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How Obama Is Destroying America’s Traditional Culture
December 12th, 2014
I strongly believe Obama is a hard-core Muslim using cultural Marxist tactics and strategy to destroy American cultural traditions and values then supplant them with Islam. Another common and perhaps more popular view is that he is a Marxist pursuing the same goal except the supplanting ideology would be cultural Marxism.

In any event, it’s inconceivable to me that a person who loves America and has not been living under a rock for the last six years seriously believes that Obama has enhanced our country. To the contrary, everything he does is specifically intended to degenerate domestic peace and civility, as well as international respect. Unfortunately Obama is succeeding: America has never before experienced the chaotic conditions, systemic disruption, and racial tensions that are directly attributable to his deliberate actions.

Below are some salient facts to bear in mind while reading this blog.
  • Today’s cultural Marxists are euphemistically called Progressives to mask their ideology and true identity. However, most people who consider themselves Progressives are ignorant of the ideology they are propagating.
  • The Progressive’s worldview is Group-based Morality: ‘that which is moral is what best serves the interests of oppressed or marginalized ethnic, racial, and gender groups’, the truth notwithstanding.
  • Obama has been well schooled in anti-America cultural Marxist ideology by close hard-core Communist associates that include long time, now deceased mentors Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinsky, and Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett.
  • Obama has been well schooled in anti-America Islamic ideology by his father, Jarrett, and other close Muslim associates.
In order to put this into context please indulge me while I digress into a brief history of cultural Marxism as it relates to Obama and the condition in which he has put America today.

Cultural Marxist’s Strategic Plan For America: German intellectuals founded cultural Marxism as an offshoot and eventual replacement of traditional economic Marxism circa 1921 at the Frankfurt School in Frankfurt, Germany. Its founders had one goal: to completely destroy traditional Western culture then supplant it with cultural Marxist ideology. In 1933 the founders relocated to Columbia University in NYC, then refocused their efforts almost exclusively on destroying traditional American culture and values. Their method of achieving the goal was through a lengthy peaceful, indefensible cultural revolution with neither arms nor military involvement.

Societal Divisions and Power: The founding cultural Marxists believed that society was divided into two basic groups based on, race, gender, and ethnicity: the dominant privileged oppressor who possessed the power; the subordinate, marginalized, and oppressed group that was powerless. The latter group included those who were economically deprived, women, racial minorities, homosexuals, and criminals… today’s self- proclaimed ‘poor underprivileged victims of an oppressive society’.

The subordinate group was privately referred to as useful idiots that would perform the heavy lifting in the trenches to help achieve the goal. Their welfare was of total indifference to the founders who pragmatically stroked them as deemed appropriate.

Catalyzing a Transfer of Power: The founders posited that transferring the correlation of power to the subordinate group was essential if their strategy to destroy and supplant America’s traditional culture and values was to succeed. In order to effect a complete transfer of power society had to first intellectually and morally reject the old order. To facilitate such rejection a few key members of the dominant oppressors would join and lead the subordinate group’s revolt with ultimate strategic direction being provided by members of the Frankfurt School.

Their efforts peaked during the 60’s student counter culture revolution that successfully thundered through America rejecting moral authority and traditions. Herbert Marcuse, a respected professor and one of the founding cultural Marxists, led the movement. More on Marcuse is available in my archived blogs at

The Emergence of Obama: Now 55 years later Obama has emerged to regenerate and lead the subordinate group of useful idiots down the path of rejecting, destroying, and revolutionizing American culture on a grand scale. Thanks to him and his ilk of people that hate America she is reeling.

Rejecting American Traditions: Obama’s transformation of America is a result of his direct involvement in causing her traditional 'old order' to be intellectually and morally rejected by much of society as envisioned by the founding cultural Marxists. The ”historically oppressed subordinate” group based on ethnicity, race, and gender he professes to unconditionally support and has emboldened, including the world’s illegals and undesirables now flooding America gratis Obama are in fact some of his useful idiots performing the heavy lifting in the trenches.

The overall effect of Obama’s acts of transformation has been to shift power to and embolden the ”historically oppressed subordinate” group regardless of their legal status in America. Obama’s actions have been very effective as the group now feels virtually invincible and privileged under his lawless rule. This is clearly evinced by the dangerous, chaotic condition of America today encouraged by and stemming directly from Obama who publicly justifies it as resulting from poor innocent victims of oppressive societies venting pent up frustrations.

The Chaotic State of America Today: Consider the present state of America beginning with Obama’s consistent abject disdain for her laws and their enforcement, governing bodies, military, culture, and traditions. He has intentionally created and encouraged an environment of wanton behavior including total disrespect for individuals, property, laws, and law enforcement without any meaningful consequences to perpetrators. The majority of Obama's numerous legal and illegal acts have generally resulted in chaos and systemic disruption in America. They have primarily benefited the 'historically oppressed subordinate' group that now includes illegal indigents and undesirables with different cultures from around the world... to the exclusion and at the expense of all others.

Obama's faux moral high ground emanates from the aforementioned Progressive's Group-based Morality: 'that which is moral is what best serves the interests of oppressed or marginalized ethnic, racial, and gender groups', facts and truths notwithstanding. 

Obama Fuels the Fires: Specifically, in past blogs I’ve written extensively on Obama’s exhaustive list of actions, not necessarily laws, including the following: massive illegal immigration and executive amnesty for non-Whites; virtually eliminating voter ID laws; forbidding law enforcement to ask for ID; restricting law enforcement from religious and racial profiling; releasing thousands of illegal felons from prisons onto US streets; releasing high value Muslim terrorists from Gitmo; ObamaCare; intentionally inflaming racial tensions; extolling the virtues of Islam, Muslim terrorists, and dead black teen thugs; encouraging and supporting riots organized and led by professional racist activists.

I doubt there can be much serious disagreement that these acts have resulted in chaos and significant systemic disruption, neither of which benefit nor add value to America. It should be abundantly clear that the direct beneficiaries of Obama’s acts are all non-Whites and that is consistent with his obvious racism. Likewise, it is consistent with Obama’s mal-intended, disturbing pattern of destroying traditional American culture that has crystallized without meaningful opposition.

America’s Wake Up Call: America better wake up and stay tuned because the professionally organized chaos, violence, and riots in Ferguson, NYC, and Berkeley represent the thin end of Obama’s evil wedge of systemic destruction. The organizers of such movements emboldened by Obama’s acquiescence in and overt public support for the Ferguson riot and NYC chaos are now brazenly encouraging violence because it is ‘acceptable behavior’. Be assured that future “protests” will make the aforementioned riots look pale.

If you think Obama seriously cares about the rights, betterment, etc., of the so-called “poor subordinate victims of an oppressive society” as he professes, or anyone else for that matter, have another think. All are disposable useful idiots following Obama’s lead and doing his dirty work of destroying the underpinnings and fabric of traditional American culture to ultimately pave the way for a totalitarian state, be it Islamic or cultural Marxist.

US Congress: Equally appalling are Obama’s chief enablers and disposable useful idiots: his irrelevant Congressional sycophants endeavoring to curry favor at every opportunity and under all circumstances, legalities notwithstanding. The most recent glaring examples are as follows:
  • Approving and funding ObamaCare, a highly controversial fraud
  • Approving, funding, and implementing massive illegal immigration and amnesty, two of Obama’s edicts that were never signed into law but significantly benefit millions of non-white people from different cultures who willfully in America illegally.
America’s founding fathers must be spinning in their graves with utter disgust while Karl Marx grins ear to ear.

You might find my 7/26 archived blog, “The Conscience of Congress” of interest.

View archived blogs at Suthenboy Archives

September 16th, 2015 8:24 am
Mike Glessman
August 29th, 2015 3:06 pm
I read in the book the Naked Communist written almost 50 years ago, that if your ruler os marxist then you live in a marxist country. I heard on the radio that once they take away the non tax status gor Christian churches, that only muslim countries tax Christians for their faith.
Tommy Patterson
January 13th, 2015 11:24 pm
This website is a God send in my opinion. I'm a confederate through and through! My GGGG Grandfather was Archibald "Archy" Patterson, famous for his fighting technique. The liberal, progressive and socialist politicians have bastardized the Republic form of government our great brave forefathers set up in the 1770's! With our corrupt Supreme Court changing our constitution by trying to interpretate it and not following it! Our great forefathers made our form of government idiot proof but yet our elected leaders screwed up??? Great site with lots of factual information! Another well known fact is, the 7 southern (confederate) states pay the majority of the taxes! That's right, 7 states pay more than all the other 43 states pay combined? So my question is this, who needs who?

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