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Hillary's Perfect Storm
September 8th, 2015
I sincerely feel that traditional American culture, values, and morals are on the threshold of a death spiral rapidly descending to the point of no return as a direct result of Obama and his ilk intentionally destroying our country. This is particularly appalling because there has never been any meaningful opposition to their overt lawlessness by Congress where the power to act is exclusively vested. Obviously the majority of Obama's Congressional sycophants that willfully enable and support every one of his illegal acts and edicts are happy campers satisfied with the status quo.

As a direct result of Congressional acquiescence America is in a sorry, perhaps irreversible state of moral decadence and corruption under the monarchic reign of Obama. The following exemplify actions of this group that are setting an unconscionable, unprecedented standard of deplorable conduct that is being accepted as normal in America today:
  • Consistently trash the U.S. Constitution with flagrant disregard acting as they please to achieve their desired end, e.g., illegal immigration and citizenship for millions of depraved non-White third world tribal indigents who serve only to swell the welfare rolls and exponentially increase an already unsustainable national debt
  • Abandoning what little common sense they might have arguably once possessed with a politically correct attitude of 'minorities first and foremost'
  • Catalyze and condone the increasing chaos, systemic disruption, street violence, and murders of law enforcement officers with deafening silence
Riding The Winds Of Doom: America's dark prevailing winds of doom represent bright sunshine to Hillary Clinton because they create the perfect storm ideally suited for one with her long, vile sordid background to be campaigning for the presidency... and that she is with an abundance of support from constituents.

Candidate Qualifications Change: Today's candidates for high governmental office are not expected to be 'as pure as Caesar's wife', and for the most part their faux pas, moral lapses, etc., are hidden or adroitly spun by high priced image mavens to minimize potential damage. However, except for Obama who was never vetted, character should be somewhat of an issue that a voter might consider.

Lucrative financial motives notwithstanding, it is incredulous to me that any decent person that cares about America's future could support Clinton. She has been at the center of more major scandals involving corruption, fraud, and perjury than any other high-ranking U.S. politician in American history. However, some people do not find this troubling; a clear sign of the present times in America.

Quite frankly, the planet is not large enough to hide nor is an image maven talented enough to spin decades of Clinton's evil, deceit, corruption, amoral pathological lying and who knows what other nefarious acts she has done. For a number of years the Marxist MSM covered for their darling comrade knowing that she was a fervent acolyte of Saul Alinsky who shared their ideology, albeit masked to the public. However, all good things must end and it seems that even they are jumping her rapidly sinking ship that is heavily overladen with abject amorality and corruption.

Character Surfaces Early: Clinton's forty-five plus years of political history have clearly proved that she is a tough old battle tested crone who has survived countless major scandals all involving her highly questionable integrity and propensity to lie pathologically. Her true character surfaced publicly when at 27 years old Jerry Zeifman, Democratic chairman of the House Judiciary Committee investigating Richard Nixon fired her for serious ethics violations, dishonesty, and lying. Various hearings have also shown that perjury has never presented an obstacle to Clinton lying under oath. Read my 3/26/15 blog on Clinton's major scandals at Suthenboy Archives

My purpose here is not to bore you with Clinton's disgusting past that is readily available with a little research. Instead I want to opine about the timing and public's acceptance of her as a potential presidential candidate while concurrently therewith, Federal agencies and the Select Committee on Benghazi are investigating Clinton for serious criminal and civil violations. Specifically, the investigations stem from her willful involvement in the following matters as Secretary of State under Obama:
  • Bribery
  • Communicating classified government business using her private unsecured server and email accounts
  • Muslim terrorists Slaughtering American CIA staff in Benghazi
Please indulge me for a minute or so while I briefly describe the two recent major scandals for which Clinton is currently being investigated and leave Benghazi for another time.


Without compunction Clinton routinely and illegally sold influence to and arranged for significant deals to be closed on behalf of foreign governments, wealthy foreign nationals, arms dealers, and African warlords; all without any benefit to America. Her participation in these endeavors along with husband "Slick Willie" is very well documented in Peter Schweizer's best-selling book, "Clinton Cash".

The Scheme: The Clintons' 'pony and dog' scheme was extremely lucrative and rather simple on its face. Hillary's position as Secretary of State enabled her to make things happen for any person or country soliciting and willing to pay dearly for the influence she had with the American government. The quid pro quo for her facilitation was that the 'client' paid 'Slick Willie' an exorbitant fee to speak, socialize or otherwise engage at an event of its designation.

Money And Clientele: 'Slick Willie's" fees were generally paid to the Clinton Foundation that, among other things, violated IRS laws by failing to disclose the donors and filing fraudulent tax returns. The Clinton clientele primarily consisted of unsavory characters as previously mentioned and known enemies of the U.S. For instance, Putin did exceptionally well when Clinton arranged for Russia to own the majority of America's uranium. Likewise, the Clintons did extremely well as 'Slick Willie' was paid quite handsomely for 'giving a speech' in Moscow.

Winners And Loser: As a direct result of Clinton selling influence the couple's income soared to unimaginable heights; buyers realized significant benefits; America received nada. I have no doubts that Clinton sold critical U.S. intelligence that resulted in the brutal slaughter of Americans in Benghazi by Muslim terrorists.

The Clintons and their long time stooges issued the usual litany of denials and attribution of blame. But action always speaks louder than words; the Clintons are neither shy nor kindhearted, and Schweizer has not been sued for libel.

Private Server, Emails, Classified Information

At the inception of her term as Secretary of State Clinton paid an individual to register a private email sever under an untraceable name so she could covertly send and receive personal and classified government information during her term in office. The government did not authorize the personal server nor was it secured. Conducting government business, particularly of a classified nature, on a personal unsecured server instead of one normally issued is highly unusual. Most significantly, it exposed her communications to hacking and foreign surveillance since the server, Blackberry, and iPad she used for emails were unsecured.

Private Server Discovered: You are probably somewhat aware of Clinton's ongoing serious problems resulting from this private email account. For the sake of brevity, it arose in March when the house committee investigating the Benghazi slaughters subpoenaed her emails from the State Department. The Federal Records Act requires that any emails sent or received from personal accounts be preserved as part of the agency's records, but Clinton and her aides ignored this minor detail. Not surprisingly, State Department officials responding to the subpoena soon realized that there were no records to or from an official State Department email account for Clinton. The secrecy surrounding her server and this typical deceitful slight of hand was surely for the purpose of enabling Clinton to thwart any discovery of her private or government related email communications.

Classified Emails: This disturbing situation generated intense interest from several governmental agencies including the DOJ, FBI, and intelligence community. They immediately began to investigate whether Clinton used her private email account to send and receive classified information as well as possible security breaches. The investigation has widened and now includes Clinton's two top aides, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, who had unrestricted access to and use of the private server. My research indicates that Abedin is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood and has close, long standing family ties to terrorist organizations, but Google her if you are interested. Mills is a long time aide well experienced in covering for Clinton.

Clinton Deletes Emails, Wipes Server Clean: The investigative agencies involved subpoenaed Clinton's private server and all personal emails for inspection. After a lengthy delay and prior to any semblance of compliance Clinton unilaterally permanently deleted more than 32,000 emails and had her server wiped clean by professionals. Her obvious intent being for any incriminating evidence to disappear forever. The server is now in the possession of Federal officials who have recovered data that proves in spite of her vehement denials, Clinton used it for classified emails. Clinton, Abedin, and Mills have now 'lawyered up'.

Substance Of Clinton's Ongoing Investigations

The heart of the Federal investigations in which Clinton is on center stage for acts that arose while she was Secretary of State under Obama are as follows:
  • Muslim terrorists slaughtering Americans in Benghazi
  • Accepting bribes in exchange for influence and brokering deals
  • Conducting government business and sending classified communications on an unauthorized unsecured personal server
  • Unilaterally deleting more than 32,000 private emails from her personal server immediately after they had been subpoenaed
  • Having the hard drive of her private server professionally wiped clean of all evidence after it had been subpoenaed but prior to compliance
MSM: The ongoing investigations have piqued probative questions from Clinton's old MSM pals who consistently catch her in blatant lies that they can no longer realistically squash. This is particularly true since evidence gathered by the various investigative agencies not only completely contradicts every lie Clinton tells, but perfectly exemplifies her pathological lying as a routine matter of course.

Clinton's Character: Considering Clinton's past with her current Federal criminal and civil investigations during which she has been consistently caught lying speaks volumes about the quality of her character. The fact that people are aware of Clinton's long history of amoral conduct and pathological lying yet avidly support her run for president speaks volumes about the state of America today under Obama and his worthless sycophants in Congress.

Perfect Timing: Under the prevailing conditions in America this is the perfect time for Clinton, whose vile corrupt reputation is well known, to run a presidential campaign. As previously mentioned, the destructive environment Obama and Congress have willfully created where wanton corruption and lawlessness are the norms is ideally suited to her amoral character. Unfortunately, apathy for America's future seems to trump concern for many of her inhabitants and people act with indifference towards the character of a prospective presidential candidate... unless they are trashing Trump.

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