Congressional Complicity: Common sense should also tell you that Obama's outrageous immigration is not coincidental but rather a well conceived plan being perfectly executed with the acquiescence of Congress. Obama's motives are obvious to me: The threshold question is how can congress in good conscience encourage and willfully allow this to happen to America? To be succinct, they cannot! Their complicity is a betrayal of our country and a blatant breach of the sworn oaths of office they took that clearly constitutes treason.

The Alien's Ugly Trails of Havoc: In case you have any doubts about the 'value-ad' these aliens bring to the U.S. simply check the havoc Hispanics and Muslims have respectively wreaked on America's Southwest border cities and throughout Europe. I also strongly encourage you to Google 'rapes and infectious diseases attributable to Muslim refugees throughout Europe' to learn more about the savage nature of Obama's 'peaceful' barbaric brethren. If you seriously think the tribal cultures and behavior of these feral aliens will change once in America I suggest another think.

This video provides a truthful picture of what Muslim vermin are doing to Europe: View Here In my opinion the only reason Obama is flooding America with indigent non-White tribal filth of no redeeming benefit is to destroy her traditions, culture, and values then supplant them with Islamic ideology. Obama's message to America should be abundantly clear to all people that love and want to protect our country: He is destroying her with the willing support of a disgraceful complicit Congress and doing so without any meaningful consequences or accountability. 

Archived blogs can be viewed at suthenboy archives.

December 6th, 2015 3:06 pm
Great stuff !
Jeffrey Hardin
December 5th, 2015 9:27 am
Awesome Article Brother....
This boy is using the Muslims, Illegal Mexicans and Black radicals to to destroy our Nation but by God, our South has held her own...Years of abuse from this government has taught us how to be self reliant and better yet,untrusting of them, so we tend to shy away...
They're stirring the pot of deception and we ain't falling for it and they're getting desperate...They have got to get us riled up soon afore the 2016 election and they need us Rebel Yelling mad so they'll have an excuse to step in with force...But God help em when they do..
Great webpage and look forward to reading more....
Thank ya.
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