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Select Committee Hearings And Political Charades
June 17th, 2014

I think of the hearings held by Select Congressional committees allegedly delving into the nefarious conduct of Federal Government employees as appearing to be nothing more than poorly staged dramatic productions falling squarely under the genre of farce. As with all staged productions, scenes are created, scripts are written, and then actors role-play and breathe life into the show. The cast is as follows: committee leader is the protagonist; the main culprit is the antagonist; remaining committee members and witnesses are extras used for authenticity.

Consider the select committee investigating the infamous Fast and Furious scandal and its related hearings that went on forever. It starred Issa as the protagonist and Holder as the villainous antagonist. Notwithstanding the compelling evidence, including the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol officer by illegals with AK47s supplied by ATF, Holder refused to comply with a subpoena demanding certain relevant documents. Holder was held in contempt but Obama intervened, asserted executive privilege over the documents sought by Issa, and the subpoena issue became moot. Holder was off the hook and the matter unceremoniously concluded without any meaningful consequences being imposed.

Likewise, the highly publicized IRS scandal wherein Issa again starred as the protagonist and Lois Lerner played the villainous antagonist had a similar ending. Lerner was caught outright committing the felony of disclosing confidential information outside of her agency that helped target conservative groups for IRS audits. After being caught in several lies regarding the incidents she pled the 5th and was subsequently held in contempt by the committee but without imposing any meaningful consequences.

Now the IRS claims to have lost every email sent and received by Lerner prior to 2011and that farcical story, following charades and bad acting will have the same meaningless results as every criminal matter heard by a Select Committee.

The foregoing farces seem to indicate that such hearings are charades with predetermined endings held for public consumption and to provide rapacious corrupt politicians with face time and a theatre in which to perform. The committees and participants simply go through their disingenuous routines to evince deep concern and sincerity over the matter at hand, but that is clearly not the case.

In reality nothing of significance is accomplished. To the contrary, integrity and real purpose are conspicuously lacking to the extent that cheap comedic routines performed by buffoons would be more realistic. The hearings are travesties that waste time and should insult every conscientious American. In the final analysis each committee production is shredded, swept under the proverbial political whitewashed carpet of corruption where it dies.

The precedents set by the foregoing sham hearings have the effect of clothing key U.S. government employees with the power to order or commit crimes, refuse to comply with subpoenas, and otherwise obstruct justice with the foreknowledge that there will not be any meaningful consequences. Obama will bail them out with an executive order, refuse to appoint a special prosecutor, or the committee will pat their wrist and wink. This is tantamount to a totalitarian state in the style of Nazi Germany, the USSR, and Red China… absent summary executions.

The present state of affairs in America clearly enables Obama to vigorously continue targeting entities and individuals he selects through stooges, e.g., Holder and Lerner, with neither consequence to himself nor the grunts instructed to perform the dirty work. Clearly Obama, Holder, and Lerner had the last laughs on the foregoing matters and as usual the GOP resembled spineless amoebas.


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