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The Transformation Of America
August 4th, 2014
A non-violent indefensible Cultural Revolution to destroy the culture, tradition, and values of Western Civilization and supplant them with Cultural Marxist ideology was envisioned and planned by Cultural Marxist intellectuals at the Frankfurt School in Frankfurt, Germany, circa 1923. The major concept developed for achieving their goal was political correctness. It is a devious psychological command and control-conditioning mechanism using fear and intimidation to force mass-compliance with uniformity in the desired thought, speech, and behavior relative to a particular group or its cause. Its superficial connotation notwithstanding, it is Cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism soon replaced failed traditional Economic Marxism and became knows as Marxism.

In 1933 several of the school’s founding members moved to America and took positions in various fields, in particular, academia, government, media, and entertainment. Soon after arriving they began implementing their plan for a social revolution and focused on destroying America’s culture and traditions. The results they have achieved over the last 90 years exceeded their dreams and expectations.

Transforming America: During Obama’s term America has undergone the most significant and dire transformation in its history as a direct result of Cultural Marxism’s political correctness dominating every aspect of our lives. Among other changes, we are experiencing the loss of fundamental freedoms flowing from the Constitution and previously taken for granted that include:
  • Speech and expression
  • Thought
  • Traditional social order and values
  • Gun ownership
In addition, Obama has implemented several thousands of Regulations limiting freedoms of various individual and business through more governmental control that are generally unknown to the average person.

History clearly shows that as more and more freedoms are lost a totalitarian State ultimately emerges, and history is known to repeat itself. This is exactly what happened under totalitarian rule in Russia, Germany, Italy, and China.

America is rapidly becoming a country with an official state ideology enforced by the power of the state, i.e., Obama, who is fully supported by an enabling Congress of gutless sheep. Regardless of nomenclature, that ideology is Cultural Marxism. Inherent therein are loss of freedom of expression, thought control, inversion of the traditional values and social order, and ultimately, a totalitarian state enforcing radical egalitarianism.

Cultural Marxism is unrecognizable because it's masked as political correctness and unwittingly evangelized by progressives unaware of its true ideology. This is extremely serious because Cultural Marxism seeks to and will eventually destroy everything that we have ever defined as America's freedom, values, traditions, and culture. Extensive information on the Frankfurt School, Cultural Marxism, and political correctness is available at

America in the ‘60s
The Times, They Are A-Changin’ – Bob Dylan, 1964
Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out – Timothy Leary, 1967

The Catalyst To Success: The overwhelming success of the Cultural Marxist’s cultural revolution is due in great part to the significant influence its founding members who held powerful positions in American academia had on the student counter culture revolution of the mid 1960's. In turn the students rebellion catalyzed and supercharged their cultural revolution.

The 1960's were tumultuous times in America and cultural changes were beginning to manifest themselves. The most significant events were as follows:
  • University and college students began rebelling en masse against the draft, the Vietnam War, and “the establishment” that supported the war efforts
  • Changes in traditional family social mores significantly increased which resulted in a “Generation Gap" between young people and their parents
  • Parents were considered as being “the establishment”, i.e., rapacious capitalists out of sync with the younger generation
1960's Revolutionaries Guru: Herbert Marcuse was one of the most influential members of the Frankfurt School who held a prestigious position in American academia. He was well respected by college and university students, and knew they represented the most effective means of unwittingly diffusing Cultural Marxist ideology throughout their environment. Accordingly, he passionately evangelized its resounding call for social revolution, cultural transformation, rejection of morality and authority, particularly among those considered as elite idealists. However, he never mentioned the true ideology but rather innocuous euphemisms e.g., progressivism, multiculturalism, and political correctness were subtly substituted in its stead.

The student rebels were in accord as to their targets of protest: the draft, the war, and the establishment. However, they lacked the following essential key elements:
  • A theoretical explanation behind the protests
  • Clarification of the results they sought
  • The most effective means of achieving them
America's New Left: Marcuse, already deeply entrenched in the bowls of elite academia and well respected by students and faculty, saw the rebellion as a golden opportunity: he would make Cultural Marxist ideology the theory of America's New Left and indoctrinate them with it as dogma under the aforementioned euphemisms of progressiveness, multiculturalism or political correctness. This would enable the revolutionaries to clearly identify and achieve the results they sought, i.e., supplanting the traditional values, morals, social structure, and culture of America with Cultural Marxist utopia. Likewise it would provide them with the means of achieving that end by using Political Correctness, Critical Theory, and the ideology's other tools that forced compliance with their cause through fear and intimidation.

Academia’s Fertile Grounds: In academia Marcuse immersed himself with the rebellious student protesters and became chief guru to the masses of radical students that formed the new left. He influenced and intellectually guided their revolution by incessantly ingraining educated elite, idealistic, radical Boomers with the tenets of Cultural Marxistm. Leaving little to chance, Marcuse fostered the total destruction of American culture's basic elements and transforming them into Cultural Marxist ideology.

As the term Cultural Marxism was never mentioned Marcuse used subterfuge to make the complex subject matter easy for the revolutionists to understand and absorb thereby facilitating acceptance and propagation without knowing its true ideology. Marcuse also taught the concept of “liberating tolerance”, which was intolerance for anything coming from the Right and tolerance for anything coming from the Left. Intolerance was always to be displayed through vicious, relentless criticism.

He broadened the group to include angry radical outcasts that considered themselves as oppressed victims of America, e.g., feminists, black militants, homosexuals, third world revolutionaries, and the like. The protests rapidly morphed into a full-blown movement known as “counter culture” that was comprised of radical, political, and social revolutionaries. As the movement grew it identified itself with the antithesis of what was deemed the moralistic Capitalist consumerism of “the establishment”. More succinctly, they were revolting against and viciously criticizing every element of traditional America culture. Their rallying cry was Marx, Marcuse, and Mao.

Sexual Liberation: Marcuse was a prolific writer. His book, “Eros and Civilization”, was intentionally made easy to read and became the bible for radicals and student revolutionaries of the 1960’s. In it he posits that the essence of capitalism is repression, which creates multiple hang-ups and neuroses in people because it represses their sexual instincts. He concludes that the only way for the future of the counter culture movement to succeed is to destroy the oppressive nature of capitalism by first liberating all traditional sexual taboos and restraints. The result would be a world of free love and polymorphous perversity where all traditional moral and cultural order is rejected and one is free to do as they please without working.

This was the perfect message for the Boomer students and other radicals of the ‘60s to hear and strive to attain through aggressive protests and vicious, relentless criticism of traditional American culture. Marcuse coined the most notable chant of the time, “Make Love Not War”, that resonated loudly throughout college campuses and streets in America.

Cultural Marxism Blooms: The toxic seeds of destruction created by the founding Cultural Marxists in 1923 and deviously sown throughout America by their elite intellectual acolytes were firmly in place. They had been well fertilized with a steady dose of Cultural Marxist ideology masked as progressivism, multiculturalism, or political correctness, and spoon-fed to elite intellectuals by respected educators. These seeds had begun to mature and were beginning to bear the desired fruits: a young generation that was eager to accept and create social change.

This was made abundantly clear by the momentum and effects of the Boomer’s Counter Culture Revolution of the 1960's that endeavored to destroy and transform every element of American culture by using Political Correctness and Critical Theory as their means. The same means are widely used today as enforcement weapons in almost every field of endeavor in America. Extensive information of these topics is available in my blog archive at

The devastation Marcuse's influence wreaked on America’s culture and traditions is irreparable. He successfully indoctrinated a generation of American students with adopting and propagating the tenets of Cultural Marxism while seeking to destroy their own country's culture. During this time the elite intellectual acolytes of the Frankfurt School's gurus have subtly, slowly, and systematically introduced Cultural Marxism into every aspect of mainstream America to the extent that has become our State ideology.

Power and Influence of Elite Boomers: Today's social revolutionaries, commonly called Progressives or Multiculturalists, are New Age elite Boomers from the 1960’s counter culture revolution. They remain as fervently committed today to rewriting American history, destroying every American institution, tradition, and value that have been built up over 240 years, and supplanting it with Cultural Marxist ideology.

That commitment has manifested itself far more aggressively during Obama’s reign since he shares the same end game although he is from a younger generation and did not experience the 1960's student revolution. Unlike today's Boomers however, from an early age Obama has been spoon-fed Cultural Marxist ideology and Islam by various people who significantly influenced his life, and whose grain of commonality was being vehemently anti-American.

Need proof that the commitment is alive and well? Listen to the daily anti-American rhetoric spewing from the hateful mouths of the MSM, most DC Democrats, Hollywood, and faux civil rights activists to name a few.

The majority of people in America are unaware that New Age Boomers now control her public institutions, academia, and most significantly, the media and entertainment industries where their ideology can be subtly disguised and propagated to the world’s largest audience. They also occupy prestigious positions of power in in a variety of fields in the private and governmental sectors.

William Strauss and Neil Howe, noted authors of the much-heralded book, Generations: The History of America's Future – 1584 – 2069, considers these elite New Age Boomers as the most dangerous generation in American history. In his 1977 Orbis Magazine article, NATO Expansions and the Ideas of the West, noted Claude Smith Professor of Political Science and editor James Kurth wrote:

“The United States itself has become a great power that opposes much of what was once thought of as Western Civilization, especially its cultural achievements and its social arrangements. The major American elites – those in power in politics, business, the media, and academia – now use American power, especially the “soft power” of information, communications, and popular entertainment, to displace Western Civilization not only in America but also in Europe”.

Ironically, the New Age Boomers who are now trampling on and revising our traditional Constitutional entitlements are the same 1960’s radicals who demanded those same freedoms from the “establishment” as the basis of their revolution 55 years ago.

All blogs can be accessed at: suthenboy archives: suthenboy archives
September 17th, 2014 3:55 pm
More American need to wake up to what is happening to our country and how it is being destroyed from within. I invite you to visit my blog at americanlibertyarticles DOT org
William R Nicholson
August 20th, 2014 2:50 pm
1st look ; looks great ! If you haven't yet checked out the writings & books , audios by Roy Masters about Brainwashing & it's history & use in These United States. Wander by & See Roys contributions. I have learned much from his works involving brainwashing and Soviet influencing of U.S. Scene during Cold War.
Betty Lusby
August 11th, 2014 9:41 am
Thank you for this article. Now I understand better what has and is happening to America.
I believe Glenn Beck and Dinesh D'Souza are as knowledgeable as you on this topic . Dinesh said we need to take back our institutions and make make good movies but Not in Hollywood. I also know ACLJ run by Jay Sekulow has been legally fighting for our Constitutional Rights as in our Constitution.
ReduceElectricGas Bill
August 6th, 2014 3:29 am
The majority of people in America are unaware that New World Order
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