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The Same Old Hillary
March 26th, 2015

Presidential hopefuls in both parties are testing the waters to determine the viability of their candidacies for 2016. The stalwart old warhorse, Hillary Clinton, is the most familiar of the group thus far. She's attempted a remake to emerge as a different "new me" on multiple occasions, but now with her current email scandal spilling over into her Benghazi murders scandal, she's once again the "old me".

Notwithstanding Clinton's wide variety of new weekly personae however, her character and propensities have remained consistent throughout adulthood and more particularly during her high profile political career. This blog cites specific examples to briefly describe just how consistent they have been during the last 40 years.

Clinton was 27 when the photograph above was taken. The caption not only speaks for itself, but it barely scratches the surface in describing her and serves to portend the next 40 years of Clinton's public political life. While I doubt that her character in the years preceding the time of this photo was any different, Clinton's involvement with Watergate is an excellent starting point to provide you with the opportunity to decide about the consistency of her propensities and character.

Watergate Impeachment Inquiry Committee: Life long Democrat Jerry Zeifman supervised the House Judiciary Committee's Impeachment Inquiry Staff that was investigating and assessing the merits of impeaching Richard Nixon. Hillary Clinton, then 27 years old, was hired as a member of the committee thanks to political pressure applied primarily by Ted "Sot" Kennedy.

Clinton was a White House staffer and worked under Zeifman until 1974 when the Nixon investigation was completed. At that time he fired Clinton from the committee staff and refused to give her a letter of recommendation; she was one of only three people who earned that dubious distinction in Zeifman's 17-year career. Subsequent to firing Clinton, Zeifman indicated that her history of lies and unethical behavior went back further and much deeper than anyone realized, but failed to elaborate. However, he indicated that her behavior formed a disturbing, consistent pattern of lies, obfuscations, deceit, and treachery.

Zeifman gave the following reasons for firing Clinton:
  • She was a liar

  • She was dishonest

  • She was unethical

  • She advocated denying President Nixon representation by counsel in a written legal memorandum

  • When informed that public evidence showed a precedent for the right to counsel she absconded with the files to eliminate the evidence
Of interest, Henry Ruth, the lead Watergate Courtroom prosecutor wrote in a Wall Street Journal article, "The Clintons corrupted the soul of the Democratic Party".

Rose Law Firm: Disappearing Billing Records, and Whitewater Scandal: Clinton worked at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas in the 80s. During that time her MO of corruption and lying blossomed, as she was involved in a major banking client's fraudulent loan schemes and masterminded a massive real estate fraud known as Whitewater.

A federal investigation inquiring into the frauds was launched and included in the items the investigators sought were Clinton's associated billing records and documents. She claimed to be without any knowledge or have any information on either matter, but interestingly her relevant billing records mysteriously disappeared. Several of her co-conspirators, including big time local politicians and other lawyers were indicted and plead guilty.

First Lady: The Whitewater investigation gained momentum and followed Clinton to the White House where Special Counsel Ken Starr continually pressed her about and subpoenaed the missing documents that were relevant to the frauds. In typical Clintonesque amoral pathological lying fashion she continued the charade by obfuscating and denying any knowledge of the records or anything else for that matter.

Two years later the records magically appeared in the White House where they were found by a White House aid in a room and turned over to Starr's prosecutors. Naturally Clinton was without knowledge as to how and when the missing records mysteriously found their way into a room in the White House.

Starr had reached his limit with Clinton's persistent lying and obfuscation. He subpoenaed her to appear and testify under oath before a Federal grand jury to determine whether she had intentionally obstructed justice. As an aside Clinton had the honor of being the only First Lady in history to be subpoenaed before a grand jury and made to testify under oath. Clinton had 'no recollection' of anything relevant when she testified and immediately thereafter blamed the incident on a vast right wing conspiracy. This has become her standard line.

Other scandals masterminded by First Lady Clinton included Travelgate, Filegate, Emailgate, and Chinagate. For the sake of brevity suffice to say that Clinton was at the core of these scandals, each one involving major corruption, fraud, treachery, and pathological lying. 

The vile, classless Clintons' were caught stealing White House property on two ocassions as they were departing after Slick Willie's term, and kindly returmed the items.

Democratic Primary Candidate Clinton: While campaigning Clinton repeatedly claimed she had come under serious sniper fire during her visit to Bosnia. Video of the alleged event and eyewitnesses made it crystal that she was lying as usual. This piqued a great deal of interest in whether she had been engaging in a pattern of pathological lying during her entire adult life. The passage of time has made that concern abundantly clear and moot.

Benghazi: As secretary of State Clinton was at the heart of the Benghazi scandal involving an Islamic terrorist attack resulting in the murders of four Americans working at the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. Among the dead was Ambassador Chris Stephens who had previously been fearful for the lives of himself and staff. So much so that days before the murders he requested additional support which Clinton denied. Clinton was accused of gross dereliction of duty that was the proximate cause of the tragic murders.

Clinton appeared before a Select Senate Committee investigating the matter where she blamed the attack and murders on a video made by an amateur filmmaker allegedly insulting the prophet Muhammad. She vehemently denied any responsibility and consistently lied in an effort to avoid criminal liability and culpability for the murders. Once again the truth was of total indifference to Clinton and was trumped by perjury because she knew there would not be any consequences.

Incredulously, when a panel member inquired as to her involvement in the murders she had the unmitigated audacity to respond, "what difference does it make?" Many people familiar with the murders know her as the "butcher of Benghazi".

The Benghazi investigation is continuing on ad infinitum. In my opinion it will be swept unded the DC carpet of corruption as are 99% of such faux investigations held primarily for public consumption and face time for corrupt, egotistical politicians.

Email Scandal: You are no doubt familiar with this recent ordeal where Clinton is again at the heart of corruption and has likely committed multiple felonies. Briefly, as Secretary of State she refused to use a government server and email address, but rather at a minimum used a variety of email addresses from her private unsecured server for classified and sensitive government business. Inexplicably, her chief aide, Huma Abedin, a radical Muslim with close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist organizations, had direct access to and use of the server that could not possibly have been in the best interest of America.

Currently Clinton is refusing to answer questions regarding the private email server but rest assured a plethora of lies will be forthcoming. Senator Trey Gowdy heads up the new Benghazi investigation and has demanded that Clinton turn over the server to his committee. Her response was to completely erase the server's disc and in effect tell Gowdy to shove it as she did the first panel of weak, inept, intimidated fools. Gowdy, treating the vile corrupt liar with respect and fear as did the previous panel, has already agreed to postpone her scheduled appearance date multiple times. In typical fashion, Clinton is again calling the shots and the panel's gutless, intimidatged amoebas are on their knees like lowly servants saying 'yes ma'am'.

The FBI has been investigating Clinton's email scandal for what seems like an eternity, but have conveniently failed to interview her, perhaps under Obama's orders. Thus far this scandal is a carbon copy of Benghazi, the investigative bodies notwithstanding, without an end in sight and in all probability, without any consequences at its conclusion.

Clinton Foundation: For the sake of brevity this involves Clinton, as Secretary of State, arranging large financial contributions being made to the Clinton Foundation and exhorbitant speaking fees being paid to 'Sleazy Willie' as the quid pro quo for extending favorable treatment and other such benefits to American companies; foreign based comapnies; foreign nations and nationals, their ideologies and motives notwithstanding. To be succinct, Clinton sold influence to anyone.

The sources and legalities of the quid pro quos for such payments are being questioned and as usual Clinton has refused to provide any meaningful information. Some details have been leaked, however, and to no surprise the picture that emerges is ugly and underpinned with corruption and fraud. From the uncontradictd information at hand it is abundantly clear that Clinton is for sale if the deal benefits her financially regardless of the buyer and its impact on America. The only criteria is that the price be steep enough to satisfy her insatiable rapacity and that of 'Slick Willie'. Clinton's well known unscrupulous conduct and lack of morals is exactly why so many major corporations are supporting one with her sordid past for president.

To best understand how truly vile the Clintons' are in selling out America without any compunctions whatsoever read Peter Schweizer's best selling book "Clinton Cash". It exposes their sudden wealth derived from back door dealings with foreign nationals, nations, businesses, and murderous warlords in Africa, as well as opens a pandoras box to their incessant fraud and deceit. One significant result of the book is that Hillary admitted they intentionally failed to disclosse the names of several major donors and respective amounts on Federal and State Tax returns... a felony. On April 28, 2015 the Washington Post discovered 1100 of Clintons' hidden foreign donors which is no doubt the tip of the iceberg of their ongoing treason and other nefarious conduct. 

2015 Campaign: It's mid April and Clinton has already been busted by the MSM for: having milliions of fake social media fans on Facebook and Twitter; bussing in and using locals and associates as props posing as genuine supporters at her first campaign stop in Iowa; lying about her grandmother being an immigrant.

Jeffery Zeifman was spot on and prescient 40 years ago: Hillary Clinton's behavior has consistently formed a pattern of corruption, lies, obfuscations, deceit, and treachery.

Rarefied Air: In the history of American politics there has never been a high level career politician involved at the very heart of so many major scandals involving the same pattern of corruption, deceit, treachery, and amoral pathological lying as Hillary Clinton. In every instance Clinton has claimed to be the innocent victim of a vast right wing conspiracy, which is tantamount to scum like Sharpton, Holder,, playing the race card. Thus far she has been fortunate to escape civil and criminal liability, but luck is fickle and fleeting while lying and cheating have a strange way of boomeranging. Clinton belongs in a Federal Penitentiary for a long time: no one in a position of public trust has ever been more deserving.

Cliinton is also the first known Secretary of State to have a chief aide with strong family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and its female counterpart, the Muslim Sisterhood. As mentioned aforesaid, that exemplary person is Huma Abedin who shared access to all classified U.S. documents with Clinton as well as her personal private email servers. Since Clinton had no compunctions about selling 'anything' American to the highest bidders, and considering Abedin's close terrorist connections, in my opinion it's highly likely that classified intel was sold and provided a hefty revenue source for the rapacious corrupt Clintons. Remember, the CIA HQs in Benghazi was secret, but Al Qaeda knew exactly where it was as their attack was not made happenstantially. 

In my opinion Clinton is a vile, amoral pathological liar with a black heart who epitomizes abject evil. It should not surprise anyone that she was mentored by and is a devoted acolyte of hard core Marxist Saul Alinsky, now deceased. He hated America and taught activists how to disrupt and destroy our country. Alinsky authored "Rules For Radicals", the activists' handbook for creating systemic disruption and chaos throughout America.
My current blog on Alinsky, Obama, and Clinton can be viewed at:

At a news conference on March 11, 2014 Clinton was asked about her major accomplishment as Secretary of State. She responded as follows:

"Well, I'm glad you asked! My proudest accomplishment in which I take the most pride, mostly because of the opposition it faced early on, you know... the remnants of prior situations and mindsets that were too narrowly focused in a manner whereby they may have overlooked the bigger picture and we didn't do that... and I'm proud of that. Very proud. I would say that's my Major Accomplishment!"

The truthful response is: I have lied, perjured myself, cheated, committed fraud, privately laughed at the fools that support me, and thus far haven't suffered any meaningful consequences.

Archived blogs can be viewed at suthenboy archives.

Ortaine Devian
April 22nd, 2015 8:45 pm
wow - news to me. thx
April 13th, 2015 5:52 am
She also was one person, also with Fred Thomas that helped get Nixon out of office, too. She is the worst person I can maybe think of. Weird. He husband is a f too, though.
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