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Obama Stacks the Deck For Islam
February 4th, 2015
As you know by now I firmly believe Obama is a radical Muslim who was not born in America, never seriously vetted nor challenged because he is black, and is illegally holding his position. To the best of my knowledge Obama is the first POTUS that has willfully placed people in sensitive administrative positions who are acolytes of and propagate ideologies underpinning organizations that are sworn enemies of America. To wit: cultural Marxism and Islam.

While only Obama knows all of the Communists and Muslims in his administration, some of the known individuals who are or were actively involved are listed below.

Cultural Marxists
  • Valerie Jarrett: Obama's senior adviser. Native Iranian, moved to Chicago at age six. She, her family and inner circle are long time hard core Communists whose ideology is cultural Marxism.
  • Van Johnson: Obama's ex Green Jobs adviser is a hard core Communist and radical racist.
  • Cass Sunstein: Obama's ex Regulatory Czar and hard core Communist.
  • Arif Alikhan; Mohammad Elibiary; Rashad Hussain; Salem al-Marayati; Imam Mohamed Magid; Ebo Patel; all report only to Obama
  • John Brennan: CIA chief who proudly converted to Islam some years ago and refused to take his oath of office using a bible
  • Andre Carson: Democrat representative from IN recently appointed to the House Intelligence Committee is a hard-core Muslim with ties to several Islamic organizations fronting for terrorist organizations that include CAIR; Islamic Society of North America; Muslim American Society; Muslim Public Affairs Council
  • Fatima Noor: special assistant in the Office of the Director for US Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Huma Abedin: Hillary Clinton's ex Deputy Chief of Staff and good friend has deep ties to Muslim Brotherhood and other such organizations
Totalitarian Ideologies: Cultural Marxism and Islam are proselytizing totalitarian ideologies whose very core preaches hatred and destruction of everything American.

Inherent in these ideologies are loss of freedom of expression, thought control, inversion of traditional values and social order. Ultimately both aim to destroy traditional American culture and values, supplant them with their respective ideology then implement a totalitarian state enforcing radical egalitarianism.

Forcing Compliance: In order to force compliance with their respective ideologies cultural Marxist use behavioral psychology, which includes political correctness, as their weapon of choice: Islamists/Muslims effectively use political correctness as well, but fear and intimidation through threats, acts of violence, and terrorism are their preferred methods of enforcement.

America's Best Interests: It should be abundantly clear that neither cultural Marxists nor Islamists have the best interests of America at heart. The very essence of each is to overtly and covertly propagate their respective ideologies in our country. Accordingly, placing America first would be diametrically opposed to their fundamental ideological beliefs. Notwithstanding this, however, they have been specifically placed in sensitive positions relative to our national security, and that should give one reason to pause and seriously consider exactly how Obama is stacking the deck. The 'why' should be crystal clear.

Whether or not the cultural Marxists and Islamists in Obama's administration pose a threat to America's national security is a serious question to which only they and Obama know the answer. However, knowing that the interests of their respective ideologies will always trump those of America is troubling.

Active and Passive Acquiescence of Congress: The foregoing facts are public information readily available to every literate person. Please indulge me for a moment while I assume, arguendo, that most members of Congress are somewhat literate and to a minute extent care about America's well-being and future. Based thereon it is absolutely appalling that Congress directly and through deafening silence willfully encourages and supports such people in sensitive government positions that belong to organizations whose goal is to destroy our culture and supplant it with theirs. But Obama's worthless sycophants enthusiastically do so time and time again.

Congress' position of embracing the foregoing ilk of people is consistent with their continuing support of Obama's illegal presidency, illegal executive actions, and illegally ruling America by edict ala a monarch. It's absolutely sickening to watch and listen to aspiring presidential hopefuls on both sides of the aisle talk about America's future while they sit by and watch Obama destroy our country today.

The Ominous European Union Effect: The EU perfectly exemplifies the fate of a nation that fails to place its best interest first and foremost. Political correctness is pervasive in the EU and Muslim immigrants are taking full advantage of it in various ways. Most notably, they are demanding and establishing "No Go Zones" in each country with governmental support. These are 'Muslim only' enclaves where Islam, Sharia Law, and the Quran are followed exclusively. The enclave's inhabitants act autonomously from local traditions and laws, but do enjoy sating themselves with every form of welfare.

"No Go Zones" are steadily proliferating throughout the EU and be assured their Muslim inhabitants have no interest in assimilating with anything or anyone that is non- Muslim. As a matter of fact they neither contribute nor add value to the countries stupid enough to have permitted them entry in the first place. Make no mistake about their intentions: completely take over traditional local culture by all means necessary and supplant it with Islam. It is vital to understand that All Muslims consider Islam as the foundation of life for mankind.

If you don't think this can occur in America have another think then check out Dearborn, MI; a pig's sty and the beginning of Islamization in America. View all archived blogs at suthenboy archives.
Terry Hoekstra
March 18th, 2015 9:19 pm
We financed the Islamic takeover of the United States of America with our oil money. Isn't it interesting that we have all kinds of oil in our own country and yet we buy it at whatever price is asked from the Muslims. We have sold our nation down the proverbial tubes.
Larry Moses
February 27th, 2015 4:30 pm
Obama is the biggest threat to the United States of America........
It's time to get rid of the threat NOW!
William Bevan
February 25th, 2015 7:45 am
General Robert E Lee: Great article, & it`s now fact that Islam, and The Muslim Brotherhood, are so well entrenched at the highest levels of Government. The U.S.A. may never recover, it might be too late!
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