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Islam, The Ideology Of Peace
May 20th, 2015

Preamble: The purpose of this blog is to present information based on facts about Islam. It is in stark contrast to the exaltation and effluvium espoused by Obama and others of his ideology.

Obama Extols Islam’s Virtues: As you are no doubt aware Obama assured the American citizenry ad nauseam of the peaceful, tolerant, and inclusive nature of his Islamic ideology, notwithstanding the fact that Muslims are responsible for 99.9% of the world’s terrorism. To further insult your intelligence, he is adamant about euphemistically referring to the barbaric Muslim terrorists as 'freedom fighters' instead of accurately describing them as 'Islamic jihadists'.

Obama publicly condemned, besmirched, and bristled at individuals exercising their absolute right of free speech by drawing cartoons of his beloved prophet, Muhammad. He directed his corrupt racist stooge AG Lynch to threaten anyone she deemed to have verbally offended a Muslims. Inexplicably, however, Obama has failed to even peripherally discuss his perceived virtues of Islam and its prophet Muhammad, so I will enlighten you on these topics that he holds so dear.

The Prophet Muhammad: For the sake of brevity, Muhammad was born in April, 574 AD, posed as an apostle of God, and allegedly wrote the Qur'an, Islam's most sacred text that also serves as its book of peace. He is the only prophet in the Qur'an, but did not make any prophecies.

In addition to writing the Qur'an Muhammad was a military leader. He destroyed towns, massacred the male inhabitants, raped and enslaved their women and children of both sexes, and personally stole the property of his victims. He was typically indifferent to, and rejected offers of surrender from besieged inhabitants and slaughtered captives. Muhammad also fostered an environment wherein his men could rape traumatized women captured in battle soon after their husbands and family members had been slaughtered. Muhammad's legacy and the constant emphasis placed on violence propagated throughout the Qur'an have left a trail of blood across world history that continues flowing today.

Verses from the Qur'an: There are at least 109 verses in the Qur'an advocating the use of violence against non-believers of Islam, i.e., infidels. There are 123 verses in the Qur'an about killing and fighting. Below are a few of its endearing passages of pure evil.

  • Truly, god loves those who fight
  • Fight and slay the pagans wherever you find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem
  • Chop off their hands and chop off their fingertips
  • When you meet the unbelievers, chop off their heads
  • Believers, take neither Jew nor Christians for your friends
  • Those who follow Muhammad are ruthless to unbelievers
  • Those who reject Islam are "the vilest of creatures" and thus deserve no mercy
  • Fight them until Islam reigns supreme throughout the world
The foregoing examples should suffice in providing significant insight into the virtues and beliefs of Islam's beloved tolerant prophet, Muhammad. A collection of Muhammad's teachings, deeds, and sayings that, like the Qur'an, evince his peaceful and tolerant ways towards non-Muslims, can be found in the Hadith, another favorite reading of Muslims. A simple Google search will provide additional information on these explicit texts to the extent you might be interested in learning more about pure evil.

Perpetual Violence: History clearly evinces that violence is so ingrained in Islamic ideology that wars have been a constant with Muslims since time in memorial, either with other religions or with each other. Obviously, nothing has changed today. While Muslims claim that the word "Islam" means peace, it actually means "submission" to the Muslim god of intolerance and hatred. It comes from the root Arabic word "taslim". In Arabic, the only word for peace is "solh".

Islam and Peace: Many Muslims prefer to interpret the religious component of their barbaric ideology as embracing peace, tolerance, and love, much like the teachings of Christianity and Judaism. However, that fallacious, idealistic perception fades into utter absurdity when so many verses of Islam's holiest book, the Quran, either speaks to Allah's hatred for non-Muslims and calls for their death, forced conversion, or subjugation. In case you have any doubts about the essence of Islam, ask yourself this simple question: when is the last time you heard of a Christian or Jewish religious service preaching hatred and death towards any person or group?

Islam Unmasked: Islam is a proselytizing totalitarian ideology and way of life that includes religion, culture, diet, and law. The goal of Islam is world domination at all costs by any means. Its underpinnings are based on slavery, imperialism, intolerance, misogyny, sexual repression, warfare, and death to non-believers. Islam never cedes its conquests, whether religion, culture, language, or life. Islam is closed to dialogue; totally self-absorbed; believes it is perfect; shuns self-examination; and generally, represses criticism with violence. Never forget that Islam is directly responsible for 99.9% of the world's terror... and these savage barbarians are not fighting for freedom as Obama and his pro Muslim ilk would have you believe. They are slaughtering innocent people in the name of Allah.

The following individuals have received death threats, been targeted for assassination, or murdered by Muslims for publishing Muhammad cartoons, speaking the truth about Islam:
  • Salman Rushdie
  • Charlie Hebdo
  • Kurt Westergaard
  • Geert Wilders
  • Pam Geller
I am certain there are far more individuals in this category because murder, assassination attempts, and threats of decapitation are usual Islamic tactics for suppressing speech with which they disagree. As you can tell, Islamists have a unique method of enhancing and spreading joy to the world through love, tolerance, and inclusiveness.

Western Islamization: The politically correct, peaceful, tolerant, inclusive, and diverse Western European countries naively opened their borders to Muslim aliens. Now they are experiencing the destruction of their once great countries, traditions and cultures by the malignant cancer of Islam metastasizing through them. In return the Muslims have shown their gratitude and sincere appreciation by sexually assaulting women and children, committing violent crimes, destroying property, and attempting to Islamize these countries in ways that include but are not limited the following:
  • Refusing to assimilate
  • Forming enclaves of 'no go zones' where local law enforcement has little if any control
  • Demanding the implementation of Sharia law in lieu of local law
  • Demanding the implementation of Islamic customs and fare in schools
  • Bleeding the social welfare system and becoming charges on the countries
  • Endeavoring to cause systemic disruption in each country
I urge you to view this short video showing Muslim aliens in Germany acting like the feral animals they are; understand that their tribal behavior is cultural and will not change in America. View here.

American Naivety: Many people in America are apathetic towards or unaware of Western Europe's Islamization, the extent to which it has become imbedded, and how it has adversely affected each country. Likewise, many people are unaware that this is occurring under their noses in America, albeit on a smaller scale, with the primary thrusts being in Dearborn, MI and Minneapolis, MN. But not to worry because Islam is slowly metastasizing through America with the help of pro Islam Obama, his DOJ, CIA, DHS, Democratic Party, MSM, the relentless pressure from CAIR - Council on American Islam Relations, and similar terrorist affiliated groups Obama supports. CAIR and these groups are also making demands that include the following:
  • Unrestricted immigration for Muslims
  • U.S. courts try Muslims under Sharia law
  • Public schools honor Muslim holidays and serve Halal compliant fare
  • Restaurants serve Halal compliant fare
  • The implementation of Islamic customs and fare in schools
  • Special baths and prayer areas in airports
Radical activist judges are illegally exceeding their constitutional authority by making legislative decisions that accede to such demands to show their commitment to politically correct tolerance and diversity.

Toxicity of Political Correctness and Islam: In my opinion the root cause of Islamization is the dominance of political correctness throughout the Western civilization. Its faux tenants of inclusion, tolerance, and diversity have opened the West's doors of immigration wide and welcomed hordes of indigent, tribal Muslims without being vetted for terrorist ties or health. This has created a highly toxic condition as evinced throughout Western Europe, and many countries are futilely attempting to limit Muslim immigration. For some countries, e.g., Germany and France, the damage sustained to their traditions and cultures from Muslims is irreparable. They have become virtual caliphates living in fear of violence and terrorism every day... with all the horrors being self-inflicted.

Muslims are taking full advantage of this environment and are experiencing success in propagating Islam throughout Western Europe and proliferating their customary terrorism. Except for Dearborn and Minneapolis their population in the U.S. has not exploded, but they are a patient, persistent people slowly making inroads and reproducing exponentially. Their journey has not only been greatly facilitated by political correctness, but by America's present state of disarray and systemic disruption resulting from Obama's 'transformation' supported by the willing acquiescence of an irrelevant, rubber stamping Congress of 'sycophants allowing him to rule as a virtual monarch. Rest assured America is the Muslim's 'prize' and it will make Western Europe look pale by comparison.

My 5/21/14 blog Here discusses how Muslims are taking full advantage of political correctness in the West, and more particularly, in America.

April 4th, 2017 7:48 pm
Very well written
February 20th, 2017 11:36 pm
The way it is!
Stephen Beasley
January 27th, 2017 3:13 pm
As a fellow writer, I will say that this is an informative, concise and well-researched article. It was also written for the masses. Bravo! I agree with every word.

June 4th, 2015 8:49 pm
Wow i never realized this. Thank you so much for publishing it.
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