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Obama, Islam, and Denial
January 22nd, 2015
Not unexpectedly Obama continues his obstinacy in refusing to use the terms Islam, Muslim, Terrorism, and Jihad when speaking about the ever increasing world wide massacres committed by his Godforsaken Muslim brethren. To maintain Sharia compliance and in lieu thereof his standard euphemism when insulting one's intelligence and denying the obvious is referring to their brutal, barbaric handiwork as 'violent extremism'. How utterly appalling!

Obama seems to be getting a little testy about the undeniable fact that Islam, his way of life, underpins Muslim terrorism as evinced by the outrageous speech he delivered on February 5, 2015 at the National Prayer Breakfast in DC. There he had the gall to compare early Christian Crusades to the barbaric acts of ISIS today, then rip the Bible while highly priasing his book of evil, the Quran. 

Obama Lectures America and the UK: Most recently Obama had the audacity to tacitly threaten America and the EU to 'start better integrating Muslim immigrants into their communities'. In my opinion he inferentially implied that not doing so would lead to more massacres by the feral animals... as is their customary form of behavior.

Terrorism and Muslims: In the past I've opined that Muslims commit 99% of the world's terror. Below is a very short, non sequential but exemplary list that includes some of the commendable deeds performed by Obama's peace loving brethren that clearly would encourage one to welcome them into their community.

  Ft Hood Shooter
Madrid Train Bombers
London Subway Bombers
Boston Marathon Bombers
Air France Entebbe Hijackers
Beirut US Embassy Bombers
Kenyan US Embassy Bombers
Beirut Marine Barracks Bombers
9/11/01 WTC Bombers
Bombay & Mumbai Attackers
Achille Lauro Ship Hijackers
USS Cole Bombers
Bafi Nightclub Bombers
Moscow Theater Bombers
Pan Am Flt 93 Bombers
Iranian Embassy Takeover
Benghazi US Embassy Attack
Saudi Khober Towers Bombers
2/26/93 WTC Bombers
Israeli Olympic Team Attackers
Besnian School Attackers
Paris Charlie Staff Massacre

Islamic Terror Organizations: There is no shortage of indisputable Islamic terrorist organizations operating in the world. Obama refuses to categorize many as such since according to him his peaceful Muslim brethren do not commit terror. To be consistent he has known members of Muslim Brotherhood in key administrative positions and openly supports Hamas. However and for a lark, below find a short list of the better known little darlings for your information:

  Islamic Jihad
Al Qaeda
Muslim Brotherhood
Palestine Liberation Front
Boko Haram
Abu Sayyaf

Muslims and Peaceful Coexistence: Throughout history and most recently in the EU that foolishly opened their doors to Muslim immigrants, it has been proven that Muslims do not have any intentions of assimilating into a foreign culture. Rather they attempt to take over traditional societal cultures by all means necessary, including violence, and supplant them with Islamic ideology. However, history has also proven that Muslims have problems getting along with other ethnic groups, as well as their own. For instance, Muslims have problems living with the following ethnic groups:


Muslims are unhappy with and have the greatest problem living among each other. This is perfectly exemplified by the constant violence, unrest, and instability existing in the following Islamic countries:


Ye need not abandon all hope for these fine folks however because they are content living in and spreading their message of peace through the following civilized countries that welcome them with open arms, sympathy, and welfare:

  USA & Canada
The Netherlands

Assimilation Muslim Style: As mentioned aforesaid, Muslims immigrants do not assimilate in their new lands. They maintain their Islamic ideology and immediately endeavor to convert the communities they inhabit into Islamic neighborhoods complete with Mosques & Sharia law. When problems stemming from their comportment arise, which is frequent and inevitable, they show their sincere appreciation for allowing them to immigrate through violence and by blaming local residents, law enforcement, and government for 'offensive racial profiling'. In America Dearborn MI classically exemplifies their modus operandi.

Notwithstanding the merits of their claims, which are generally spurious, this typically results in CAIR or other such odious radical Islamic front group filing a discrimination suit. Frankly, I don't know how a barbaric Muslim can possibly be offended.

Political Correctness: Superficially it seems as though Muslims want the new found countries where they're happy to be exactly like the countries from where they immigrated because they were unhappy. However, that's not quite the case. Muslims know political correctness dominates the West where they're considered as 'sacred cows' along with other so called 'marginalized' minorities; clearly not the case in their native countries. Accordingly, they astutely take full advantage of the faux moral absolutes associated with political correctness: inclusion, tolerance, diversity, sensitivity, and social justice. This luxury is only a pipe dream in their respective countries and those in the U.S. are not leaving... particularly with Obama in charge, or any Western country for that matter.

Muslims have a unique advantage over other so called 'historically marginalized minority groups' relative to the protective umbrella of political correctness: the real fear of being massacred for what they deem to be offensive behavior towards them as recently evidenced in Paris.

Islamization Of America: Obama is quietly bringing Muslims into America by the thousands without regard to laws, character or health. He is repressing this by keeping illegal immigration of the world's non-white indigents and undesirables entering through 'virtual' southwestern borders and Executive amnesty on the front page. Make no mistake, however, the Islamization of America is in full swing, albeit somewhat under the radar. One need only look at Western Europe to foresee the ominous results.

For in depth information on the real ramifications of Islamization I encourage you to Google Geert Wilders. He is a Dutch politician who founded and leads the Party For Freedom, fourth largest in the Dutch parliament. Wilders is a well-known stalwart, vociferous opponent of Islamization who speaks on the topic throughout the West and is on Al Qeda's hit list. Watch and listen to some of his speeches wherein he discusses real life experiences relative to the disastrous results of Muslim immigration under the umbrella of political correctness.

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Some of the data contained herein was provided by Brian Maday
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