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Demonizing Trump
July 11th, 2017

Preamble: The purpose of this blog is to discuss the relentless, malicious demonization of Donald Trump and his family by Democrats and the MSM as they seek to subvert his presidency and by extension, America. The ad hominem attacks by self-proclaimed GOP big shots, e.g., imbecilic traitor John McCain, snowflakes in the entertainment biz, and other such irrelevant garbage do not warrant the dignity of further mention.

The Daunting Agony of Change: William Grosvenor Pollard, 1911-1989, was a nuclear physicist, educator, and an ordained Episcopal priest. Among other things, he was well known for his impressive, predictive insightful quotes on innovation and decision making. I found the following quote to be appropriate for this blog: 'To change is difficult; Not to change is fatal'.

Trump is catalyzing monumental change in fulfilling his commitment to regain and strengthen America's greatness. The difficult challenge he faces is cleaning up eight disastrous years of betrayal by Obama and his Democrat progressives assaulting our traditions, culture, values, and standing in the world. Change was desperately needed: without it America would have continued to be enveloped in Obama's death spiral, and that, as Pollard so astutely stated, would have been fatal.

If you had any doubts about the malevolent symbiotic relationship between Democrats and MSM, both progressives, Trump's presidency has laid bare their ugly anti-American character. They are consumed with rage and have embarked on a vicious, anything goes witch hunt to destroy Trump at the expense of America's best interests.

As an aside, Obama was esteemed by Democrats and the MSM for his valuable contributions to America and their redeeming benefits. His more notable ones are listed in my blog, 'Obama's Ignominious Legacy'. Here is the Link

Democrats: It is abundantly clear that Democrats envisioned a Clinton presidency wherein Obama's progressive transformational agenda of destroying traditional American culture and values would have been accelerated. Clinton's presidency would have also ensured a continuation of the usual lying, cheating, and stealing by corrupt politicians in both parties. But fortunately, that was not the reality.

Trump's victory effected a power shift in government; an abrupt end to Obama's anti-U.S. agenda; and began the process of dismantling his egregious acts and edicts. It also threatened to affect revenue streams many congressmen generated by illegally peddling influence.

The dramatic changes in Obama's anti-U.S. transformation that Democrats enthusiastically embraced, as well as their power and cushy life styles have been repugnant to and impossible for them to accept. As expected, they became unhinged and reacted by relentlessly attacking every one of Trump's acts and words, along with using political morass to obstruct him from making America great again and putting her best interests first.

Below find some of the more reprehensible tactics Democrats are using:

  • Disingenuous accusatory smear campaigns
  • Delaying votes on Trump's cabinet and insulting nominees
  • Impanelling intel committees and demanding special counsel to investigate his alleged Russian collusion, albeit not one scintilla of supporting evidence has been produced
MSM: Trump represents a significant change to the MSM who also warmly embraced and propagated Obama's destructive anti-American agenda. Major networks that identified with Clinton's corruption and amoral pathological lying confidently predicted her landslide victory, and went ballistic when she lost. Their hopes that she would accelerate the destruction of America that Obama began were dashed with her concession. With very few exceptions, the MSM's culture, executives, and staff are far left wing progressives to whom Trump, like the truth, is anathema.

Prior to Trump's presidency, MSM networks comprised of arrogant, self-anointed elitists were accustomed to calling the shots, having virtual free rein on information dissemination and biased commentary. The following were included in their lap of 'freedom':

  • Harassing equivocatory politicians, including Presidents
  • Slanting news to fit their personal and respective network's agenda
  • Incessantly lying to the public by omission and commission
  • Propagating the Democratic party's progressive agenda and narratives du jour
As candidate and President, Trump has consistently called out the MSM for knowingly disseminating fake news and acting as surrogate grunts for the Democrats. Trump also categorically advised them, 'hit me and I'll hit back', and he has kept his word. Not surprisingly, this sordid group of inveterate amoral liars has been unable to handle the truth or a strong President with guts and have characteristically responded with a plethora of outrageous lies and unsupported accusations.

The Grain of Commonality: Democrats lost power and have been exposed as crude, often amoral foul mouthed anti-American obstructionists in the mode of DNC chair, lout Tom Perez. The MSM has confirmed it is comprised of anti-American mean spirited amoral liars. Their common grain is an intense hatred of Donald Trump because he is strengthening and making America great again by dismantling Obama's destructive transformational agenda they supported. Their common goals are to destroy him, subvert his presidency, and in so doing subvert America. The means being used to destroy Trump is the vicious tactic of relentless demonization which is a critical component of Marxist political correctness that will be briefly explained at the end of this blog.

Demonizing Trump: You are well aware that Democrats and the MSM have been relentlessly and viciously attacking Trump since he won the election on November 8th. Their spurious, vicious accusations against him include the following:

  • Insensitive towards and against every minority in the world, particularly Blacks, women, Muslims, Jews and Latinos
  • Colluded with Russian to hack the DNC and win the election
  • Incarnation of Hitler, Mussolini and Satan
This unsavory group of low life liars has also relentlessly and maliciously criticized Trump's family for the sole purpose of smearing them, all without any basis in fact.

Removing Trump from Office: The Democrat's latest and perhaps lowest salvo to date is being led by MD Rep Jamie Raskin, the stud pictured here. In my opinion, he classically exemplifies the legal definition of an imbecile: A person with mental retardation and the IQ of 25 to 50.

Approximately 25 Democrats have joined Raskin's stellar group, including John Conyers and well known liar Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Raskin introduced a bill pursuant to section 4 of the 25th Amendment seeking to remove Trump from office on the grounds that 'he is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office'. In support thereof, he offered up Trump's "sustained pattern of behavior" and several "errant and seemingly deranged tweets', thus strongly inferring his mental incapacity.

While section 4 has never been used, it allows for an independent body headed by the Vice President to remove the president based on a determination that he is incapacitated and unable to carry out his duties. The incapacity contemplated therein is physical, not psychiatric as Raskin suggests. Furthermore, for this inane effort to fly Pence must sign off on it and that is highly doubtful. Read more on this Here

The Means to Destroy Trump: The relentless lies and vicious demonization of Trump and his family being used by progressives to force his resignation or removal is classic Marxist political correctness. The idea is that after enough repetition by Democrats and the MSM the association will become fact in the public's mind and the masses will demand his removal. This will make governance of America impossible and Trump will resign or be impeached.

Definitions of terms used in the blog: The following terms are critical to the import of this blog and cannot be adequately defined or explained in short form. The definitions below are succinct for the sake of brevity. I have written extensively on these topics and will provide specific references on request via email.

  • Political Correctness - a devious Marxist psychological command and control tactic. It is used to force mass compliance with uniformity in being non-judgmental and unequivocally accepting certain moral absolutes that include diversity, tolerance, and social justice. Enforcement is attempted by relentlessly demonizing the non-compliant as a racist, fascist, xenophobic, insane, etc.
  • Progressivism - a euphemism for Marxism to mask the ideology's real identity. Marxism is the Communist political system's ideology. Most progressives are neither aware of nor concerned with being used to propagate Marxism.
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July 28th, 2017 6:20 pm
Very well written. I agree and believe everything that is written in this piece. Trump is and has been my President when he first said he would run. No other American could have completed the task. I stand behind and with Trump always. I trust in him wholeheartedly and pray for his safety daily.
Lucille Fonseca
July 27th, 2017 8:13 pm
Reading this has me so enraged at the imbeciles who are out to destroy our country. Yes, I do believe it is going to come to a citizens militia. I am 84 years old, and I will tell you, I am armed and ready. My son has taken me out on the range to practice. I surprised him with my marksmanship. I have the targets to prove it.94jhp
Julie Weiss
July 27th, 2017 2:22 pm
Well written, well supported delivery of the mental and concrete state of anti POTUS actions by his enemies and the enemies of #WeThePeople
Linda Mekosh
July 25th, 2017 8:21 pm
My hubby and I are 100% for our POTUS & saving America. Where/how can we begin to help
Jeff Penrod
July 23rd, 2017 11:33 am
Thanks 4 the invite!
Lauren Nann
July 17th, 2017 3:30 pm
Why was your twitter suspended? You're pissing of Jack that's great but the censoring is out ot control. What's your alternate handle?
July 15th, 2017 9:45 pm
We have already let the Trojan Horse In. Islam spreads like a virus and our politicians are still corrupt in Washington. The only tbing that will save this country is the eradication of Islam. But will our politicians deport in time. If not we will be fighting a revolution fof this country and my rifle is already prepared for it. One of two things is going to happen. The muslims will be driven out by political means or the government will fail and it will take a citizen's militia. They already have Jihadist training camps all over the country. Yes I am looking with foresite but it is better to be prepared than unprepared.
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