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Betrayal: Obama, Congress, and Illegal Immigration
July 30th, 2015
Preamble: The purpose of this blog is to discuss the suicidal path of illegal immigration on which Obama and Congress have intentionally set America and her citizenry. The ugly matter of amnesty or more appropriate disposition of more than 11 million illegals is for another time. Suffice to say Obama recently stated that more than 9 million illegals would remain in America: ergo, more welfare, fraud, and crime in our country. On 7/30/15 Obama granted amnesty to approximately 700,000 illegas: less that 1% were interviewed; many had known ties to terrorist organizations and violent criminal gangs.

Hart-Celler Immigration Act In 1965 the Hart-Celler Immigration Act was signed into law under the presidency of Lyndon Johnson. The act's core served to abolish the national origins quota system established in 1921 and half-heartedly attempted to keep immigration at a 'manageable level'. Johnson, with his usual credibility attempted to assuage the concerns of American people by issuing the following statement that has proved to be ominous:

"This bill we sign today is not a revolutionary bill. It does not affect the lives of millions. It will not restructure the shape of our daily lives."

While the act is called Hart -Cellar, it was literally strong-armed into law by the relentless efforts of Ted "Sot" Kennedy during his few brief periods of sobriety. The net effect of Hart Cellar was to open America's doors to the third world's depraved, indigent, illiterate filth. It contained a few minor limitations on immigrants but completely disregarded the dramatic differences in cultures to which Americans would forever be subjected.

Obama Shreds Hart-Celler: Flash-forward to Obama and an all too eager, willing, and enabling Congress of worthless sycophants whose illegal immigration policies have made Hart - Cellar look pale. Specifically, together they have aggressively ripped off America's doors to immigrants that Hart- Cellar so thoughtfully left open, razed her walls, and through May 2015 have illegally imported at least 2.5 million non-white depraved indigent aliens from third world countries.[1] For your information, in 2014 there were 11.3 million non-White illegals in America, excluding thousands that were not counted because their whereabouts was unknown. Today there are certainly several million more since entry for depraved non-Whites non-English speaking vermin is guaranteed and access to welfare is very easy pickings.

America Welcomes Millions Of Illegals: During Obama's catastrophic presidency a staggering 400,000 illegal aliens each month have been summarily deposited in America's neighborhoods sans invite, and fully supported by the few remaining taxpayers through welfare and an abundance of other free benefits.[2] Naturally all of their children and those claiming to be 'seeds' will make them proud grandparents by dropping babies like rabbits and we will be supporting 99% of the lot forever. Common sense suggests that there are tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who were not included in the information gathering process because the little darlings wisely chose not to participate... but rest assured they are here en masse!

The Ilk Of Illegal Coming To Your Neighborhood: If you watch or read the news from a rare unbiased source there should be no doubt in your mind that the illegals being imported to America represent the lowest societal level in their native countries. All of them share the following characteristics:
  • Third world culture wher murder and raping women and children are the norm
  • Depraved
  • Indigent
  • Illiterate
  • Tribal
  • Disease infected
  • Non-English speaking
  • Non-White
The majority of illegals are thoughtfully bringing infectious communicable diseases with them, and having our best interests always in mind Obama and Congress have not imposed health screening thereby enabling their darlings to share the wealth. You can thank Obama and Congress for enhancing America and your way of life by illegally importing these godforsaken animals whose only contributions to our country has been and will be the following:
  • Millions of anchor babies
  • Countless bastard children
  • Massive welfare & its associated fraud
  • Crime of every type
America will never be enhanced nor derive any redeeming benefits from these illegal aliens but the costs associated with their aforementioined contributions will be incalculable.

Illegals And Political Correctness: The politically correct progressives passionately touting illegal immigration stress their trite Marxist mantra of diversity and inclusion as justification. The law is irrelevant to progressives when it does not suit their purpose as in this case. As you have no doubt seen on TV anyone disagreeing with them is instantly vilified as a racist. Since the truth ihas always been irrelevant to progressives they conveniently omit mentioning the tribal cultures of these savages because it is totally inconsistent with that of most Americans who are civil in nature.

Cultures - Not Exactly American: The overwhelming majority of aliens being illegally deposited in America consist of non-English speaking depraved, destitute Mexicans, Central Americans, and Obama's Middle East Muslim brethren he typically flies in under the radar. Raping women and children of both sexes, murder, and random littering everywhere are inherent in their cultural behavior; personal hygiene, general cleanliness, sanitary concerns, and respect for the environment are non-existent.

The tribal filth from Mexico, Central America, and Obama's Middle East Muslims have multiple uses for the great outdoors that include but are not limited to the following: defecating; urinating; randomly disposing of trash and other unwanted items. However, they are very considerate as to location... any place that is convenient at the time. A visit to our southwestern borders and surrounding canyons to view their environmentally friendly 'grounds keeping' habits will speak volumes of these feral animals.

Let's Get Real: The reality of illegal immigration by Obama and Congress is abundantly clear: they are illegally importing non-White depraved indigent third world aliens with their diseases and tribal cultures to America for their self serving purposes... and those specifically exclude enhancing our country. As part of their illegal endeavor you, your family, and neighborhood are being subjected to these aliens and their uncivilized cultures. Obama and his sycophants in Congress are hell-bent on diversifying America with this ilk of depraved filth at all costs and to her detriment; Heaven forbid if you complain or resist the PC freaks will excoriate you as being an intolerant racist.

Proponents Of Illegal Immigration: Obama, the MSM, and other illegal immigration proponents, e.g., radical racist Illinois Democrat Representative Luis Gutierrez, endeavor to conceal information about the frequency of rapes and murders these savages are committing in America. On the rare occasion when news of an horrific act is disseminated it is typically downplayed. For example, this appalling story received minimal coverage: On July 2, 2015 illegal alien Juan Francisco Sanchez randomly murdered 32 year-old Kate Steinle in front of her father on a public street in San Francisco. Sanchez's profile is typical: a long criminal record including five prior deportations and seven felony convictions. But there he was flourishing and untouchable in a sanctuary city proudly funded by Obama and Congress with a virtual free hand to commit violent crimes... and he did indeed. To further salt the wound quite some time ago Obama prohibited law enforcement from asking these savages for any papers because it might be 'offensive' to them.

Apathy For Illegal's Crimes: In his typical fashion classless boor Obama neither acknowledged the horrific murder of Kate Steinle by one of his sponsored darlings nor contacted the grieving family. The tragedy was of total indifference to Obama because Kate was White and American: not one of his favorite rotten black thugs whose death would have enabled him to use the occasion as an opportunity to inflame racial tensions. Luis Gutierrez however, was more sensitive about his brother Latino's brutal crime and said the "murder was a little thing". The 'sensitivity' and 'concern' displayed by Obama and Gutierrez speaks volumes about the true quality and character of these boors, as well as the majority of illegal immigration proponents.

The True Goals Of Illegal Immigration: There is absolutely nothing humanitarian, beneficial to America, or reasonably justifiable underlying the illegal immigration Obama and Congress are incessantly shoving down our throats. The ongoing ever-increasing illegal importation of millions of non-White depraved indigent third world garbage is specifically meant to serve the following mal-intended purposes:
  • Accelerate the transformation of
    America's culture and values
  • Overwhelm welfare to adversely affect
    America's economy
  • Significantly degrade America into
    a third world hell hole
  • Cause chaos and systemic disruption
  • Ensure Democratic votes for
    the foreseeable future
As an aside, make no mistake: For the most part, illegals, like Blacks, are unwittingly serving as Obama's disposable useful idiots who he intentionally inflames with anti-White and anti-US hype to aid in his transformation of traditional America. The interests of these groups are of total indifference to Obama.

Invasive Uncontrollable Spread of Illegals: The millions of illegals being imported to America is spreading like invasive, fast growing and choking vines of Kudzu. They will soon overwhelm our country and have already adversely affected the quality of life for decent people in many areas. As Obama and Congress accelerate their wanton illegal immigration policy I seriously doubt that you will recognize America and a significant number of its inhabitants by the end of his term.

In my opinion the only reason Obama is pushing this so vehemently is to accelerate the destruction of traditional American culture and values then supplant them with his Islamic ideology. The progressives in Congress are on board for the same reason except with the hope to supplant our culture with Marxism. Both Islam and Marxism are totalitarian ideologies that hate and want to destroy traditional American culture: inherent in both are loss of freedom of expression, thought control, inversion of the traditional values and social order, and ultimately, a totalitarian state enforcing radical egalitarianism. In either instance America and its citizenry that love our country will be the only losers. For your further information, the most comon language spoken by aliens in America is Arabic... Obama's muslims are metastasizing like a malignant cancer.

The Booming Business Of Illegal Immigration: In addition to well organized anti-American groups, e.g., La Raza and CAIR, the illegal immigration policy of Obama and Congress has spawned a burgeoning business that is furthering their crimes by assisting illegals to defraud 'the system' out of billions of dollars. Self proclaimed unscrupulous 'immigration specialists' including lawyers, physicians, counselors, advisers, etc., are selling illegals 'how to' information that runs the gamut from obtaining fake IDs, lying about disabilities, falsely claiming political asylum, bringing their extended families to America, etc., on ad nauseam. I am sure you get the picture that crime is paying very well for these scoundrels while America's tax payers are being scammed out of billions of dollars as usual.

Congressional GOP: It is no surprise that the irrelevant GOP 'wusses' in Congress have fully supported Obama's illegal immigration and repudiated any opposition. Trump and Cruz notwithstanding, some GOP presidential candidates have conveniently articulated their twist on the matter, but it is pure effluvium because in the final analysis they're advocating illegal immigration. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell was so excited about working with Obama on illegal immigration that he described it as an "out of body experience". This says it all about the modern day political 'Keystone Cops" and their leadership.

Milwaukee's outstanding Sheriff David Clarke publicly said this about Obama: "Everything he touches seems to turn to crap". Very true, except that Obama is intentionally turning America to 'crap'. In the normal course of events the congressional GOP managed to turn their 2012 victory and everything they subsequently touched to utter crap through stupidity and gross incompetence while serving as Obama's sycophants.

Ultimate Betrayal: When Obama and Congress were sworn into office under oath they pledged 'true faith and allegiance' to the U.S. Constitution, the law of the land. This oath has historically been conscientiously observed as well as considered serious and meaningful... but they decided otherwise and abrogated their respective oaths of allegiance without any compunction whatsoever.

Specifically, Obama and Congress are illegally importing millions of non-White third world depraved aliens of the ilk described herein to America knowing full well that such act is unlawful and blatantly violates our Constitution. This is a disgraceful and inexcusable act that likely borders on treason. They are also fully aware that the consequences of their unlimited illegal immigration will be to accelerate Obama's radical transformation of America towards being a lawless third world country in the near future. This is the ultimate betrayal of America, our constitution, and citizens that love our country for which Obama and Congress should be held criminally accountable. However, the power to do so is vested in a complicit Congress whose hands are 'filthy' and accordingly, there is no compelling reason for them to act.

If you think I am overreacting to the continuous deluge of illegal aliens and incorrectly characterizing the ilk of depraved third world tribal indigents Obama and Congress are importing to America I suggest another long think. The damage they are intentionally inflicting on traditional American cultures and values is irreparable. Watch reliable news, check your neighborhoods, and think about an old show-biz saying: "You ain't seen nothing yet", because it is spot on today.

Read more about the abysmal behavior and character of Congress in willfully enabling Obama to lawlessly rule as a virtual monarch via act and edict in my 7/26/14 and 9/29/14 blogs; read a precursor to this version of Obama's illegal immigration in my 10/22/14 blog. These blogs are available here: Suthenboy Archives.
[1] Pew Research; Center For Immigration Studies
[2] Pew Research; Bureau of Labor Statistics

February 28th, 2016 6:00 pm
Awesome write up.
Brenda Johnson
September 3rd, 2015 1:59 pm
Well said!
Thank you,
Ron McQueen
August 17th, 2015 10:32 am
A very powerful blog. You have stated what many people agree with, but are too timid to admit. Hopefully the 2016 election will give us a GOP president with the fortitude to energize the gutless congress we now have.
Tammy Gill
August 10th, 2015 6:31 pm
Living in the south,I have notice the influx of Hispanics,at first it was migrant workers,that started changing,now our schools are half Hispanic,our children are required to take Spanish.I talk to people we have Mexican Gangs in our town,the crime rate has soared with the Hispanic community.I have no idea who is legal and who is not.I realized this going on all across the U.S. The division this Administration has caused in this country is appalling,This country is very welcoming to people of other nationalities,that doesn't bother me,what does is all the illegals,how they are getting citizenship without going thru proper channels.Obama is destroying this country,in ways we would never thought of,we are a financial mess,our military is being downsized,then our vets are ignored when they come home,we are being overrun with refugees,we're doing nothing to stop the terror that is Isis .Never thought I would see all this happen in this great country.God Bless The USA
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