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America In Disarray
May 5th, 2015

I love America and am gravely concerned about her viability and strength as the world power she was not so terribly long ago. Unless you're wearing rose-colored glasses you know our country is being ripped apart at the seams by individuals and nations that want to destroy everything America, including our traditional culture and values.

At present this is impossible and impractical to achieve through external military action and accordingly the attacks are successfully emanating from within our country. Unbelievably, such attacks are being openly and tacitly initiated and condoned by authority figures working in State and Federal government... all without any meaningful opposition.

Core Responsibility: In my opinion Obama is directly responsible for catalyzing America's destruction. He has categorically stated his commitment to dramatically 'transform America' and his 'dirty hands' are all over multiple disturbing events that have adversely affected our country. For the sake of brevity a few of them are included in the following:
  • The United States Constitution has been thoroughly trashed
  • Domestic peace and civility are degenerating because of large-scale planned systemic disruption
  • American culture, traditions and values are being inverted
  • Hundreds of thousands of indigents from Mexico, Central America, the middle-east, and parts known only to Obama are entering and being illegally dumped in America without being screened for diseases
  • International respect for America has virtually been destroyed
As an aside it is important to note that for the most part the scores of illegals entering America will not assimilate into our society but rather form their own ethnic enclaves. Then it is back to business as usual as if they were in their native countries endeavoring to transpose native traditions to America. The only grains of commonality between Obama's illegals are being non-White and exploiting the American welfare system.

America Is Losing: Unfortunately Obama is succeeding in transforming America. Our country has never experienced the present chaotic domestic conditions, systemic disruption, and racial tensions that are directly attributable to his deliberate malevolent actions. He has intentionally stoked the fires of racial divide by involving himself directly and subtly encouraging violent riots and raucous protests in the following high profile matters involving the deaths of black thugs:
  • Trayvon Martin - Orlando
  • Michael Brown - Ferguson
  • Eric Garner - New York City
  • Freddie Gray - Baltimore
Obama boasted about sending representatives to the funerals of Martin, Brown, and Gray. He publicly extolled their virtues and personally contacted the families of each thug. Not surprisingly, however, Obama was silent on the tragic death of American war hero Kris Kyle. Any guesses about his obvious message to America generally and Whites specifically?

The Simplicity Of It All: One might legitimately ask how can this be happening to our once exceptional country that represented the world's bastion of strength and stability, and before our very eyes. While this might seem like a complex question the answer is relatively simple: Obama and a cadre of his Marxist associates are implementing fundamental Marxist techniques to destroy traditional American culture and values. Hard core Marxists and unwitting useful idiots calling themselves progressives then propagate the destructive ideology. Sound crazy? Read on and learn.

Below are some salient facts to bear in mind while reading this blog.
  • Today's Marxists are euphemistically called progressives to mask their ideology and true identity. However, most people who consider themselves as progressives are ignorant and unaware of the ideology they are propagating.
  • The progressive's worldview is Group-based Morality: 'that which is moral is what best serves the interests of oppressed or marginalized ethnic, racial, and gender groups', the truth notwithstanding.
  • Obama has been well schooled in anti-America Marxist ideology by close hard-core Communist associates that include long time, now deceased putative biological father and mentor Frank Marshall Davis, Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett, and close pal Bill Ayers.
  • Obama has been well schooled in anti-America Islamic ideology by his father and other close radical Muslim associates.
To better understand the Marxist concepts Obama is using to position America in her present dangerous and volatile situation a brief history of the ideology is necessary.

Marxist's Strategic Plan For America: German intellectuals at the Frankfurt School in Frankfurt, Germany founded cultural Marxism, i.e., today's Marxism, as an offshoot and eventual replacement of traditional economic Marxism circa 1921. Its founders had one goal: completely destroy then supplant traditional Western culture and values with Marxist ideology. Their method of achieving the goal was through a lengthy peaceful, indefensible cultural revolution with neither arms nor military involvement. In 1933 the founders relocated to Columbia University in NYC, then refocused their efforts almost exclusively on destroying traditional American culture and values.

Division of Power: The founding Marxists believed that society was divided into two basic groups based on, race, gender, and ethnicity: the dominant privileged oppressor who possessed the power; the subordinate, marginalized, and oppressed group that was powerless. The latter group was comprised of the economically deprived, women, racial minorities, homosexuals, and criminals... today's self- proclaimed 'poor underprivileged victims of an oppressive society', and considered as 'sacred cows' by politically correct progressives. The subordinate group was privately referred to as useful idiots that would mindlessly perform grunt work to help achieve the goal. Their welfare was of total indifference to the founders who pragmatically stroked them as deemed appropriate.

Catalyzing a Transfer of Power: The founders posited that transferring the correlation of power to the subordinate group was essential if their strategy to destroy and supplant America's traditional culture and values was to succeed. In order to effect a complete transfer of power society first had to intellectually and morally reject the long standing traditions, culture and values. Several key members of the dominant group would facilitate this by joining and leading the subordinate group's revolt while members of the Frankfurt School provided ultimate tactical and strategic direction. Their efforts peaked during the 60's student revolution that successfully thundered through America rejecting moral authority and traditions. Herbert Marcuse, a respected professor and one of the founding cultural Marxists, led the movement. More on Marcuse is available in my archived blogs at

Obama's Emergence: Obama emerged 55 years later to regenerate and lead the subordinate group of useful idiots down the path of rejecting, destroying, revolutionizing, and 'transforming' traditional American culture on a grand scale. Thanks to Obama and his ilk of people that hate America she is currently on her heels.

Rejecting American Traditions: Obama's ongoing transformation of America is a result of his direct involvement in causing her traditional 'old order' to be intellectually and morally rejected by much of society as envisioned by the founding Marxists. The "historically oppressed subordinate" group comprised of the economically deprived, women, racial minorities, homosexuals, and criminals he publicly professes to unconditionally support and has emboldened, including the world's illegals, indigents, and undesirables now flooding America gratis Obama, are in fact many of his useful idiots doing the grunt work in the trenches.

Power Is Shifting: The overall effect of Obama's acts of transformation has been to gradually shift power to and embolden the "historically oppressed subordinate" group with total indifference as to its composition. Obama's actions have effectively imbued the group with a sense of invincibility and privilege under his fallacious blessings and lawless rule that underpin the riots. This is clearly evinced by the dangerous, chaotic condition of America today, and most recently the riot in Baltimore.

That riot, its associated violence and wanton destruction of private property were encouraged by and stem directly from Obama publicly justifying the Ferguson riot as resulting from poor innocent victims of an oppressive society venting pent up frustrations and needing more welfare. Parroting Obama, Baltimore's mayor, Rawlings-Blake, and City Council President Bernard Young also publicly expressed this outrageous insulting view. Adding insult to injury, they apologized to the rioting savages for calling them 'thugs' and deferentially referred to these 'sensitive' feral animals as 'demonstrators'. In the same vein as Obama refers to his terrorist Muslim brother jihadists are 'freedom fighters'.

The Chaotic State of America Today: Consider the present state of America beginning with Obama's commitment to dramatically transform our country. He has consistently made his obvious abject disdain for her laws and their enforcement, governing bodies, military, culture, and traditions crystal clear. In the complete absence of real opposition he has intentionally created and encouraged an environment of wanton behavior including total disrespect for lives, individual rights, property, laws, and law enforcement without any meaningful consequences to perpetrators.

As a result Obama's favored, emboldened 'poor oppressed victims' group has jumped on his bandwagon of hatred. They are using his words, lawlessness, and animus towards America as justification to riot, loot, commit arson and violence, destroy public and private property, and kill police.

Acts & Edicts: The majority of Obama's countless acts and edicts, legal or not, have generally resulted in chaos and systemic disruption in America. They have primarily benefited the 'historically oppressed subordinate' group that now includes illegal indigent indigents and undesirables with different cultures from around the world... to the exclusion and at the expense of all others, particularly white people.This is not racist, it's fact!

Obama's faux moral high ground emanates from the aforementioned Progressive's Group-based Morality: 'that which is moral is what best serves the interests of oppressed or marginalized ethnic, racial, and gender groups', facts and truths notwithstanding.

Obama Fuels The Fire: In past blogs I've written extensively on Obama's exhaustive list of legal and illegal acts and edicts including the following whose results speak volumes:
  • Flooding America with indigent, non-White illegals from all over the world without being screened for diseases
  • Using executive action to grant amnesty to hundreds of thousands of non-White illegals
  • Virtually eliminating voter ID laws
  • Forbidding law enforcement to ask for ID
  • Restricting law enforcement from religious and racial profiling
  • Releasing thousands of illegal felons from prisons onto US streets
  • Releasing high value Muslim terrorists from Gitmo
  • Intentionally inflaming racial tensions to create division, hatred, and systemic disruption throughout America
  • Extolling the virtues of Islam, Muslim terrorists, e.g., Iran, Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood, and dead black teen thugs
  • Encouraging and supporting riots organized and led by professional racist activists such as his Muslim pal and past president of the radical New Black Panther Party, Malik Shabazz
Crystal Clarity: I doubt there can be much serious disagreement that these acts have resulted in chaos and significant systemic disruption, neither of which benefit nor add value to America. It should be abundantly clear that the direct beneficiaries of Obama's acts are all non-White, and that is consistent with his obvious racism. Likewise, it is consistent with Obama's malevolent disturbing pattern of destroying traditional American culture that has crystallized without meaningful opposition thanks to a worthless Congress comprised of rapacious self -serving sycophants that enable Obama to illegally rule as an unbridled monarch.

A Sign Of Times To Come: Baltimore was the most brazen, destructive, and violent of the recent professionally organized riots under Obama thus far. Incredibly, black Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake ordered local police to stand down and permit the violent rioters to do as they pleased, be it arson, looting, property destruction, as well as violence against police and civilians. Blake also advised law enforcement "let them loot, it's only property". She justified their violence by stating that the rioters were "misguided youths who needed support".

Apologizing To Thugs: The aforementioned apologies by Baltimore officials to violent savages had the effect of supporting and condoning their wanton behavior through appeasement. In the business world this is called "green lighting" a deal. In the violent world of riots it sets a very dangerous precedent for the future, particularly in major American cities with large black populations and Obama in office.

Obama's Poor Oppressed Societal Victims: If you think Obama seriously cares about the rights, welfare, etc., of the so-called "poor subordinate victims of an oppressive society" as he professes, or anyone else for that matter have another think. He is simply using the umbrella of political correctness to espouse the merits of inclusion, tolerance, and diversity for public consumption. Obama uses minorities in America regardless of legal standing, including Blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims as disposable useful idiots to perform the grunt work by causing systemic disruption in our country. This in turn facilitates his goal to destroy the underpinnings and fabric of traditional American culture and ultimately pave the way for a totalitarian state, be it Islamic or Marxist.

Wake Up America: America better wake up because the professionally organized chaos, violence, and riots in Ferguson, NYC, and Baltimore represent the thin end of Obama's evil wedge of systemic destruction. The organizers of these riots emboldened by Obama's acquiescence in and overt public support for them are now brazenly encouraging violence, particularly against law enforcement, because it is 'acceptable behavior'. Be assured that future "protests" will make the aforementioned riots look pale, particularly with the knowledge that Obama will order local law enforcement to use extreme restraint against the violent rioters. This is tantamount to coddling these feral animals and condoning their violence.

To put this in perspective, Obama's pal and president of the New Black Panthers, Hashim Nzinga, announced to the world that "we will kill for the black nation". He knows that Obama has historically had his groups' back and that nothing will change.

View my archived blogs at Suthenboy archives

June 10th, 2015 9:11 am
Love your column thanks you are a great American. We need more and we NEED God back in the mix.
Bo Dzyndra
June 2nd, 2015 10:39 am
This analogy is spot on. If everybody opened their eyes to this we can have a better America & bring God back to our nation.
Joanne McLain
May 27th, 2015 5:38 pm
Very well done. Both parties are corrupt but watching Obama tear our Country down in Chicago thug style has been exceedingly infuriating.And whoever that coward is who left only initials of C.A.,Kris Kyle was a true American hero and you aren't worthy to lick his boot.Liberalism is evil and we will have a civil war good vs evil.
America is in a free -fall from Grace. We have Allowed the Devil in the W/H and I am amazed, without T. Cruz, T. Gowdy Very few people have stood up for the injustices he has committed.
May 23rd, 2015 9:16 pm
We as a Nation must Stand Tall and Proud to protect America we knew it to be. obama is destroying it as fast as possible. I am for Impeachment, either way. We will have a civil war in America. We don't have 16 months to wait.
May 14th, 2015 2:24 pm
To blame Obama for everything "wrong" with America is idiotic. To say that Marxism is going to take over America is laughable. Kris kyle isn't a war hero. The south is the south, the nor the is the north everything is equal now. There is no south rising get over it. You're the type of person that makes everyone think Texans are horse riding racists with our heads up our ass. Your views are that of a schizophrenic homeless man rambling on the side of the street.
May 12th, 2015 11:42 pm
Very insightful and well written. Right on the mark and makes one realize that we are headed for some tough times unless like-minded "American Patriots" band together and take back America!
May 11th, 2015 7:47 pm
Refreshing to read such words of truth
Julia Kate Teabo
May 10th, 2015 5:00 pm
I agree with you 100%. We the People have limited power. We have our voice and our vote. We must use our voices more and our words need to be directed toward our representatives in Congress. It will take all of us and we must unite. One way to get the most from our efforts relating to immigration is to join and support I have been a member for 7-8 years and I have found them to be an asset. They handle the administrative work by setting up and sending faxes, providing phone number, address and other info. We need to find and utilize more patriotic units like this. And of course, wake up and motivate the masses.

Thank you for your efforts and you have my support.
Shirley Ann Addy
May 8th, 2015 6:09 am
Marxism is "Group" oriented with rewards and punishments for
the favored and the undesirable "Group". Just guess which group
falls in the undesirable ranks? Keep our Battle Flag Flying.
Shirley Ann
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