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Illegal Immigration In America
October 17th, 2015
The world is watching and laughing as Obama and Congress intentionally destroy the greatness that was once America. Her hard earned international respect as a strong world leader with integrity and a bastion of strength has been supplanted with total disrespect and mockery thanks to this disgusting mal-intended group.

America’s Disappearing Southwestern Border: Of particular interest is Obama and Congress virtually eliminating America’s southwestern border thus opening her up to an endless deluge of indigent tribal non-white aliens primarily of Hispanic descent. Thanks to Obama and ‘pals’ these aliens are not subjected to vetting, health screening, or arrest so the world’s undesirable filth has an open invitation to enter our country. Once in America the overwhelming majority of them are automatically granted ‘fast track’ amnesty, enjoy the endless benefits of welfare, and become United States citizens to enjoy all of the associated rights and entitlements in lieu of working.

America’s Stealth Muslims: Of little notice is that during his tragic reign Obama has been surreptitiously admitting a minimum of 250,000 Muslims annually under the guise of political asylum. The Southwestern border controversy continues to serve as a perfect diversion for Obama to fly his Muslim brethren in under the radar.

America’s Syrian Muslims: In addition to the foregoing, Obama and Congress are eagerly admitting and granting political asylum to thousands of indigent tribal Muslims falsely claiming to be Syrian refugees without being vetted for health or background. These are the same ilk of Muslim savages that have invaded and are destroying the politically correct EU. Consistent with Muslim culture, they are taking over EU countries, committing violent crimes that include murder, raping women and children, and trying to supplant each country’s culture with Islam and Sharia law… all in the good name of their boy, Allah. Sweden is now the first unofficial caliphate in the EU.

America Benefits All Aliens: Pending their grant of U.S. citizenship and its associated welfare, these indigent tribal aliens are entitled to a wealth of benefits, including financial help, housing, medical assistance, educational, and on ad nauseam. Thereafter they receive the normal endless ever increasing American gravy train of entitlements available to all societal leeches.

Legality: The U.S. Constitution and traditional courts of competent jurisdiction expect compliance with both the letter and spirit of its laws. Deeming an alien a ‘refugee’ or ‘asylee’ for the sole purpose of granting citizenship and welfare as Obama is doing clearly violates the spirit and intention of the applicable laws. As a rose is a rose, an illegal aliens is an illegal alien by any other name. However, the law of our land is of total indifference to Obama and Congress as they continue unabashedly ignoring and trashing it in blatant violation of their respective oaths of office without any meaningful opposition or consequences.

PR Spin: The spin from Obama and his bipartisan Congressional sycophants is that these aliens are needy people who will ultimately enhance the value of America by adding more diversity and pursuing the endless opportunities presented to them in our country. Implicit therein is that illegal immigration trumps the law of the land.

This should be utterly absurd to any sane person that loves America. The non-white indigent third world aliens with tribal cultures being imported into our country en masse cannot possibly benefit America. To the contrary, at best they refuse to assimilate, reproduce exponentially, will exhaust welfare, and demand the implementation of Sharia law.The beneficiaries are Obama and his ilk whose goal is the destruction and transformation of traditional American culture and values.

The purpose of this article is to address the reason underlying Obama's illegal immigration and the subtle way he has sold it to the utter fools who are buying and propagating his pitch. Discussing the devastating effects Obama’s blatant constitutional and criminal violations will have on the futures of America and the free world, as well as the complicity of Congress, is for another day.

Why Obama Is Importing Illegals: Obama’s reason is the easy part of the complex issue. In my opinion Obama is intentionally destroying the culture, values, and traditions of America with the intent of supplanting them with his Islamic ideology. Obama’s massive illegal immigration comprised exclusively of indigent non-whites with third world tribal cultures without being vetted for background and health and its disastrous ramifications is a component of his insidious plan of destruction.

America is being adversely and permanently affected by Obama’s sinister treachery in ways that are beyond comprehension. For the sake of brevity suffice to say that America will not in any way benefit from his illegal, reckless, and wanton acts. The results will, however, benefit Obama in achieving his goal as aforesaid by irreparably damaging America in multiple ways that are too numerous to list. I’m sure you get the picture and can imagine the endless devastation. If not I suggest checking America's Southwestern borders and the havoc millions of invading Muslim savages are causing the EU today.

How Obama Markets Illegal Immigration: Obama is marketing his endeavor of destruction by using Marxist political correctness, hereinafter referred to as PC, with which he is very familiar. 

At the risk of redundancy, however, some background is necessary in order to better understand the reason PC was developed, its effectiveness, and the subtleties involved relative to Obama’s successful marketing campaign.

Marxism And Its Goal: The goal of modern day Marxism's founding fathers, circa 1921, in Frankfurt Germany was as follows: annihilate the culture and traditions of western civilization through an indefensible, peaceful cultural revolution then supplant them with Marxist ideology and ultimately a totalitarian state.

The founders believed that human society was divided into two basic groups: the privileged oppressor, typically White males, and the marginalized oppressed that included the economically deprived, women, racial minorities, and homosexuals. The most critical component in achieving their goal was to cause a complete power shift from the privileged to the marginalized group.

Rejecting Western Traditions: Founding Marxists posited that the marginalized group could achieve this power shift by intellectually and morally rejecting conventional assumptions and values held by the privileged group. This in turn would ultimately catalyze the desired cultural revolution without a shot being fired.

Shifting Power Through Political Correctness: The mechanism Marxists developed for facilitating this complex massive transfer of power was PC that is more fully described at suthenboy archives. Although the term is widely used today very few people know exactly what it is: PC is a devious Marxist psychological command and control-conditioning concept using fear and intimidation to force mass-compliance with uniformity in the desired thought, speech, and behavior relative to a particular group or its cause.

Marxists cleverly disguised and propagated PC as a way of shifting power to the subordinate group from their dominant oppressors. The technique was to relentlessly criticize and demonized the dominant group as being insensitive to and depriving the oppressed victims of certain moral absolutes that included tolerance, inclusion, social justice, and diversity. The constant demonization would ultimately cause the desired power shift by forcing the non-compliant privileged offender to capitulate or be silent, the truth notwithstanding.

This shift would embolden and enable the 'oppressed victim's' group to become dominant and placed them in a position to begin rejecting traditional culture, values, and authority inconsistent with the result they are seeking. 

Propagating Political Correctness: Marxists have always advanced their goal of destroying Western culture and values with extreme stealth. Accordingly, they are never directly involved in the process of propagating the ideology nor is it ever referred to as Marxism. Rather, innocuous euphemisms such as PC, progressive, and multicultural are commonly used to mask Marxism as the true ideology.

For example, unsuspecting pseudo-idealists calling themselves progressives and multiculturalists eagerly evangelize political correctness. They employ PC to advocate for causes on behalf of well organized minority groups who disingenuously claim to be ‘oppressed or offended societal victims’. However, most advocates are generally unaware of PC’s roots and intent, or that they are unwittingly diffusing Marxism into the fabric of American culture. Furthermore, the evangelists are totally indifferent towards the truth or legality of the matter they are advocating.

Useful Idiots: Marxists have never and will never be concerned with the means and people used to achieve their goal to transform and destroy the fundamental underpinnings of Western civilization’s culture, values, and traditions. Any perceived concern is pure subterfuge used exclusively for the purpose of masking the true intent of political correctness. In fact, the evangelists are considered as disposable useful idiots.

Obama’s Marketing Strategy: The foregoing should make Obama’s marketing strategy crystal clear: he is following the founding Marxist’s playbook for destroying the culture, traditions, and values of Western civilization peacefully from within so it is indefensible.

Obama is using PC as the founders envisioned to catalyze a shift in power from the dominant group to the subordinate group and reject cultural traditions as a critical component in their strategy to destroy Western civilization. The difference being that Obama is focused on destroying America’s culture, traditions, and values.

From the inception of his presidency Obama began using the office to shift power from the group he has historically loathed and considered as being dominant in America to the group he considers as his subordinate idiots. For purposes hereof, that dominant group was comprised of White males; the subordinate group consisted of 'historically disadvantaged' minorities. 

Political Correctness Drives Illegal Immigration: Obama knows very well that PC dominates and affects every aspect of life in America today. It is the ideal catalyst for shifting power to non-White minority groups comprised primarily of Hispanics and Muslims whose illegal entry into America he has facilitated on an “all welcome no questions asked” basis. It also seves to justify and market the massive, expensive, and chaotic ongoing illegal immigration for which he and his sycophants in Congress are fully responsible.

Specifically, the astute use of PC is enabling Obama to justify and sell his illegal immigration by initiating the following sequence of events:

  • Obama is extolled as a great humanitarian for initiating illegal immigration to help needy children and the hopeless
• The illegals are portrayed as a asylum seekers or refugees that desperately need opportunities in America to attain better lives
• America’s greatness and benevolent obligation to enhance the quality of life for all illegal aliens, particularly children, are stressed ad-nauseam
• Illegals are touted as providing America with more diversity, inclusion, and tolerance
• The purported plight of the illegals has become the cause du jour and rallying cry for advocates including notable PC proponents, Congress, and the MSM
• PC proponents vigorously advocate the cause and seek to force mass behavioral compliance in accepting illegal immigration
• Many opponents, typically conservative White males, have capitulated under relentless intimidation and fear of being demonized as racist
• Every intentional violation of the Constitution and criminal laws committed by Obama and Congress are ignored

The result has been a shift in power in favor of illegal aliens and their rejection of historically traditional American norms. Illegals are considered as minorities and as such have become another well organized herd of America’s sacred cows working the system with the race card and claiming to be offended. Their principal advocates are Obama, Congress, DOJ, MSM, and radical anti-American organizations including CAIR, BLM, and La Razza. Note that concurrently with the exaltation of illegals America’s immigration laws now apparently apply exclusively to Whites.

In addition to eventual U.S. citizenship most illegals receive the following welfare benefits thanks to Obama’s largess, i.e., the U.S. taxpayer:

  • Health care
• Housing
• Food
• Cash
• Education
• Legal representation

In politically correct terms, illegals are the subordinate group who are a priori right and anyone opposing their illegal unconditional entry into America is from the dominant group and a priori wrong.

Obama’s Supporters: I seriously doubt that Obama is at all concerned with the ‘subordinate oppressed illegal aliens’, people advocating for their purported cause, or anyone else supporting them, particularly Congress. His perceived humanitarian concern is a ruse to encourage commitment, enthusiasm, and continuing support for flooding America with illegal non-White indigent tribal filth. In the final analysis such supporters are nothing more than his unsuspecting useful idiots and easily disposable when no longer needed. Their sole value to Obama is in helping him achieve his goal of destroying American culture, values, and traditions to pave the way for implementing Islam.

Whites Need Not Apply: Permitting virtually every non-White alien summary entry to America under the ruse of political asylum or other such disingenuous claim portends incomprehensible devastation ahead. Obama’s blueprint for flooding America with these indigent third world tribal savages seeking welfare is being successfully implemented and our country will never be the same. I suggest that you ponder why Obama and Congress are flooding America exclusively with the same ilk of aliens, and why a member of congress has never broached this compelling threshold question. Their silence is deafening.

Obama's Next Act: In my opinion Obama is a malignant cancer metastasizing through America and his illegal immigration is another toxin released from within to inflict maximum damage on her culture, traditions, morale, greatness, and sovereignty. His betrayal of office is accelerating through more executive orders, illegal acts and edicts, particularly with the acquiescence of a worthless, complicit, corupt Congress. Stay tuned because he has 15 more months in which to continue destroying America without a shot being fired.

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luke johnson
October 31st, 2015 12:43 pm
You are pretty much spit on on all points.The dems have allways exepted immarants with open arms.To,as you said ,destroy American values.And of course for there votes.The more they let in the better there chances of winning elections.If Obama just sent troops to deal with the the terror groups and the Syrian civil war,this refugee crisis wouldn't even be happening.
reason obama is flooding country with illegals
October 29th, 2015 3:09 pm
So the democrats will never lose another election. I doubt we can keep them from voting this time
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