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P.T. Barnum, America, and Obama
July 13th, 2015
The late Phineas Taylor "P.T." Barnum, 1810 -1891, is known to most as 'The Great American Showman'. However, Barnum, who described himself as the "Prince of Humbugs", was a brilliant entrepreneur who understood and used behavioral psychology to achieve success in several endeavors.

Barnum was a man of many quotes, particularly on business in which he excelled. Below I have paraphrased one of his quotes that in my opinion is very apropos today relative to Obama and the American citizenry:

"No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence and common sense of the Average American"
Obama Term 1: Specifically, Obama was a virtually unknown politician with a paucity of available information about him when he was elected for his first term. To America's chagrin, he was the only president in modern times that was not even superficially vetted or otherwise scrutinized by Congress and the MSM. I believe this was intentional for three main reasons:
  • Obama is Black and GOP members of Congress were silenced by the fear of being viciously attacked as racists in our politically correct society
  • The GOP members of Congress allowed their own self interests to trump those of America by remaining silent
  • The MSM is primarily comprised of anti-America Marxists and were thrilled with one of their protected 'sacred cows' from a 'historically disadvantaged' minority group running for president
The Real Obama Emerges: Obama was elected for a second term without being vetted or scrutinized for the same reasons as aforesaid, except that he no longer enjoyed the 'unknown politician' status. This time many seriously troubling facts about his past, character, and ideology that adversely affected America had emerged during the first term but were never mentioned by ranking politicians during the election process. Specifically, not one disgraceful Republican in Congress or a timid Mitt Romney had the guts to confront Obama on any salient facts relative to his past, character, and fitness to serve our country. Below are a few telling examples that would clearly set off loud alarms to any sane person but easily passed muster with the GOP and Romney:
  • Multiples of the following: aliases; SSNs; visas; passports
  • Controversial, most likely forged U.S. birth certificate
  • All personal and college records permanently sealed
  • Consistently disparaged America while abroad, particularly in Muslim countries
  • Consistently showed allegiance to and praised Islam
  • Praised Muhammad and stated that the barbaric butcher should not be slurred
  • Racist Black activist at Columbia College and as a community organizer in Chicago
  • Mentored by hard core anti-American Marxists Saul Alinsky and Frank Marshall Davis, his putative father
  • Best friends with anti-American terrorists Bill Ayres & Bernadette Dohrn
  • Spent more than 20 years in the all Black church of his confidant hard core racist and America hater the esteemed Reverend Jeremiah Wright
  • Publicly disrespected, insulted, and alienated major allies of America
  • Publicly called the slaughter of innocent Americans at Ft. Hood by Muslim Nidal Hasan "work place violence"
  • Publicly referred to barbaric Muslim jihadists as 'freedom fighters'
  • Refused to call worldwide slaughter of innocent people by Muslims terrorism
  • Overtly disparaged America's National Anthem, flag, and way of life
  • Refused to acknowledge that America was an exceptional nation
GOP and Romney Mute On Critical Facts: It should be abundantly clear that the foregoing facts can lead to, and have resulted in, serious adverse consequences for America. Accordingly, they deserved close scrutiny and consideration when assessing the character of a prospective president. The GOP and Romney knew very well that neither the Democrats nor the MSM were going to disseminate negative information about Obama to the public. However, they inexplicably chose to remain silent leaving the same citizenry that previously elected Obama unmoved, on its own to gather information, or still ignorant of and indifferent towards his character. For the sake of brevity, throughout the campaign Obama consistently went for the knockout while Romney cowered in his corner shadow boxing... and predictably lost!

Obama Destroys America's Culture: The result of Obama's second term is that he and his ilk of anti-Americans continue destroying the traditions, cultures, and values of our once great country with the willing support of Congress while the citizenry watches. He is allowed to rule absolutely as a virtual monarch by his Congressional sycophants from both parties and clearly controls the Marxist majority on the Supreme Court. Stay tuned because Obama's mission is far from complete and when his work is finished you will not recognize America as it was in 2012 when he was tragically re-elected.

Obama certainly must have channeled P. T. Barnum because electing him to serve a second term spoke volumes about the average Americans' intelligence and common sense.

The LGBT White House:
In my opinion thus far the ultimate insult to America and the office Obama has willfully besmirched for the past six years was proudly illuminating the White House in his beloved LGBT colors pictured here for the world to view and mock.
Rainbow Whitehouse

His typical uncouth boorish act confirmed to the world that America has lost its standing as a bastion of strength, and had to eliminate or significantly reduce any remaining international respect.

January 8th, 2017 6:49 pm
I also have a big sick spot in my stomach that he'll call Marshall Law before he is gone, because he's NOT going to leave!I just had a feeling over 8 years ago he was going to be here for the Long Haul. I had it written on the back window of my truck..."Wake Up White America For Your Are In Double Trouble", even then I knew he'd have a second term. And that was during his run, he hadn't even been nominated by The DNC yet. Woman's intuition I guess, LOL.
January 11th, 2016 12:03 pm
I agree with Steve-knife, this imposter will have to be blasted
Out of the Dirty WH. He was Ted Kennedy's magic negro, &
He has put on a minstrel show from Hades.
January 5th, 2016 4:05 pm
Well said! My baby brother works with DNC as an Attorney as well with his wife who is an Atty for MIT and I called him ALOT during the first election and his tone was grim but would not elaborate. I now know why. I am a registered Republican when for years I hid under the guise of unaffiliated as to not be in confrontation with him. I have not spoke to him in over a year and he may never speak to me again but in 50 years he hasnt cared much no how. So I proudly now have the signs in my yard for my future President Donald J Trump!
December 1st, 2015 5:52 pm
Great post and so true. This guy is trouble and look for imposition of Marshall law no matter who is elected and he will not leave office. Prepare for the worst!
July 22nd, 2015 8:58 pm
I believe that the only way our country may return to it's true Christian roots is if a true Christian is elected into office, or this false interloper can finally be impeached by those with true fortitude; else we are looking at a second American Revolution, and it will be fought with countries who have no business fighting on American soil, except for the purpose that they belong to the United Nation- that's the war obammy wants so he can be the dictator who has divided this country in his devious ways and manners.
July 19th, 2015 4:57 pm
I so agree with everything that I read on this site. I just want to get out country back. Back to our Christian values our freedom to carry our flags with pride. How do we do this???
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