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Black Privilege
September 4th, 2014
I’m sick and tired of hearing about academia, the major corporate world, government institutions, etc., rife with Political Correctness mandating that White people attend demeaning guilt ridden sessions on White Privilege and its inherent evil as part of required sensitivity training. In short, the only purpose of the Politically Correct exercise is to have White attendees acknowledge that the ills of the world’s “disadvantaged oppressed people” are directly attributable to them, and in particular, to White males of European descent. The so-called oppressed groups are based on race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. Included therein are women, minorities, homosexuals, and those of transgender persuasion.
Further, attendees are instructed to engage in a catharsis wherein they cleanse the demons of evil, guilt, and bias from their minds, bodies, and souls whether or not they exist. The cleaning process is conducted by a far left wing group and consists of being insulted ad infinitum because one is White. The demons are then to be replaced with open-minded attitudes of inclusion, diversity, tolerance, and other so called Progressive left wing moral absolutes relative to society’s oppressed victims.
This absurd exercise in extreme Political Correctness is a component of Cultural Marxism that dominates America today and it applies only to Whites. There are neither mandatory nor punitive sensitivity courses for minorities in the aforementioned institutiions. More information on White Privilege is available in my blog “Political Correctness and Sensitivity In Academia” at
With the dominance of Political Correctness in America today it's no surprise that White conservatives are singled out as the privileged elites that offend the poor oppressed societal victims comprising minority groups. I’d like to set the record straight with the following factual information that clearly evinces offensive Black Privilege and the highest level of corruption.
Jesse Jackson Jr. Convicted & Sentenced For Fraud: On 8/14/2013 Jesse Jackson, Jr., former Illinois Democratic Congressman, was convicted of a felony for illegally spending $750K of his campaign funds for personal expenses. In lay terminology he stole money from his own campaign funds. Federal sentencing guidelines called for a prison term from 46 to 57 months. However, Obama appointed far left wing judge Amy Berman Jackson felt sorry for Jackson because he was a “complex person”, i.e., an oppressed victim of society, and sentenced him to serve a token 30 months in prison. The US attorney had recommended 48 months but to no avail.
Sandra Jackson: At the same time Jackson’s corrupt wife, Sandra, was convicted of filing false income tax returns for failing to report $22K of her alderman’s campaign account she illegally spent on personal expenses. As with her esteemed husband she stole money. Judge Jackson sentenced her to serve one year in prison commencing after Jr. was released because their two children, 13 and 9 needed parental care.
Jr.’s Convenient Mystery Disorder: During the DOJ’s investigation but just prior to being indicted, Jr., who did not have a hint of mental illness during his 17 years in congress, suddenly developed a “mood disorder”. For emphasis, corrupt race-baiting extortionist Jackson Sr. advised the Court of this magically appearing condition in an effort to further reduce the sentence. There was however, an alternative and sinister motive for Jackson Sr.’s statement: it laid the groundwork for Jackson Jr. to fraudulently claim disability income from the Federal government.
Crime Paid Well For Jr.: Today low life convicted felon Jackson Jr. is scheduled to receive $8,700 per month in government disability pay for his alleged “mood disorder” as well as a partial federal pension of $45,000 annually. Ergo, U.S. taxpayers will be paying this corrupt felon approximately $150K/year for life. This is outrageous and in it’s simplest form, undeserved welfare and fraud.
Interesting Coincidences: Funny how some things in life just magically and profitably fall into place for privileged people such as the following:
· Jackson Jr. is a corrupt black racist
· Jackson Sr. is a corrupt black racist
· Obama is a corrupt black racist
· Holder is a corrupt black racist
· Judge Jackson is a left wing extremist appointed by Obama
Is Jr.’s cozy situation purely coincidental, or the direct result of corruption, racism, and black privilege emanating from the highest level of American government? Personally, I don’t believe in coincidence, but I do believe that privilege and corruption are colorblind. This article is not in any way intended to be racist, but rather an effort to show that privilege is not exclusive to Whites.
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