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Obama and Ferguson
December 4th, 2014
I was not at all surprised to see Obama stick his nose into the Ferguson matter because it represented an excellent opportunity for him to further inflame chaos between minorities and Whites. He was in his comfort zone because as a Saul Alinsky acolyte and hard-core black activist his specialty was community organizing; a euphemism for teaching black ghetto urchins how to create chaos, work the welfare system, and shake down white business owners.

Incredibly, in his capacity as president, Obama secretly met with the professional protest organizers, the same stellar group responsible for the “occupy” protests. In my opinion he encouraged them to incite as much violence as possible with the assurance there would neither be meaningful consequences nor accountability. The resulting consequences incurred by rioters speak for themselves.

Rules of Engagement: As a precursor to the wisely contemplated riots Ferguson’s imbecilic bureaucrats met with the protest leaders to hammer out “rules of engagement “ for rioting, burning, violence, and minimal police action. It would be incredulous for any responsible politician to knowingly meet with people intent on committing violence and burning down their city without enormous pressure from Obama. Prior to the riot Holder warned the Ferguson police to “be kind” to the rioting feral animals, no doubt under the tacit threat of being criminally charged with civil rights violations.

Chaos and Violence: Not surprisingly the rules of engagement were farcical because the rioting savages did as they pleased and without legal consequences. As the chaos was winding down Obama publically extolled the virtues of dead thug Mike Brown, called him a hero, and not unexpectedly, faulted Officer Wilson. Obama also justified the rioter’s violence, looting, and arson on the ground that they were poor disadvantaged victims of an oppressive society merely venting their pent up frustrations. This served to further embolden Blacks by clothing them with a sense of security that anything went and would be tolerated at the very highest level of government.

Police Brutality Towards Blacks: Obama’s next action was to convene meetings with various radical black activists to allegedly discuss how police “brutality” towards black criminals could be prevented. He’s now asking for millions of dollars to fund police sensitivity training that will most likely be run by black activists who will also be the financial beneficiaries of his latest scam. Obama is also enacting laws that he claims will permanently eliminate racial and religious profiling. Interestingly he conveniently omits the following cogent facts:
  • Blacks commit the great majority of violent crimes in America
  • His Muslim brethren are responsible for 99.9% of the world’s terror
Protecting Minority Rights: As usual Obama disingenuously preached that his only concern was protecting what he refers to as ‘minority rights’… the rights of historically disadvantaged underprivileged victims of an oppressive society. He tacitly suggested that his concern provided blanket coverage to this protected group regardless of the acts in which they engage.

It should be abundantly clear that racial and religious profiling are critical tactical and strategic weapons for law enforcement. Eliminating them will significantly enhance the opportunities of violent criminals and terrorists to wreak more havoc on America.

The Ominous Result of Ferguson: The immediate result of Ferguson was not only unbridled chaos and devastation, but a standard of behavior for others to emulate was established because they know it will be tolerated and condoned by Obama when a black thug is killed by a white police officer, regardless of circumstances and truth.

Obama’s Real Purpose at Ferguson: I firmly believe that Obama is a Muslim using cultural Marxist tactics to achieve his goal of transforming America into an Islamic state. The deep concern for minorities he professed in the Ferguson matter is pure effluvium: the group serves as disposable useful idiots and supporting its cause enables Obama to mask his true intentions.

The cultural Marxists goal is to destroy our culture, traditions, and values then supplant them with their ideology. Their means is through implementing an indefensible cultural revolution that succeeds without firing a single shot. Events such as Ferguson erode and weaken the very underpinnings of American civilization by creating chaos and enhancing group hatred. This divide and conquer concept clearly helps Obama advance his goal for Islam.

I will explain the cultural Marxist tactics Obama used to his advantage in Ferguson to significantly inflame an already volatile situation and its effect on American culture in my next blog.

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June 10th, 2015 2:19 pm
My friend this is everything I've been thinking and saying. It's obvious when you see his cavalier attitude when something concerns white people…Benghazi, Tahmooressi, Foley, Garland TX.(which is where my sister lives and I'm about 30 miles from) and so many other things that I know you're aware of. The man is a raging narcissist…delusional‼️ This makes him a very dangerous individual who blatantly shows his disdain for our EXCEPTIONAL AMERICA
December 22nd, 2014 8:36 am
I am a Old School Christian and -JESUS CHRIST- is my -LORD- and -SAVIOR! 20 Year retired U>S navy Submarine sailor. Libertarian and yes I am a Afro American!

The Powers that are in charge want a Race War. It is a means to separate the Dumb Down Masses! "See what they do to us" seems to be the Word of the Week! Blame it on someone else! Out of Anarchy and Chaos comes control! Hillary Clinton once said " Never Fail to take Advantage of a Crisis"!

We that are part of the Body of Christ need to stop this mess! Instead of constantly talking about what separates us we need to bring in what unties us as a Christian Nation!

If you want to protest something then protest the 18 Trillion Dollar national Debt, the destruction of the Dollar, The lowering of Morality and the Destruction of American Pride!

Yes, there will be a Race War because Satan wants us at each other throats! Yes, he is real and rules the New World order, Illuminati or what ever you want to call it! Race is being used to separate us! Please do not fall for this Luciferian Trap!

May -JEHOVAH GOD- Bless America and all those who put him first in all their dealings in -JESUS CHRIST- name-AMEN-AMEN and AMEN !
December 22nd, 2014 6:43 am
You are absolutely right!
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