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Obama and Islam
August 30th, 2014
In my opinion Obama has never shied away from his commitment of being an Islamist. His words have confirmed this as well as his actions by consistently preferring Islamists to the exclusion and often detriment of other nations, most significantly being America. Specifically, the following examples evince some of his pro Islamist actions:
  • Refuses to list Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist organization
  • Provides significant funding to Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood
  • Actively supported Hamas in its recent war with Israel
  • Calls jihadists freedom fighters; Islamist terrorism is a man caused disaster
  • Deemed fellow Islamist Hasan's murder of 13 innocent Americans and injuring 30 more at Ft. Hood to be mere workplace violence
  • Stated that Muslims are the backbone of America
  • Released four high value al Queda Gitmo prisoners in exchange for a worthless American traitor
  • Strongly supported building an Islamist mosque at Ground Zero
  • Has 6 radical Islamists in high security positions reporting exclusively to him
  • Changed administration vocabulary to remove all terms that he deemed offensive to Muslims, including jihad, jihadists, terrorists, radical Islamic, etc.
  • Sued St. Anthony, MN for denying a permit to build an Islamic Cultural Center
  • Dismissed ISIS as "JV" and admitted he had no strategy for dealing with it even with some of the world's best military minds available

I'm sure you know most of this so there's no point being redundant and boring. You might very well disagree with me on Obama being an Islamist; that is clearly your prerogative, which I respect. However, you might not know exactly what Islam is... or is not. Whether or not you share my views on Obama, gaining some insight into the  fundamentals of Islam might be of value. 


Dr. Peter Hammond is a missionary who has pioneered evangelistic outreaches in the war zones of Mozambique, Angola and Sudan. He is also an expert on Islam and has authored an excellent book entitled "Slavery, Terrorism, and Islam" that fully describes Islam as neither a religion nor an ideology, but rather as an all encompassing way of life.


There is a short video excerpted from his book that I believe to be well worth your time to watch and learn about the way of life Obama has chosen to follow and its impact on America. It can be viewed by clicking Here 


August 31st, 2014 3:35 pm
I fully agree with your analysis of Obama's wide open attitude toward Islam and I believe that it should cause all of us to be extremely worried about the progressive distortion of the American way of life and of our Judeo-Christian rooted culture.

Islam is sneaky and intrusive; it tends to slowly gain ground where someone does not block it, exploiting basic values like democracy and freedom of speech that it would immediately shut down once in power. That Obama has six radical Islamists in high security position is terribly worrisome.

But I would like to draw your attention on one act he did during his trip to Middle East a few years ago and that to me is very explicit: he knelt in front of the Saudi King. Now, no US President should ever kneel in front of any king and that never happened, but the Saudi King is also the recognized protector of Islam and of its major shrine and it comes natural to me that Obama's homage was to the religious leader rather than to the king.

Yet Obama never bent a knee in front of the Pope or of Israel's Chief Rabbi.

Islam is just at the opposite of all the basic values of freedom and democracy on which the Constitution of the United States is based, let Islam more solidly set foot on US ground and all freedoms will be gone and it would take another American Revolution to restore them back in full measure. And maybe the sovereign State South Carolina will be out front again in the fight for freedom.

Dr. Peter Hammond is perfectly right: Islam is just the rulebook of the tribes of desert raiders who lived on violence, submission, massacres, raping.

Thru middle age until the seventeenth century, Christians (mostly Roman Catholics like me) were able to form coalitions that were able to defeat the hordes of Turks and Arabs assaulting the Western civilization. We might have to do it again.
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