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Obama Opens America’s Floodgates to the World’s Indigents and Undesirables
October 22nd, 2014
You’ve probably noticed a disturbing pattern emerging wherein Obama has increased the frequency with which he is allowing massive groups of aliens from disease infested poverty stricken countries, who just happen to be non-White, to enter and remain in America without IDs, Visas, and health checks. In effect he has eliminated America’s borders and opened her doors to all comers of color with the only condition being that they are alive. This, like so many of Obama’s acts is illegal, in blatant violation of the U.S. Constitution, and as usual supported by the worthless enabling amoebas in Congress.

Massive Illegal Immigration:strong This illegal action appears to have begun with Obama’s push for massive immigration through America’s South Western Border States primarily by people from Mexico and Central America. Not surprisingly however, a variety of people from around the world have also arrived in America through that portal due to the ease of entry. Time has proven that these illegal aliens also include terrorists, violent criminals, gang members, drug cartel bosses, and others whose interests are adverse to those of America, but consistent with those of Obama and his ilk.

Ebola and West Africa: Last August Obama began secretly accelerating the issuance of U.S. visas to West Africans with full knowledge of the Ebola crisis they were experiencing and the ease with which the deadly virus is transmitted. Today he is adamant about allowing flights from all Ebola stricken countries to land in the US with at best, cursory screening by untrained TSA agents using equipment that will not detect Ebola. However, screening is a non-issue because Obama is permitting arriving passengers to "self report" whether they have Ebola.

Obama has also offered medical treatment in America to all foreigners who have contracted Ebola or have its symptoms. Not surprisingly, Obama downplays the gravity of Ebola and blames its “hysteria” on his sycophants and useful idiots in the MSM.

The Congo: Since July Obama has quietly settled 1900 Congolese in America without requiring them to go through the standard immigration process and with minimal screening that does not pick up Ebola. The Congo is another impoverished disease stricken country with a different strain of Ebola than West Africa.

Haiti: Obama has waived visa requirements for Haitians to enter and remain in America, and thousands are expected to avail themselves of his munificence. Haiti is one of the most impoverished countries in the world with poor or no hygiene and rife with communicable diseases.

Executive Amnesty to Millions: In the coming weeks Obama intends to grant executive amnesty to millions of illegals currently present in America. In anticipation thereof approximately 34M green cards and work permits is expected to be issued to these people. At or about the same time another massive surge of illegals is expected to enter the U.S. in the same fashion, as did their predecessors, all thanks to Obama endeavoring to destroy America.

Standard Immigration Policy: Please indulge me while I contrast the foregoing streamlined illegal immigration process authorized by Obama for the ilk of individual he wants to populate America with the lengthy, time consuming legal process to which a White person is subjected. For the sake of brevity the following steps are included in the mandatory process:
  • File a formal application stating, among other things, a legitimate reason for seeking U.S. citizenship
  • Submission of numerous documents including valid ID, proof of financial stability, official criminal clearance of prior countries of residence, and sealed medical records
  • Take a screening physical through a physician selected by INS
  • Provide a valid physical mailing address in the US
  • Wait for approval
Obama’s Real Intent For America: In my opinion based on Obama’s associations, statements, writings, and actions, America and Whites are anathema to him. Consistent therewith he has established a highly discriminatory immigration policy that favors people of color primarily consisting of disease-infested indigents and undesirables. Flooding America with millions of such illegal aliens does not provide her with any redeeming benefits, but only serves to further his efforts in destroying our well-established culture, traditions, and values in ways that include the following:
  • Deadly communicable viruses not previously seen or identified will continue spreading throughout America
  • Debt will significantly increase due to the overwhelming welfare demands made by indigents and leaches working the system
  • Racial divisions, tensions, and associated chaos will increase dramatically
  • Voting power will vest in people whose only concern for America is the entitlements they will receive, not enhancing her value
  • The threat of terror and violence on U.S. soil will increase
It’s abundantly clear to me that Obama is not a humanitarian endeavoring to improve the lives of these illegal aliens. To the contrary, I believe they represent convenient useful idiots fulfilling his sole purpose for them: helping to facilitate his efforts to destroy and transform America into an Islamic state.

Massive unchecked illegal immigration of indigents, diseased or not, and undesirables as herein described is only one of many weapons in the arsenal Obama is using to achieve his ultimate goal for America. Unfortunately he has 25 months remaining to inflict more serious damage to our country and be assured he intends to do so.

Acquiescence of U.S. Congressional Sycophants: Assuming, arguendo, that collectively Congress wants the best for America, it’s absolutely abhorrent that they consistently rubber-stamp every one of Obama’s acts without regard for its legality or impact on our country. Any opposition is pure effluvium being spewed for public consumption and self-aggrandizement. The current state of America clearly represents that in the final analysis Congress provides Obama with free reigns do with her as he pleases… and Obama is like a malignant tumor metastasizing through America.

I encourage you to read my 7/26/14 and 9/29/14archived blog, “The Conscience of Congress” at for more on this disgusting group of irrelevant societal leaches.

November 13th, 2014 2:31 pm
Spot on! The Nat Turner Revolt will be a pinprick in History compared to what is being 'staged'! Ferguson may be the 'spark'! Martial law will be used as a tool for further destruction of government as we know it.
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