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Legal Education
October 24th, 2013
Today America is undergoing the greatest and most radical transformation in its history. It is well on its way to becoming a country with an official state ideology enforced by the power of the state. The root cause of this situation is that America has become overwhelmed with multiculturalism being relentlessly diffused through and now in control of its major spheres of influence including: academia; media and entertainment; the judiciary; government, and military.

This is the term of choice for the Left in hiding and identifying its true ideology. Multiculturalism is a euphemism for Cultural Marxism that is a radical form of Orthodox Marxism. Regardless of nomenclature, however, it remains Marxism. Inherent therein are loss of freedom of expression, thought control, inversion of the traditional values and social order, and ultimately, a totalitarian state enforcing radical egalitarianism on its citizens.

Destroying Western Civilization:
Cultural Marxism was developed in the early 1920’s by a group of Marxist German intellectuals at the Frankfurt School. Their goal was to completely destroy the values, morals, social structure, and culture of Western Civilization, and replace them with Cultural Marxist ideology that they considered as utopian. This was to be achieved this through a lengthy, peaceful cultural revolution that initially used academia, the media, and communications as the means of propagating their ideology towards egalitarianism and ultimately a totalitarian state.

Transferring Power:
The Cultural Marxists believed that society was divided into two basic groups that were based on gender, race, and ethnicity: the dominant privileged oppressor who possessed the power; the subordinate, marginalized, and oppressed that were powerless. The latter group included those who were economically oppressed, women, racial minorities, and criminals… the self-proclaimed hapless “victims” of society today.

The members knew the success of their cultural revolution was dependent on reversing the correlation of power from the dominant privileged group to the marginalized or subordinate groups. Furthermore, they understood that such transfer of power could only be achieved when society intellectually and morally rejected the old order.

Cultural Marxism Comes To America:
In 1933 when the Nazis came to power in Germany the Frankfurt School members moved to New York City and opened shop at Columbia University. They began zealously implementing their plan of propagating Cultural Marxism in America and have met with remarkable success over the past 80 years. *Please see my archived blogs for detailed information on this topic.

The Manifestations:
The tenets of Cultural Marxism rapidly gained momentum and began firmly taking hold during the student protests and uprisings of the ‘60s. The intended effect of intellectually and morally rejecting the old order succeeded with disastrous results: an entire generation of Americans, particularly the university educated intellectual elite, readily adopted cultural Marxism as their own and accepted a toxic ideology that sought to destroy America’s traditional culture and values.

Today that generation of “Boomers” runs every elite institution, dominates the entertainment business, the media, and politics. They have caused American social policy to be based on Political Correctness, a basic concept of Cultural Marxism that focuses on race, gender, and ethnicity. The “Boomers” are waging and winning a vicious, relentless war on all of America’s traditional culture, values, and institutions that lie in ruins today.

The Worldview:
The worldview of Cultural Marxists is called group-based morality, or commonly known today as Multiculturalism. Simply stated, that which is moral is what best serves the interests of oppressed or marginalized ethnic, racial, and gender groups. In other words, morality is the catalyst that transfers power from the dominant groups to the subordinate groups. Today the Left uses the mantra of Multiculturalism, i.e., group power, be it ethnicity, race, gender, or collectively to justify their positions on every matter regardless of its credibility or absurdity.

Examples of Cultural Marxism in Legal Education

Criminal Law:
Law professors at leading universities now teach and strongly advocate jury nullification using Cultural Marxism’s group based-morality, always referred to as Multiculturalism, as its basis.

Specifically, they posit that minorities serving on juries should use their power as jurors to refuse to convict minority defendants regardless of the evidence presented at trial. The trite justification is always the same: such defendants have been lifelong powerless victims of an oppressive system heavily skewed in favor of dominant groups, such as white Christian males. This classically exemplifies a goal of Cultural Marxists: a transfer of power from the dominant group to the subordinate group.

Deconstructing Existing Law:
Deconstruction is integral to Cultural Marxism’s concept of Critical Theory, whose only purpose is to relentlessly criticize and destroy that which is not wanted. The use and influence of Deconstruction are prominent with postmodernity educators today because it essentially removes all meaning from unwanted content, inserts the desired meaning, and then deems it factual. Achieving the desired end is the only goal, the truth notwithstanding.

Throughout academia today there is a proliferation of specialized study groups focusing on ethnicity, race, gender, and their arrays of subsets. These study groups are a creation of Cultural Marxist’s Critical Theory operating under the euphemism of Multiculturalism. Their purpose is to criticize and destroy relative American traditions, values, and laws they deem unwanted or prejudicial to their cause, then replace them with what they want. Deconstruction is their sole means of achievement.

Specifically, critical legal studies and its subgroups, critical racial studies and feminist legal studies, posits that the law evolves from unequal positions of power and therefore serves the interests and legitimizes the rule of dominant groups. These study groups seek to deconstruct well established legal thought and principles they criticize for serving as instruments of power for the dominant groups then reconstruct them to serve the interests of the particular subordinate groups. All under the Cultural Marxist’s umbrella of Multiculturalism.

Examples of Cultural Marxism’s significant influence in Americas’ largest corporations today will appear in my next blog.



October 28th, 2013 6:23 am
Excellent article!
Your blog is outstanding and very informative.

Thank you. Keep up the good work.
Scott 'The Condor' Strople
October 28th, 2013 5:59 am
You are right on in your assessment of 'Multiculturalism' and the American Left. It is sad to watch its embrace by the average american ignoramous, but this too is a part of the American fall from God's grace, forfeited by the selfish and the foolish.
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