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Vile CNBC Makes MSM Proud
November 4th, 2015
Assuming, arguendo, that you thought there might be the slightest scintilla of integrity, decency, and honesty reposed in journalism the October 28, 2015 Republican debate moderated by anti-American CNBC should have laid any doubt to rest. Their appalling performance exemplified the abject bias against and disdain for truth and fairness so pervasive in journalism today. Classless, arrogant moderators Harwood, Quick, and Quintanilla evinced the very essence of scum at the nadir of their amoral profession with a rehearsed agenda specifically designed to humiliate and embarrass the GOP candidates.

CNBC's Goals: Specifically, CNBC's obvious goal was to cause open dissension between the candidates by pitting them against each other and asking ludicrous questions that were irrelevant to the important issues facing America today. I firmly believe their secondary objective was to divert discussion from the irreparable damage their boy Obama and his ilk of America haters like themselves are inflicting on our country's traditions and values.

CNBC's Desired Result: The result CNBC anticipated achieving from their devious self-serving questions was to cause emotionally charged reactions from the more popular candidates that would likely paint them as utter fools and lose canons unfit to govern America. This in turn would serve to make their vile comrade and candidate, Hillary Clinton, look more presidential, her sordid evil past replete with corruption and amoral pathological lying notwithstanding.

GOP candidates immediately recognized the repugnant character of CNBC's mal-intended moderators and turned the tables on them by openly refusing to engage in their attempted charade. Even in ultra liberal Boulder CO the audience cheered the candidates and booed the trash moderating the fiasco.

MSM's Ugly Head: I sincerely believe the great majority of MSM is comprised of anti-American Marxists that refer to themselves as progressives, the ideology's modern day euphemism used to hide its true identity. They routinely make this abundantly clear by unabashedly lying and skewing selected news to fit their agendas of disparaging America, law enforcement, and Whites males.

In case you are unaware of this salient fact, during college Clinton was indoctrinated into Marxist ideology under the careful mentoring of radical Marxist Saul Alinsky and became one of his acolytes. Accordingly, it is only fitting that she is the candidate of choice for the slime comprising the MSM. Learn more about Clinton in my 3/26 and 9/8 blogs at Clinton Blogs.

Political Correctness: The 'divide and conquer' tactic CNBC tried to use in pitting the GOP candidates against each other is a critical component of classical Marxist political correctness. Not coincidentally this is exactly what Obama is successfully using to intentionally inflame racial tensions that have led to violence, chaos, and systemic disruption in America.

More on Marxist Ideology: As an aside, I have blogged extensively on Marxist ideology and political correctness that dominates the western world today. For the sake of brevity, political correctness in not about tolerance, inclusion, and diversity as espoused by its proponents who call themselves progressives. To the contrary, it is a critical command and control component of hate filled Marxist ideology designed to divide and conquer by pitting various groups and individuals against each other.

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January 7th, 2016 6:11 pm
Spot on!
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