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Muslim Invasion of Europe
September 27th, 2015
In all probability you are well aware of the hordes of uninvited indigent tribal Muslims overwhelming Europe today under the guise of seeking political asylum. They claim to be refugees and are being enthusiastically taken in as such by naive 'tolerant, inclusive' politically correct European countries. Naturally Obama is admitting thousands of his brethren in addition to the 250K+ indigent Muslims he imports annually under the radar. More information on his typical deceit and 'slight of hand' can be viewed here:

The European Muslim situation begs the question: what exactly is a refugee? A traditionally accepted definition is as follows:

"A person who flees their country in order to escape war, political oppression, religious persecution, or natural disaster."

In my opinion these indigent Muslim aliens are anything but refugees fleeing from war, persecution, or other such nonsense they might claim. If their claim were true refuge could more easily be sought in other Gulf countries in closer proximity than Europe. However, the Middle East Gulf countries refuse to accept these tribal animals because they know the ilk very well and want nothing to do with them under any circumstances. I believe this invasion is a ruse cleverly designed to mask the following ulterior motives of the 'refugees':
  • Gain citizenship through asylum by any means and enjoy the fruits of welfare without working
  • Further accelerate and increase the propagation of Islam through Europe
  • Conquer Europe for Islam and supplant its cultures with a caliphate
My opinion is based on knowing the essence and goals of Islam, the ideology of Muslims. Contrary to the effluvium Obama and his ilk constantly spew about their 'peaceful Islamic ideology', the truth is entirely different. Please indulge me while I briefly describe the history and true nature of Islam, and then ponder it relative to the Muslims invading and trashing Europe.

Islam and Violence: War is nothing new for Muslims; to the contrary, it is business as usual with these tribal savages where violence is perpetual. As a matter of fact, history has clearly demonstratd that violence is so ingrained in the Islamic ideology that wars have been a constant with Muslims, either with other religions or with each other since time in memorial. Nothing has changed today: the Syrian situation is simply the war de jour with Muslims killing and raping Muslims.

Interestingly, until the dominance of political correctness throughout the Western civilization, hordes of Muslims never gathered en masse to invade foreign countries claiming to be refugees. They simply accepted the reality of their tribal existence since the golden goose of political correctness and its inherent power were unknown to them.

The Myth of Peaceful Islam: Islam is a proselytizing totalitarian ideology and complete way of life that includes religion, culture, diet, and Sharia law. The ultimate goal of Islam is to dominate the world. Its underpinnings are based on slavery, imperialism, intolerance, misogyny, sexual repression, warfare, and death to infidels, i.e., non-believers. Islam never cedes its conquests, whether religion, culture, language, or life. It is closed to dialogue; totally self-absorbed; believes it is perfect; shuns self-examination; and generally represses criticism with violence.

Islam is directly responsible for 99% of the world's terror... and these savage barbarians are not fighting for freedom, as Obama, et. al., would have you believe. Their fight is to conquer countries, propagate Islam, and murder all infidels who refuse to accept Islam and Allah.

European Islamization: Many counties in the politically correct, tolerant, inclusive, and diverse EU naively opened their borders to Muslims some years ago. They immediately began spreading through Western Europe with results similar to those of a malignant cancer metastasizing through and destroying a human body.

The countries accepting Muslim migrants soon realized their new citizens were unappreciative of the opportunity to live in civilized societies. Rather, they were intent on supplanting traditional cultures with Islam as was manifested in acts that included the following:

  • Refuse to assimilate
  • Form enclaves of 'no-go zones' where local law enforcement has no control
  • Demand the implementation of Sharia law in lieu of local law
  • Demand the implementation of Islamic customs and Halal fare in eateries and schools
  • Bleed the social welfare system and become charges on the countries
  • Cause spikes in violent crimes, particularly murders and rapes of women and small children of both sexes
Countries that include Great Britain, France, Germany, and the Scandinavian bloc willingly acquiesced to Islamic influence where today it virtually reigns supreme and takes precedence over traditional local laws and cultures.

Knowledge of this idyllic situation underpinned by political correctness and Europe's humanitarian nature spread like wildfire to millions of indigent tribal Muslims throughout the Middle East. Having experienced a lifetime of well-deserved abject squalor they wanted to share in free Western munificence and set out with great dispatch to participate in its largesse. But the thethreshold question was how?

Muslim Invasion: The obvious solution was invasion: simply play like Santa Ana at the Alamo and 'storm the fort' only with endless waves comprised of hundreds of thousands of Muslims and overwhelm any resistance with force yelling allahu akbar in the name of Allah. The invasion that primarily consists of young males is ongoing, completely out of control, and successful. These audacious migrant Muslims are also availing themselves of European stupidity by demanding specific foods, living and religious conditions, and other items unique to their tribal culture. To no surprise politically correct inclusive tolerant Europeans are timely and graciously meeting their endless demands.

Cultural Differences: Europeans are learning that the tribal Muslim's culture is slightly different than that of a civilized society. Some of the more appealing habits inherent in their tribal culture include the following:

  • Raping women and children of both sexes
  • Murder
  • Random littering of trash and unwanted items any time and place convenient to them
  • Defecating and urinating as, when, and where convenient
  • Complete absence of personal hygiene, general cleanliness, sanitary concerns, and environmental respect
The EU Shakes: According to Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, the EU has lost control of its sense of order and its borders, and risks total collapse if they are not effectively sealed. In my opinion it's far too late for Europe and the politically correct fools are getting exactly what they wished for: indigent tribal Muslims who are raping their women and children while destroying their cultures and once beautiful countries. The following examples provide a glimpse of what is going on in Europe with its friendly Muslims:
  • Germany's ultra liberal Angela Merkel is a leading proponent of open borders for tribal Muslim indigents and the vermin are accommodating her en masse. Merkel is evicting natives from their homes to make room for Muslim ingrates, and Germany is under a state of siege as Muslim gangs roam the streets and rape women. Merkel must be very proud of a job well done.
  • Imams are pressuring their flocks of filth to breed with European women and accelerate the conquest.
Initial Stage of Europe's Destruction: The Muslim invasion is in its embryonic stage but has already established a stronghold in Europe because countries opened their borders and admitted these tribal savages who have now overwhelmed them. The highly probable result of this blatant stupidity will be an endless flood of indigent Muslim aliens inhabiting and ruling Europe by virtue of sheer numbers until it becomes a caliphate. At that time any remaining natives Europeans will be forced to convert to Islam or suffer the consequence of death.

The Ugly Head of Political Correctness: In my opinion the root cause of European Islamization is the dominance of Marxist political correctness throughout the Western civilization. Its faux tenants of inclusion, tolerance, and diversity have encouraged Europe's open borders to an incalculable number of mal-intended Muslims with third world tribal cultures dramatically different to those unique to each country. This insane openness has created a highly toxic condition as evinced by the current relentless hordes of Muslims invading Europe that is completely out of control and typically fraught with violence.

America is The Prize: The easy success Muslims are experiencing propagating Islam through a compliant Europe while destroying its traditions and cultures most likely represents a dress rehearsal for America. They are well aware of the immigration situation in America with virtual borders wide open to all tribal indigent non-Whites thanks to Obama and his sycophants in Congress. In my opinion America will be the target of Islam's ultimate conquest and the hundreds of thousands of Muslim filth Obama has already admitted will pale in comparison to the millions poised to invade our country. If you do not think the European invasion is a harbinger of Muslims to come I suggest another think.

I encourage you to view this 4 minute video that should clarify any questions about Islam:

P. Stanford
April 10th, 2016 4:32 pm
I agree with all you have said
John Martin
October 13th, 2015 7:28 pm
This is nothing short of a plague, a deadly disease. The people who carry it must be vaccinated soon.
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