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The Deafening Silence Of Congress
September 29th, 2014
 You're no doubt aware that Obama gave a speech to the UN on September 25, 2014. In my opinion and to say the least, it was very naïve, repulsive, and extremely telling. Most significantly, Obama's statements made his unconditional loyalty to Islam and disdain for America abundantly clear. I firmly believe that his consistent pro Islamist actions as president confirm my opinion, but that's for another day.


Below I've paraphrased some of the more telling and appalling statements Obama made that speak for themselves. However, I couldn't resist succinctly commenting on some of them.

  • Insulted America as being racist, using Ferguson MO where "a young man was killed" as an example. Obama intentionally omitted that the "young man" was a 6'4" 290lb black teen thug and thief who attacked an officer that responded by acting in self-defense.
  • Called Israel the aggressor in Gaza as he has repeatedly done, claiming the status there was not sustainable and that basically the Jewish State did not have the right to defend herself. Obama provides major funding for and openly supported Hamas in the recent conflict with Israel.
  • Praised Iran's peaceful, well-intended energy program.
  • Highly Praised Sheik Abdallah Bin Bayyah as a man of peace. He is a controversial Muslim cleric who is a pal of Obamas with multiple visits to him at the White House, endorses Hamas, and condoned the murder of U.S. soldiers in Iraq.
  • Praised and extolled the peaceful virtues and teachings of Islam. Their Quran & prophet Muhammad demand death to all infidels who do not convert to Islam. The Islamic view of peace was perfectly exemplified in Moore, OK on 9/26/14 when proud member Alton Nolen decapitated a woman who refused to convert.
  • Justified Islamic terrorists as being victims of oppressive conditions within Muslim communities.
  • Encouraged Muslim and Arab countries to focus on developing the extraordinary potential of their youths. Most of them are taught hatred of non-Muslims, i.e., infidels, and how to commit terrorism as young children.
  • Categorically stated that Muslims are a critical part of America's fabric and are as one with us. However, history and experience have clearly proven that most Muslims support the goals of their terrorist brethren and do not assimilate.

I think Obama's foregoing statements made in his unfortunate capacity as POTUS speak volumes and very clearly define him individually. They defy credulity, are highly disrespectful to America and Israel, and do not warrant the dignity of further commentary. What is worthy of comment, however, is that not one person in the U.S. congress had had the guts to criticize any part of Obama's disgusting and insulting speech although it disparaged America and praised Islam. To the contrary, their deafening silence served to endorse his positions on America, Islam, and Israel that he made crystal clear.


This should come as no surprise as Congress has consistently enabled Obama to blatantly violate the U.S. Constitution and criminal laws with their silence or meaningless objections made for public consumption. Their implicit endorsement of Obama's lawlessness and disdain for America clearly violates the oath they took when being sworn into office to defend and support the Constitution of the United States. See my 7/26 blog on The Conscience of Congress at suthenboy archives 


I strongly encourage you to view this 8 minute video on the peaceful teachings of Islam, Obama's way of life by clicking here: Islam.  Obama has also enacted a law prohibiting religous profiling to protect his Islamist brethren although they commit 99% of all terrorism in the world.


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Steve Schulin of Horry County SC
October 14th, 2014 4:42 pm
In the presidential election of 2008, I voted for a man who happens to be black. His name is Alan Keyes. I voted for him because he better represented my God-fearing, liberty-loving views, by far, better than any other candidate. Anybody who uses racially divisive language is hurting, rather than helping, the prospects of turning our nation back to the principles -- starting with those 'Truths' presented in the Declaration -- which made us unique among nations. Obama has been a disaster. McCain would not have been an improvement. Neither would Romney. What's the #1 problem facing our nation today? My answer to that question hasn't changed in over 20 years. Obama's a problem, but he's not THE problem, and supporting any of the numerous well-known prospective candidates from the GOP will do nothing to alter our awful trajectory. Revolution, you say? Is there even a single state that has elected even a single U.S. Senator or Representative who has upheld their oath of office in recent years? How can anyone imagine that a revolution would improve on that dismal record from every state?
Ken Provence
October 3rd, 2014 12:58 pm
IT... is so confusing... many of US realize that this POTUS is so... into the Muslim support.. and YET... ALL of OUR Elected officials... sit on their haunches and collect Big Fat Paychecks... and could care less that we are being flushed down the toilet each and every day... by a Black Mamba.....

I can see a Revolution soon... and yet.. know .. that half of us.. will turn their backs on the rest of US!
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