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Islam’s Threat To America: An Unintended Consequence Of Cultural Marxism
May 21st, 2014

The powerful forces of Marxism and Islam are destroying American culture and traditions in an attempt to replace them with their respective ideology and version of a totalitarian state. The battle is primarily psychological and is being conducted in the political arena, judicial system, corporate world, academia, and in the minds of the masses. Since conventional weapons are rarely being used most people are unaware that this is occurring, but it is very significant. Regardless of who prevails, the effect on America will be devastating. *Cultural Marxism, developed circa 1921, replaced failed Economic Marxism soon thereafter and became Marxism. The Marxist concepts discussed herein were created by Cultural Marxists.

In recent blogs I have written extensively on the inception, progression, dominance, and destructive effect of Marxist ideology in America. Modern day proponents are referred to as Multiculturalists or Progressives to avoid any association with the ideology, but they are Marxists nonetheless. Inherent in that ideology are loss of freedom of expression, thought control, inversion of the traditional values and social order, and ultimately, a totalitarian state enforcing radical egalitarianism.

The Goal of Cultural Marxists: For the sake of brevity, the Marxist’s goal has always been to transform and replace American culture, values, and traditions with their ideology. Their methodology is to annihilate them through a long, peaceful cultural revolution that cannot be resisted militarily or otherwise. The original Marxists believed that the cultural revolution’s success was dependent on reversing the correlation of power from the what they considered to be the dominant privileged group, or oppressor, to the marginalized or subordinate groups that were oppressed and powerless. That group included the economically deprived, women, racial minorities, and homosexuals… the self-proclaimed “victims” of societal oppression today.

Political Correctness: A major tenet of Marxist ideology is Political Correctness, hereinafter referred to as PC, and it dominates every aspect of American life today. The term appears to be innocuous, particularly since its proponents use it to propagate their version of moral absolutes that include: tolerance, inclusion, sensitivity, social justice, diversity, and sexual orientation. However, that's not the case.

In fact PC is a soft term for multiculturalism and progressivism, which are euphemisms for Marxism and used to mask its true ideology. Ergo, PC is Marxism. Most people evangelizing their perceived virtues of PC are totally unaware of it roots and intent, or that they are propagating Cultural Marxism. In reality, embracing and being concerned with the aforementioned moral absolutes are ruses cleverly designed by the founders of Marxism to hide the true purpose of PC.

PC is an anti-Western hate filled ideology designed to divide and conquer by using man’s natural divisions, e.g., color, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation to foment, nurture and magnify strife between the groups. Their grain of commonality is disdain for the White male who is considered to epitomize evil.

How Political Correctness Operates: PC is a devious Marxist psychological command and control concept used to force mass compliance with uniformity in the desired thought, speech, and behavior relative to a particular group or its cause. Such groups are considered by Marxists to be oppressed victims of society and are comprised of women, minorities, economically deprived, and homosexuals. An organized group advocating their claimed rights will relentlessly accuse one who is considered as non-compliant of being a racist, fascist, anarchist, insane, or other defamatory term and generally achieve the desired result. In addition to ad homonym attacks, an advocacy group or the DOJ often sues the “offending” party for discriminating against the alleged victim. The random use of this cheap practice has significantly increased under Obama with Holder doing the dirty work as ordered.

Propagating and Utilizing Political Correctness: The overwhelming success of Marxism has in large part been attributable to creating, developing, and executing well conceived strategies through which to effectively introduce its ideology into America’s culture and fabric. Marxists have always been experts at advancing their goal of destroying American culture and values with extreme stealth. Accordingly, a known Marxist is never involved in the process of propagating the ideology nor is it ever referred to as Marxism. Instead, as mentioned aforesaid, PC is one of its major tenets and is evangelized by idealists calling themselves Progressives or Multiculturalists who are typically unaware that they are diffusing the toxic ideology throughout America. Karl Marx referred to such evangelists as “useful idiots” and that has not changed since there is an abundant supply.

Unless you’re living under a rock you’ve witnessed the incredibly wide use and outrageous abuse of PC today. The baseless cries of being offended run the gamut from flying the American Flag, requiring voter ID, not eating a particular ethnic food, Athletic team logos, to every thing in between, imaginable or not. Among the worst offenders are big mouthed liberal politicians, bureaucrats, and race baiters who pull out the race card at every of opportunity. In truth they’re totally indifferent to the particular cause, but are standing up for the offended group for their own self-serving benefits.

The Success of Political Correctness For Muslims: As an unintended consequence, the success of PC has not gone unnoticed by the patient, watchful eyes of Muslim activists, and in particular, Islamists. They have seen first hand the significant gains so called “oppressed” groups have made waiving the banner of racism and claiming to be offended. Such groups are categorized by race, color, ethnicity, and sexual orientation with subgroups of each. Muslims know very well that in Progressive (Marxist) dominated America they are considered a minority, and as such are included as an “oppressed” group. Ergo, they can take full advantage of the same leverage and power exercised by other so-called minority subgroups using the moral absolutes of inclusion, diversity, and tolerance inextricably linked to PC.

Muslims Effectively Work the System: During the past several years the Counsel On American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim Brotherhood’s arm for civil rights and advocacy, has become a strong force in America. The number of threats involving violence and extortion as well as lawsuits arising therefrom has grown exponentially as well. The explanation for this is quite simple: they have been emboldened by the consistent success Jackson, Sharpton, and their ilk of vermin has achieved playing the race card. Equally as important, they have seen ranking left wing politicians, e.g., Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Holder, and Obama play the race card with the same degree of deftness and success.

The net result is that CAIR has learned how rapidly American citizens and Businesses cave with little, if any, resistance by the mere thought of or actually being demonized for not complying with PC moral absolutes, the truth notwithstanding They astutely take full advantage of this vulnerability and the alleged “offender” generally settles the matter without going to court for fear of adverse press or a radical left wing judge and to minimize legal costs.

Muslims are demanding and receiving far more special treatment than other minorities. Examples include private showers and prayer rooms in some public facilities, special treatment on airlines, special holidays and meals at schools, and major corporations mandating sensitivity training relative to Islam for all employees.

In criminal matters, Muslims rely on the same trite defense typically set forth by other minorities: their violent act was one of a victim rebelling against an oppressive society. Inexplicably naïve American society and judges are soft on these vicious animals and in most instances punishment is minimal. Interestingly, if a White person burns down a building it’s a fascist committing arson: it the offender is a minority the act is simply justified rebellion against oppression with little or no resulting consequence.

Muslim’s Trump Card: CAIR and other Muslim advocacy groups have an exclusive trump card to play that is far more threatening and powerful than race, extortion, and litigation: as their name indicates, they are explicitly connected with Islamists. The connotation and picture evoked is worldwide savage violence fearlessly committed in the name of jihad and Allah. Whether real or perceived it’s a powerful bargaining chip whether used implicitly or explicitly.

As with any endeavor, success breeds more success and that is exactly what Muslims and their advocacy groups are experiencing. In addition to using PC as an enforcement tool, they are beginning to test the waters by pushing Sharia Law. This effort is being advanced through Obama, radical Islamists working for him in key positions, and Muslim politicians. Obama has also had the names of known Islamist terrorists deleted from various high-level security lists in an effort to clean up their image.

Similarities Between Marxism and Islam: Broadly speaking there is very little difference between the ultimate goal of Marxism and Islam. Karl Marx stated, “The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism”. This almost exactly corresponds to the Islamic idea that peace means the absence of opposition to Islamic rule. Both share the same totalitarian outlook and instinctively agree in their opposition to free discussion, and in the idea that freedom of speech must be curtailed when they deem it “offensive” to certain causes or groups.

For Marxists, everything leftist is a priori oppressed and good and everything rightist is a priori oppressor and evil. Likewise, for Muslims everything Islamic is a priori right and good and everything not Islamic is a priori wrong and evil. Both consider facts to be irrelevant and deconstruct them to fit their intended purpose. For both justice is determined by whom one is, not what they have done. Ultimately, Islamists and Marxists want absolute power over a totalitarian state.

Differences Between Marxism and Islam: This is where similarities end because each has a dramatically different methodology for achieving their goal. Marxists are secular and consider religion anathema. They want every person to adopt Marxism as their ideology and disavow religion. Islamists, on the other hand, aggressively proselytize Islam and want every person to adopt it as their religion and ideology, and worship Allah as their God.

As previously mentioned, Marxists use stealth and cunning to destroy American culture and values in advancing their ideology. Unlike Marxists, however, there is nothing stealth or even subtle about the manner in which Islamists are attempting to accomplish their goal. Currently in America Muslims are generally overtly aggressive in advancing their demands, ideology, and religion. They adroitly use PC to push the limits of America’s legal system, advocate the implementation of Sharia law, and always want more. Worldwide, however, their most effective instruments of choice are intimidation, fear, terror and wholesale murder.

Muslim Brotherhood: Some of the groups threatening America from within are the Muslim Brotherhood and various ultra radical offshoots it spawned. These wanton murderers are consistently supported, emboldened, and advanced by Obama. The Muslim Brotherhood is an organization that stands for re-establishing a global Islamic State along with the implementation and enforcement of Sharia law by any means necessary. In 2004, the FBI uncovered a secret document outlining the Muslim Brotherhood’s goals for North America. It revealed that the organization is waging a “grand jihad” to eliminate and destroy Western civilization from within.

There are multiple Muslim groups in America established and controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood as well as independently operated. Some call themselves moderates but their true intent and purpose is identical to the Muslim Brotherhood: Every person who is not an Islamist worshipping Allah is an infidel that must be converted or murdered… and little effort is spent on conversion. Ergo, they are radical in every sense of the word.

The Threat From Within America: Today Marxists and Islamists are destroying America from within the country. Their efforts are being well advanced by Obama and his ilk of filth that hate the USA. That stellar group is influential, highly placed in Obama’s administration, and accountable only to him. Included therein are Marxist acolytes propagating its toxic ideology, and Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood pals diffusing Islam and Sharia Law. Obama has turned America into the Muslim Brotherhood’s largest and most important supporter even though they are committed to her destruction. More information on the influential radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood actively involved in Obama’s administration is available at:

The Imminent Clash: Neither the Marxists nor the Islamists can simultaneously exercise absolute power over the same totalitarian state into which they want to transform America, so at some point they will clash on this issue.

It’s impossible to predict which group ultimately prevails but the battle will be of epic proportion. In America the Marxist ideology is clearly dominant, albeit the great majority of its proponents are unaware of what they’re propagating. Islamists however, know exactly what they’re doing and are slowly closing the gap; particularly with Obama providing them with the greater amount of focused support. His virtual open border policy is far more favorable to Islamists be cause Marxists are not immigrating to America to any extent. Muslims are immigrating to the US in hoards and transporting their closely-knit communities, customs, culture, and Islam with them. Typically they are not interested in assimilating or learning the local culture. Their only interests are advancing Islam and worshipping Allah. The world has born witness that they are intrepid and will stop at nothing, including slaughtering innocent human beings, to succeed.

Obama’s Facilitation: Obama’s fallacious claims notwithstanding, I strongly believe that he is a radical Muslim fully committed to transforming and destroying American traditions, values, and culture then replacing them with his Islamic ideology. Obviously this would be an inappropriate time to reveal his true identity and intent so a subterfuge is being employed as part of the transformation process.

Initially Obama is cleverly using Marxist ideology and acolytes serving as useful idiots to help achieve his goal by modeling Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” to create a “Social State”. Completing a significant part of the transformation will pave the way for Obama to identify himself, begin diffusing Islamic ideology, including Sharia Law, into the fabric of America, and achieve his goal.

It should be abundantly clear to anyone living in America today that its transformation is well underway because of the diligent efforts of Obama, Cultural Marxist acolytes, useful idiots, and Muslims. Make no mistake however: Obama is the chief architect of America’s destruction because he has the absolute power to unilaterally issue executive orders to achieve any desired result regardless of legality, and he is doing so consistently.

Thanks in great part to spineless, worthless ranking Republicans and a receptive citizenry Obama has not met with any meaningful resistance and seems to be ahead of schedule.










July 25th, 2014 5:37 pm
Very good and accurate information... SAD to say... The American Populace, that has gone through the educational system in the last fifty years, has had a lot of the indoctrination into... Much of this... and Would Never fight Back for an AMERICA that has been Blessed by GOD. The "Crab-Mentality" if there are a pot of Crabs, and ONE is about to escape, they will collectively pull the one crab back into the pot... This seems to be the America of Today. Not willing to fight ....WOW, Where is the America I went to War for? Come Lord Jesus Come!
Bruno dePrato
June 10th, 2014 6:24 am
Sic semper Tyrannis!
gary metzger
June 9th, 2014 3:46 pm
Agree with Mark. Also, as long as so many Americans get free stuff, they could care what ideology is in power. The next two elections are the most important ever in this country. They will determine what happens, because I do NOT believe Americans have the stomach for an internal revolution. Unfortunately.
May 21st, 2014 8:29 pm
Blame the voters, they allowed this to happen!
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