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The Confederate Flag and Hypocrisy
July 2nd, 2015
Before beginning I encourage you to read my current blog on how political correctness is being used to stifle free speech because it sets the background for and explains the real reason the Confederate flag is being so vigorously denounced. See

Wise King Solomon impliedly stated many times that 'he who speaks without all of the facts is a fool'. In my opinion 'he who speaks to achieve a desired end without regard to the facts is a bigger fool'.

Turmoil From Charleston: This is perfectly exemplified by the incredible turmoil, furor, and overblown ramifications stemming from the tragic murders of nine innocent Black people in Charleston, SC on June 17, 2015. Notwithstanding the 21 year-old killer Roof's psyche, blame was immediately laid on the "Confederate" flag by Obama, radical black activists, the usual race baiters, hypocritical big mouthed pandering politicians seeking face time, and of course the Marxist MSM. Several major business leaders soon followed suit by publicly condemning the controversial 'Confederate flag' as offensive. 

Political Correctness Rears Its Ugly Head: The justification for this uproar and condemnation was classic Marxist political correctness: the flag is politically incorrect because it's offensive and hurtful to 'historically disadvantaged' blacks for a myriad of trite reasons that include but are not limited to the following:
  • Slavery
  • White supremacy
  • Insensitivity
  • Lack of opportunity
  • Hatred and victimization from an oppressive white society
Fueling The Fires Of Hate: Not surprisingly hypocritical racist Obama led the charge and as usual ran his lying yap bemoaning the pitiful endless ills of poor innocent Blacks at the hands of prejudiced Whites since time in memorial. For theatrical effect he donned his newly found hat of theology and audaciously demanded that the Confederate flag "be taken down as an expression of God's grace". Excuse me, but I think Allah has bigger fish to fry and is not particularly concerned with this matter.

In my opinion this tragedy represented Ferguson, Missouri, redux for Obama. He egregiously used the memorial service to further divide America by stoking the already blazing fires of race and further inflaming its growing tensions in order to cause greater systemic disruption in our country. In so doing and true to form Obama followed his good pal Rham Emanuel's infamous mantra: "never let a serious crisis go to waste", and he did not fail to do so.

Facts: Notwithstanding the inexcusable murders facts are facts and have a strange way of remaining the same regardless of mal-intended spin, reconstruction, and outright lying, so here they are. I have added some commentary, which is obviously my opinion.

The Flag: The flag at the center of the controversy is the battle flag of Northern Virginia. Its design was used in various forms on flags flown by other Confederate states but was never the official flag of the Confederacy.

Blaming the tragic deaths caused by a 21-year old 'nut case' on the Confederate flag is as asinine as Obama and Clinton blaming the unprovoked slaughter of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi by his Godforsaken barbarian Muslim brethren on a video that told the truth about Islam.

Slavery: Slavery was more prevalent in the South than in the North. The gap widened over time because the North became more industrialized while the South was primarily agrarian and required a significant amount of labor to tend the crops on which both relied.

Slavery Abolished: On December 6, 1865 the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution abolishing slavery was ratified: it stated in pertinent part the following:

  "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States..."

Since then history has taught America that laws cannot be enacted that make people like and want to associate with each other despite politically motivated legislation attempting to do so.

Rampant White Hypocrisy: Big mouthed corrupt White politicians from both parties who had never publicly denounced the Confederate flag nor anything else Confederate in their lifetimes are suddenly calling for the removal of everything Confederate from everywhere in America. Their reason: the Confederate flag is racist and evil, ergo it's offensive to Blacks which is unacceptable in our politically correct tolerant, inclusive, and diverse society.

Likewise, many major corporate White executives who suddenly became offended by the Confederate flag are making grandiose statements by stopping sales and removing all merchandise associated with the Confederacy from their offerings.

The very height of hypocrisy however, is that Nazi and Muslim items are plentiful and readily available from many of the politically correct merchants 'offended' by the Confederate flag. Of course terrorizing, burning, gassing, decapitating, and otherwise slaughtering innocent men, women, and children is not in and of itself offensive to these merchants so barbaric Nazis and Muslims are beyond the reach of political correctness.

Motive: The appalling predictable hypocrisy of these politicians and corporate suits is abundantly clear and begs this simple question: if they were so offended as to make such tearful, emotional statements and take such drastic measures relative to the Confederate flag why didn't they do so at any time prior to June 17, 2015? After all, that same flag with all of its perceived racist connotations has been around for over 150 years. Apparently they experienced a sudden miraculous epiphany and realized that the flag was offensive.

In point of fact they are neither speaking with regard to nor concern for the truth about the Confederate flag. They are on the highly charged politically correct bandwagon of deceit and deception endeavoring to appease Blacks claiming to be offended by pandering to them, the facts notwithstanding.

Erasing History: The common mantra from hypocritical White politicians and suits is that the Confederate flag is reminiscent of a terrible, regrettable period in American history and removing everything associated with the Confederacy will make it magically disappear as if it never existed. The obvious implications of that ridiculous position are that their self-imposed 'White Guilt' will be assuaged; Blacks will be appeased and satisfied; and everyone will be happily celebrating as they join together singing kumbaya.

Human nature and life however, are neither that simplistic nor do they work that way. This absurdity takes fantasy to a hew high and I assure you that the politically correct balloon filled by fools with stupefied air will burst much sooner than later. When that occurs, these hypocrites will find that nothing has changed, even with the Confederacy and everything associated with it erased from American history. Blacks will want and receive more... and reparations are at the top of Obama's agenda.

Blacks: I cannot speak for Blacks and doubt that any White person can realistically stand in their shoes and do so. However, slavery has been over for 150 plus years and enough sniveling is enough! The people claiming to be so terribly offended by the Confederate flag did not live during that period and in my opinion have kept it alive for ulterior motives including the imposition of guilt on Whites stupid enough to accept such nonsense and for every possible aspect of personal gain. As usual astute Blacks are playing this tragedy and its ramifications in the White community for all of the political and social capital they can receive.

Today Blacks are considered to be in the group of 'historically disadvantaged minorities' under the wide umbrella of political correctness that dominates America. As such they are entitled to and most take full advantage of receiving preferential treatment to the exclusion of more qualified Whites. One needs only to consider "affirmative action".

America's Largesse: I know this for a fact: During the past several decades America has offered Blacks the best opportunities for success and the most welfare benefits in the world... even with the Confederate flag flying high. What most of them have done with this endless, ever increasing largesse is a matter of fact and opinion.

Walmart: Politically correct pandering paid off 'big time' for Walmart at a store in Macon GA. On June 28th at approximately 1:45AM a mob of 50 savage black teens stormed and trashed the store "to see how much damage they could cause". The poor innocent 'offended' victims of an oppressive White society emboldened by Obama thought they were invincible. Sweet comeuppance for Walmart.

July 12th, 2015 8:56 pm
Agreed 100%!!! I'm tired of Obama, Soros's, the paid agitators and anybody else pushing this "white privilege" BS. I certainly never had any financial windfall afforded to me and never took advantage of any program toward success through race. My ancestry was not wealthy and never had slaves, in this country or elsewhere. Most of my ancestry was farming, working trades and also were very active in the military. I have ancestry born both in the North and South. My ancestors came from the United Kingdom and Western Europe, including Ireland, where many left due to starvation from the Potato Famine. So for someone from the African race to tell me I have a "white privilege", well, O'd like to see it. I am fed up with bad choices in life being blamed on a flag, a monument, a building, an almost 40 year old TV series. Nobody liberal wants to take or put personal responsibility on anyone. I was a Democrat for over 30 years and thanks to seeing how this party and supporters wants to play the race card and professional victim, I have given up my affiliation with the Democratic Party. I am through with them!
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